Sunday, November 28, 2010

4 1/2 days OFF!!!

Jeff got off at noon on Wednesday! Thanksgiving week is quickly becoming a favorite week of mine. It is SO nice to have Jeff home. He is such an awesome Dad and helps me so much so it is so nice to have him home!!! Wednesday when Jeff got home we decided to take the boys bowling. We have taken them before but it was nice to go and all three of them could bowl. They had a blast. I forgot how painful it is to bowl pregnant. I am not sure what it is but I was dying about half way through but the boys happily took my turn. Me and my Sawyerbop........

Noah got really good by the end and wanted to keep going......

So excited to get started.......

After bowling we took the boys home for naps and then went to dinner with Jeff's dad and family since we weren't going to be spending Thanksgiving with them.

Thursday we headed out to Temecula. It was a great day.....We were lucky enough to be able to spend the night at Cari and Sam's it was so fun for the boys who got to spend the night with all the boy cousins. Noah said it was the best day ever.....and that he wants to move to Temecula so he can live by his cousins. They have so much fun together and it is so nice because they all play really well together.

Are these two twins or what?? They are seriously two peas in a pod. Wrecking all that is in there path. I can't even believe how much they feed off eachother! Ryder winking......

Sawyer is such a ham...........

Some of the cousins dog piling on the couch.........

The boys playing Risk...............

On Friday we went with my family to go see Tangled....It was SO cute!! I loved it. The boys had a lot of fun. It has been a really long time since all of my family has gone to the movies together.
Then we went back to my mom's and had left overs. It was so fun. I was so glad we spent the night even though I get so anxious/obnoxious. I get so worried about schedules sleeping and blah blah. It was worth it.
Saturday I got to go to Jeff's cousin Ryan's wife Missy's baby shower. It was so fun to see a lot of Jeff's cousins and Aunts and get to talk to them sans children. Which is always a treat. Missy and Ryan are having a boy and our babies are going to be probably a few days a part. We are so excited for them to be coming back to so-cal!! Jeff spent the day putting up lights and decorating outisde. The house looks AWESOME!!
It has been so nice having Jeff home. Not looking forward to getting back to life tomorrow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Noah's Feast

Noah was so proud of his Indian costume. He wore it ALL day. The best was watching him walk with his arms straight out so he wouldn't rip the paper. His class.....his teacher dresses up like a Pilgram every year. The kids really got a kick out of it.

Because Noah's class has all the kids with food allergies we were very limited in what we could feed the kids. One of the Dad's is a Chef and he made the most AMAZING sweet potatoes. I don't even like Sweet Potatoes but they were tasty. Although I don't think the kids appreciated them too much.

Noah had his feast on Friday. He was very excited to have me come and help mostly he wanted me to come since his class was attending the Book Fair after the feast. It was fun to spend some time with him. He picked out two books and one for his brothers. He was very excited and has been reading his new books a few times a day.....which makes mom VERY happy.

Sawyer's Feast

Sawyer had a Thanksgiving party at school last week. He is so funny I wasn't driving to school that day he was going with our carpool friend Emma. I asked him before he left if he wanted me to come see him sing songs. He told me yes......Once I got there he was NOT happy to see me. He cried and was NOT happy to not be going home with Emma. I was sad because singing and performing is his FAVORITE part of school. I am sad I ruined it for him that day. But I am sure he would have been upset if I hadn't shown up. You just can't win with the three year old.

Sawyer has been giving me a lot of challenges lately. He has a really hard time listening. He is so cute and cuddly but can be such a stink bug sometimes! He is so SMART!!!! Definitely too smart for his own good.

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from his school they told me that he had an accident and wanted me to come get him. It wasn't my day to drive but it sounded like he wanted me to come so I did. I get down to the school and he wasn't wet maybe a teeny tiny bit. When he got in the car he was like did you bring me McDonalds? I was like seriously?? I asked him about it and why he told them he was wet and he was like I wanted you to take me to lunch. I was trying not to laugh. I mean serioulsy what three year old comes up with that.

Another thing he did this week was on the way home from the Thanksgiving party he mashed up a couple of gold coin chocolates and had rubbed them all over his hands and face. When I looked up in the mirror while driving I was like oh my goodness Sawyer why would you waste all that yummy chocolate....he said I told you I wanted to go home with Emma. Seriously kid.....your killing me.

It is so crazy to me how quickly the sweet cute loving boy can switch to a firey temper. The things he says are just hilarious.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Noah's first tooth!

Noah has had this loose tooth for a few months. He won't let us touch it or try to wiggle it. Last night it was REALLY loose so he let Jeff and I mess with it. Sure enough Jeff pulled it out. He was so excited! The tooth fairy left him a dollar made into a ring and a note. He woke us up at 3am when he found it. He was very concerned the toothe fairy "knotted" his dollar. Then he proceeded to wake up his brothers at 4am to tell them the good news. Thankfully they all fell asleep except me.
Sawyer is the best little cheerleader. He was so excited for Noah and so sweet. It was so precious....he has such a sweet soul.....I need to be reminded of that every now and again.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sick of Halloween pictures yet??? Well here is the end......I PROMISE!! Costume change.....the boys had lots to choose from this year. Sawyer was the only one who stuck with the cowboy each time.....He LOVES his cowboy boots!!!

Spiderman, Jedi and cowboy. (Spiderman was my favorite he looked so cute in the puffy outfit)

Saturday night we hit up the combined ward Trunk or Treat. The boys loved it especially since it was combined with our old ward so the boys had fun seeing there old friends who we don't see as often. Rob and Shannon had Grandpa Rich and Grandma Jody's car all decked out. I wish I had gotten a picture!!
Baby Kaitlyn was a cute butterfly.......

I love that Jeff will dress up with me I think it is fun.....I was a witch even though I never got a picture of it.......

The boys are still flying high from all the sugar. I am thinking about offering them each 5 dollars for there candy and getting rid of it....I just want it out of here now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Jeff and I have NEVER carved a pumpkin in our married life. In fact the last time I carved one was probably in high school. Noah has been asking about carving this year so we decided to go for it. We only did one pumpkin....more than enough if you ask me.

The boys really were in and out of the room the entire time and coul care less but they had fun taking pictures......

Even I got in on the action.....I am FAR too much of a perfectionist and I want it to look a certain way so needless to say it drives me crazy when it doesn't come out perfectly.

I can't find the finished product I will have to check the memory card again. It was fine to start a new tradition. Especially now that Noah and Sawyer are so into it!