Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have a dream.....

In my dreams I would love to be....

A party planner

florist (did you see the new show un cut on TLC) amazing

photographer...this will be coming sooner rather than later classes and work shops start in January. I can't wait!

Cake decorator

Professional Scrapbooker

labor and delivery nurse too bad I would never make it through nursing school.

Martha Stewart....hey I said dreams.

I feel like I am on the search lately. I want a little something more a new hobby to fill my days. I feel like I am closing the baby chapters in my life. I will always be a mom first but I am realizing how fast the time goes bye and in a few years they will all be in school so these are a few ideas for my future!

Did I mention I just learned to post from iPhone! So awesome!


karin said...

I thought you were a party planner and photographer. When are you going to scrapbook for me?

Tiersha said...

Baby chapters are closing? But you produce such adorable offspring!!! You still need a girl :)