Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maybe it's just me.....

Before I got pregnant with #4 I was hesitant. However many people told me oh once you have three you might as well have 10. Well guess what they LIE!!!

It's partially my own fault that I am going crazy. I still want to do things and pretend I don't have four boys 6 and under. For example,
Going to any store for 1 or 2 things
Going out to dinner
Going to the mall

And those are just to name a few.

People keep telling me wow slow down you have a newborn. But really If they came over to my house they would probably tell me to get my butt in gear.

My children and are all still acting out each in there own way....

Ryder, he knows the second I sit down to nurse and goes for the jugular. Today he smeared not one but two things of pudding all over the ottoman.
I literally have to keep the cupboard lock with me at all time and a lock on the fridge otherwise I pay for it.

Sawyer: recently my visiting teacher asked him how the new baby was he told her he was dead....and sadly he is the most nurturing.

Noah: oh Noah my sassy sassy 6 year old. He has been something else and is having the hardest time. He snapped a pencil in front of his teacher. She acted like he murdered someone but that is a whole other topic.

I wish I could say the adjustment is easier but in truth you will have to come over you will see dirty boys most likely not clothed me in sweats that is if I dragged myself out of bed and a sink full of dishes. Oh and a home cooked meal? Ha not this week.

I'm not saying all this for a pitty party. I just have to document that this is hard. There is stuff that no one can prepare you for. And lucky for me the older they get the harder it is. I guess I should have listened when my mom said little people little problems.

So here's to another LONG week. Slowly I am hoping to gain what little control I once had. Until then don't judge :)

Easter Blessings

Easter almost got away from me this year. We didn't do a lot of our normal traditions which makes me a little sad but with Noah's birthday, spring break and planning the blessing there literally were not enough hours in the day.
Sunday morning the boys woke up bright and early. They were so excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought......the blow up light sabers were and are a huge hit!

On Saturday we went to the easter egg hunt at church. The boys loved it!

Sunday was a BIG day we blessed Rhys and Ryan Missy blessed Brady. It was so fun to celebrate together and share the day with them. I love that these two little guys will have each other for years to come!!

One of my favorite things about the weekend was having my family stay with us. I LOVED it. I was so happy to have my brothers come down from BYU and having them in the circle was amazing!!

Our first family of 6 picture!

It was very bittersweet blessing Rhys. I couldn't get over that it would be the last time I would put on that outfit on a baby. Jeff did an amazing job on the blessing. I am so lucky to have a great example for my boys. I love that I can count on him he always honors his priesthood and takes pride in this special day!

We are so lucky to be surronded by such wonderful men who could be in the circle to bless our sweet boy.

In the circle this time: Jeff Trapp, Dave Shaw, Aaron Shaw, Michael Shaw, Sam Rath, Rich Heaton, Don Neilson, Jim Neilson, Alan Neilson, John Neilson, Brian George, (I hope I am not forgetting any)

Thanks everyone!!

Rhys and Brady..........

Me and Missy with our sweet boys. It has been so fun having a baby with Missy!

And of course the day wouldn't have been complete without an egg hunt. Too bad it started pouring. Which resulted with the kids in cars and the adults cleaning up! Still worth it though

I am so sad that I didn't get any pictures of the brunch spread. I LOVE parties and had so much fun planning and prepping. Thank you everyone who contributed and helped in the kitchen!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Someone had a birthday!!

And in true fashion we CELEBRATED!! This kid is completely spoiled. There is no other Birthday's in April so we basically celebrate the whole month!! Lucky us. These are in complete reverse order...oh well.

Since Noah was on Spring Break I promised him we could go to Temecula and spend time with cousins and Grammy and Grampy. We spent the afternoon with Cari and Heather. Cari brought lots of snacks and cupcakes. Noah was thrilled. After the park Grammy, Grampy and Leslie took us to Chuck E. Cheese. It was so fun!!

On the way home Noah said it was his best Birthday EVER!! Oh and he told me how we could move to Temecula.....I told him he had to take that up with his father :)

Tuesday was Noah's actual Birthday. He woke up and of course wanted to open his presents. I was a mean mom this year and promised the boys Birthday parties. But with a new baby and a super busy husband I took the bribery route and promised the boys other things if they got over having a party. Guess what it was perfect. Noah wanted a DS and LOVES it. He plays with it constantly!!

Monday night we went out to dinner to celebrate too. he chose Outback...and ate every last bit of his steak.

The other hit presents were DS games and Legos. He has had so much fun building or watching mommy build and then laying with all his toys!!

On Noah's Birthday we went to Disneyland. Ryder and I had fun taking pictures while the big kids were on rides. It was crazy crowded and we didn't last too long.

Noah has been saving his money and talking about a remote control car since before Christmas ever since the Ride Makerz store opened in Downtown Disney. We ventured off so he could build his car.

Noah was one spoiled boy. I don't think he could have had a better day!!

Happy Birthday to our favorite 6 year old!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Noah has been begging for months to start Karate. I got an email from groupdeals

for a month of unlimited Karate. He is absolutely loving it.

It is becoming a great reward for him when he does well at school. He is really enjoying it! And the rest of us are having fun watching him do it!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rhys's church debut

Sunday was Rhys's first day at church. I tortured the boys with pictures before we left..... It is nearly impossible to get one of all of them. Especially Mr. Difficult on the left.....I won't name any names (Ryder)

And might I add we were 15 minutes early to 9:00 church. Yeah I am that good :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tag Team

That's exactly what these two are doing to me. It's moments when they look like this that save me from locking them outside in the rain........ They must have been exhausted from destroying the house.

Between nursing, pumping and all the other Mom stuff there is a lot of down time for these two to trash the place. And boy are they doing a good job.

I was telling Jeff I am so tired of things being broken or ruined from them.....It will end right??

This weeks tally:

*car door no longer opens from the inside

*stickers covering car windows

*crayon on two new walls

*dumped an entire bottle of baby powder on the freshly mopped floor

*crumbled an entire package of hawaiian rolls and then threw them in the trash

* they ate have a costco size container of strawberries

Not to mention the day to day messes.....these kids have no clue how to eat and get food everywhere I can't wait for it to be a bit warmer so they can eat outside every night. Bathroom covered in pee and tooth paste. Ryder keeps stripping down and peeing everywhere....I need to potty train him but seriously I can't even imagine adding that into the mix right now.

Ugh....mostly it isn't even noon yet. It is going to be a LONG day!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leo Carrillo

It's time once again for our annual trip to Leo Carrillo. Since Rhys is such a little thing we didn't go up and spend the night. But my parents and Leslie were great to take Noah, Sawyer and Ryder up on Friday. Jeff, Rhys and I drove up Sunday to get them and spend the day. It was a gorgeous day. It was so fun to see almost everyone and enjoy some yummy camp food. The boys had a blast and didn't want to leave. Here are a few pictures that I managed to take......

My parents are amazing! Jeff and I had an awesome weekend. Eating out, shopping, watching movies and even better SLEEPING!!! Thanks again you guys!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Month

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Rhys is exactly one month today. He is still such a sleepy little thing. I still can't believe he should still be in my tummy.

He is doing great yesterday he weighed in at 6 pounds 9 oz. He is gaining great!!

We are having some serious issues getting him circumcised honestly it may not happen who knew in two years no drs preform them in the office. Really? Thanks CHOC for not mentioning that one. All the other boys were done in the pediatricians office. So annoying.

We are loving our baby. Sawyer asked me today if we can keep him forever and ever......yep we sure can. If only he would stay this little forever and ever!!