Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Halloween

Halloween is so much fun! I love that I have these cute boys to dress up, and especially love that I have a fun husband who is willing to get in on the fun!!!

We celebrated with a fun ward Trunk or Treat activity. I will admit I was a little annoyed at first that it was on Halloween but it was a ton of fun. And given the week of sickness we had around here it worked out well because the kids didn't even have ask to go out once we were home! Bonus for us! (Jeff had homework and I had 80 invites and 4 posters to make for RS)

My cute little Sawyer, he is such a fun/trying child. His nursery leader said it best today he is either Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. Sugar or Spice. Today was not one of his best days in nursery, Jeff and I have decided to spend our Sundays taking turns, I REFUSE to be the mother of the bully!

Captain Noah....he has been such a big help to me lately. He is so happy and sweet, he cares about people and loves to be around his friends. He tells me everyday I look pretty and that he loves me, it melts my heart every time! He is a great big brother and loves and protects them always!

I love my family!!

Mama and Son Pirates.....

My friend Lisa's little girl Caitlin. Lisa even added a bow to the cow costume!!! She is a girl after my own heart...I carried her around she is such a sweetie!!!

Noah and his friend Scotty from church and on his soccer team.

We had such a fun time! I can't wait for next year!

Today kicks of National Blog Month. So like last year I will be posting everyday in Nov. I loved it last year, I love looking back!!! You should join in too!!!


Kelly said...

Your boys looked so cute! Too bad we couldn't chat more at the activity. I felt like we barely saw you guys. Glad you all had fun!

Larsens said...

Great pictures. Thats so funny it National blog month because I just started blogging everyday! Halloween was lots of fun this year even with the trunk or treat on Halloween. I loved your families costumes!

Bethany said...

I agree that it is so fun that Jeff like to dress up! You all looked great!! What invites do you have to make? VT conference?

karin said...

I am sad we missed it. I love Sawyer too. Love Caitlin's costume with the bow, so really is beautiful.