Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FHE Halloween Party

For the last few years Jeff's mom has invited us over for a little Halloween party the Monday before Halloween. It is so much fun to get dressed up, play games and eat yummy foods!

Jeff LOVES to dress up. He has had some pretty good costumes over the years. This is pretty hilarious, Patrice saw this costume at Target. He made me go out and find it ASAP! Here is our family......

Can you tell who he is???? Yep Michael Jackson is back from the dead....atleast for Halloween!

Our cute little monkey...I am so in love with his costume this year!

Some of the you can Ryder loves his costume!!

Grandpa and Grandma with the boys!

Jeff and I!

Somehow it always ends in a little whip cream fight!

We of course played find the bubblegum in the whip cream. Noah wasn't sure about it but finally braved it.

It was so fun! I can't wait until Halloween. I just love this time of year!!


karin said...

Hilarious. I can't believe Jeff dresses up.

Kelly said...

So fun! John doesn't like Halloween just because he hates to dress up. Something about being traumatized as a kid. Too bad. I love this time of year too!

Larsens said...

I love the MJ costume! I cant tell Jake about it..we might up end up with twin husbands. Cute family picture!

Hancocks said...

I love how EVERYBODY dresses up! How fun!

The Four on Board said...

sooooo Rich as batman!!!! I got a good laugh!!! hehe! I love it! what a creative idea!