Monday, August 27, 2012

Hawaii from the camera......

Here are the pictures from my big camera I am horrible about carrying my big camera and I rely on my iPhone for most of our pictures. But here are a few.  Sorry I am far too lazy to caption these!!! But we need proof that we went right?!!

Hawaii via phone pictures

I have been so daunted by our Hawaii trip and documenting it that I just kind of have blocked it out. So these will not be in any particular order or really make sense to anyone but oh well.

We had a great trip to Hawaii with Jeff's mom and family.
The boys were great travelers even with two major plane delays they did awesome. I was so proud of them. We missed Rhys who stayed home with Jenn and my family. But the trip would have been way too much for him and me if he had come. It was a great trip. Jeff and I got the chance to really enjoy the older boys and play and have fun with them. Noah and Jeff snorkeled every day. Sawyer and Noah loved the water slide at the hotel pool. We went to the Hawaii temple visitors center and toured BYU Hawaii a little. We went to the Polynesian Culture Center and saw there amazing Luau. We also went to the Dole pineapple plantation and ate shaved ice every day. On our last day we even saw turtles at the beach. Phew it was a great trip!! Thank you so Much Grandma Jody and Papa Rich!! Now for the picture unload!! Aloha!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July fun!!

Or better titled survival!! Seriously being dog sick pregnant in summer is torture. My poor boys have been so patient. We haven't done much I average something once or twice a week. Which sounds like enough but with 4 crazy boys it's really not enough they would love to do something every day.
Some of the highlights from this month;
*sitting in the hall of church. Seriously I often wonder why we go. Rhys never lets us stay in class!!
*beach club visit. Oh how I miss this place so much!! It is by far my favorite place to take my kids in OC.
*Dallin came to So Cal. Seriously it has been five years since we last got together. So great to see him so many great memories to go over.
*rhys finally got his mullet got cut. Wow it was getting ugly!!

Next up out Hawaii trip!!