Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm so sick of being sick. Just when I think we are ALL well then another one bites the dust and it has been this way since August.

Today I am planning on starting the decontamination process. We have to be well. I can't take sickos any longer. I am strating to have MAJOR cabin fever!

Anyone any tips on staying healthy. I will take any suggestions on staying well!!


Heather said...

I believe Airborne works...I would just start washing and cleaning everything...every door knob, pillowcase, blanket..I am sorry and I hope you all get better soon :)

karin said...

I want to decontaminate my house too. I wash my hands more than any normal person would and I haven't been sick (knock on wood). Good luck and tomorrow, Dland so no cabin fever and Friday I am going to the park so no cabin fever again.

Jamie said...

germs enter through nose, mouth & eyes. for you...nety pot for nose, Crest Pro-health mouthwash for mouth, no suggestions for eyes yet. it's super tough to keep kids well unless you don't let them go to church, school, park, know what i mean...but that of course is impossible.
i'm so sorry about your sickies. it does seem to me that my kids don't get as sick the older they get. i know that doesn't help you now. good luck!

Lisa said...

I use those wipes on eveything. I work with so many people that don't wash thier hands after using the restroom...YIKES!!! When I was young Grandma Connie used to give us paper cups and paper plates when we we're sick, so that we won't pass the germs around the family. It's so hard with all those little guys! Hope you all start feeling better!!!

Unknown said...

If it's any consolation, it seemed
like you and Aaron were always sick. Especially Aaron. Then elementary school you hardly ever got sick. Hope you all get better soon. Washing hands and the papercup Idea sound like good advice. Love you MOM xoxoxoxo

Aaron Shaw said...

I am a strong believer in Vitamins. Vitamin C rocks! I also take a daily vitamin and two herbal supplements (Golden Seal and Echinacea). I only take the herbal supplements when I feel like I'm getting sick. I think you and Jeff could take those. For the boys, bust out the Flintstones Vitamins!!! I loved those things! Also eating and sleeping are important. Are the boys sleeping well at night??? Getting restful sleep I mean. I wouldn't beat my head against the wall on any of these things though. Just do what works for you! Love Ya!