Friday, March 27, 2009


A few days ago at Ross I scored this awesome dress up set for Ninja Turtles. Noah actually found the set. It was missing a sword so I got it for threee dollars. Noah is in heaven and has been wearing it every where (even to Target this morning) I did not even want to fight with him. This kid is ninja turtle obsessed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week of Birthdays!!

Last Friday we celebrated Sawyer's 2nd Birthday. It was so fun. Ever since I was a little kid my mom always made a BIG deal about our Birthday's. So I tend to go crazy. Jeff and I blew up 20 balloons and put them all over his room. And put up streamers and a cute cars banner. We always do breakfast in bed. So when he woke up we took him his chocolate doughnuts in bed ......and of course being Sawyer he did still want cereal but we don't do that in bed. He had a great day we took him with some of our friends to McDonalds he got a happy meal and played in the play place. Then that night we went to round table. He loved his birthday and kept telling everyone else happy birthday. It was so cute!

Then Saturday we went out with The Trapp's to celebrate Michelle, Patrice, Sawyer and mine birthday's. We had a lot of fun. Sawyer and Noah LOVED their bumblebee transformers. Seriously they have never behaved so well at a restraunt.

Yesterday was Leslie's birthday. We took her and her friend Hayley to Disneyland. It was a long day but it was so nice to have helpers!! The week of Birthdays is now over for now. Boy did we have fun celebrating!

On another note thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice about Ryder. He is finally on some strong medicine for his severe acid reflux. We will try this for three months and then re-evaluate....which probably means a specialist with lots of not fun tests. But we are glad that he is finally becoming a happy baby. This past month has been so trying on my patience to see your baby suffering and not able to tell you is horrible. Thank goodness for modern medicine. I know that there is a lesson in patience for me in all of this. I hope it is over soon because I really want to enjoy him, instead of wishing the days away. So thanks again and thanks for the Birthday wishes and to our friends and family who endure Ryder's sad sad cries whenever we hang out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

They say it's your BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sawyer. We love you so much and are so glad to have you in our family. You are my easy going boy. Which I am SOOOOOO grateful for. I don't know what I would with out your sweet loving personality.

9 Months old...I can't believe how mellow you where.

One years old.....

Fifteen months old.......

Some things you love at two.......

*Play outside and get very very dirty.
*To run you love to run in the store in the house, anywhere.
*You talk a ton. And very clearly and though you don't have many opinions when you do you let us know.
*You would eat all day every day you are never full. Human garbage disposal doesn't even describe the way you like to eat. (YOu love to dip Everything)

*You keep us on our toes you climb in and on anything you are my accident prone child and have given me a heart attack almost daily.

*You wil still sit and cuddle with us in bed in the morning.
*You love your brothers and are always wondering where they are when they are not around.
*You love all things cars,thomas,guns,swords and balls.
*You are sensitive and get your feelings hurt very easily.
*Your red hair matches your firery personality.

WE love you Sawyer and hope that you have a great birthday. Love you Bud!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best Birthday!!!

The last few Birthdays have been rather lame, last year it was on a Sunday boo...boring. And the year before that I was so huge and fat and miserable four days before having Sawyer plus I was on bed rest. But this year was fabulous. So fabulous.

After hanging with my parents on Saturday we partied some more with Jeff's family. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. We celebrated Grandpa Rich, Aunt Patrice, Me and Sawyer..lots of March birthday's. It was yummy food and fun people. Ryder screamed the entire time. Finally he gave it up just in time for me to do some shopping with my birthday cash. I got some great stuff from Old Navy. And some really cute shoes at Nordstroms. I LOVE Nordstroms did you know if they don't have what you want you can buy it and they will ship from another store and ship to your house? I got my shoes today I was so excited when I got home today!

Sawyer loved presents....Noah was sad and wanted to know where his presents were.

One of the only happy moments all night. TEETHING is HORRIBLE!!!

Massages....we go on Thursday I can't WAIT!!!!

My actual birthday started out with a sourdough bagel in bed with presents. I got PHOTOSHOP. I am so excited to learn it and take better pictures. I really want to take a class maybe in the fall!

After breakfast we headed to speech (a dreaded Monday morning activity) and then off to Disneyland. Grandma Jody watched Ryder so we could have fun and enjoy the day. Good thing it was very crowded but well worth it. Thanks friends for meeting us and having fun with us. The boys had so much fun buying stuff with my fun card. Seriously that is the coolest thing free stuff.

When I got home from Disneyland Jeff had sent me two dozen roses....they were gorgeous I am so lucky.
After Disneyland Jeff took me out to dinner. We went to Outback, Jeff was a little worried since the last time it was horrible. But I complained about that and they sent me a gift card so I wanted to use it. I love free stuff.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes I had a great day and I am SO lucky to be surronded by such great friends and family.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yesterday was the first of a week of Birthdays around here. We had a great day we went and met my parents and Cari and the boys at Toms Farms. It was such a fun time the boys loved all the attention. Grammy and Grampy got pony rides for the boys....Sawyer absolutely wouldn't have anything to do with it. We ate at a yummy mexican restraunt and ran around and had a great time. Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with me I love birthdays they are so fun!!!



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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A day late and a dollar short.......

Ryder turned EIGHT MONTHS yesterday. It just kills me. I find myself wishing many many of the long days away, which is sad. I can't get over how fast the time is going bye, and how different each one of my babies are.

Ryder is still up to a whole lot of nothing which is good and bad. He doesn't get around too much which is nice for me. He still sleeps in his car seat, he can't sit up on his own but does like to roll from his tummy to his back. He has two teeth and is still working on two more at the moment. He chews and drools on EVERYTHING. He loves to watch everything his brothers do. He is the happiest when he is the center of attention and being held!

We love you Ry Ry and are so happy that you are a part of your family.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For those who thought I wasn't Domestic..........

For the past few weeks we have been living with Mr. Grumpy pants. I got to thinking that maybe it was due to the baby food he has been eating. So I decided that I would make him baby food. It was really fun and I am having a total proud mama moment. I just loved doing it. And even better was that Ryder seemed to really enjoy it! I started with squash and sweet potatoes. I still have to do pears and carrots.

This is what happened while I was busy creating.....
Sawyer dumped out all the toys and then was hanging out in the basket.

And then Sawyer hit Noah in the face with a bucket....causing his eye to bleed and I really thought that I was going to make a trip to the ER. But after talking to my oncall nurse...KELLY she thought he was ok and he is fine. So I am glad I didn't go down there and look like an idiot.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Modbe Shameless Plug.....

Okay so we have had some major Evite issues. So for those of you who care and who have said they haven't seen the evite. Here is the info....

Modbe Party
Tomorrow 3/10
At Bethany Warnicks house

There is lots of great clearance items, maternity, teens, plus the new swim wear is here!
So no pressure just come bye to look try on whatever!

And if you can't make the party but still want to order...let me know.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I was going to wait and post these once we got our new couches but I hate to wait. Last week we got new floors through out the whole house! It is gorgeous and I LOVE it. We got laminate in the living room, kitchen and hall and then new carpets in the bedrooms and new base boards in where the wood is. I can't even believe how much it changes the look of the house. I love to clean it and it actually looks clean and nice. I am in HEAVEN!



Living Room


And yes say bye bye to ALL the red our new couches are sage green and I can't wait to redo it all. YIPEE and I can't wait to post pictures!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Way TOO Invested......

Dear ABC and Bachelor Producers,

I hate you all I have become entirely TOO invested in this silly show. I realize that the success rate of these silly shows almost never turn out in happily ever after. BUT I watch it...I may even say I am addicted. (I have watched almost everyone, except the first) Like I said too invested. But what was done on this show made me so ANGRY. I would like to think I would not watch the next season but really this drama is too good.

Jason, You are scum....that sounds harsh. But lets face it life is not rose petals and hot tubs. Chemistry takes work. I think you are totally selfish. And what is worse is that you have a son and I feel bad for him how confusing it must be to that poor little guy. I hope you get him a good therapist. You are a jerk I wish that Melissa or Molly would have punched you because that is exactly what you deserve. If you were really in love with them both why propose really you have done this three times now. I don't like you not even a little.

Melissa, I am sorry that Jason stole your moment. I felt for you....that was mean and nasty and good for you to call him on being an idiot. You will do better. Really I think you may have come out on top.

Molly, Have some self respect. To take him back is one thing but to make out with him in the same show. You are pathetic. At this point you may deserve each other. EEW!

I can't believe I am making this a post, I can't believe I am that annoyed by this show. REALLY I am way to obsessed. I may need therapy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

You Don't Know Jeff......(and other happenings)

Most people who don't know Jeff all that well, think that he is super shy....and he is pretty quiet but we are bringing him out of his shell with rock band. We have played a few times now, and on Saturday we had a few of Jeff's cousins over after a family party...and he let loose.....I was crying this was sooo funny. He may kill me for this or get me back some how but seriously the pelvic thrusts was just to hilarious not to post. Hehe!

On Satruday we got together with Jeff's entire family to celebrate his Grandma's Birthday. We had a fun time and loved being together to honor her.