Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Tag......

So I have been tagged a few times but I am lame so here is one.....

Four Jobs I have had:
1. My first job in high school was at Baskin Robbins (I still scoop ice cream very well)
2. I was a receptionist at American Synergy every summer when I came home from college and whenever they would let me come back.
3. Robinsons May, I miss that store so much I got sooooo many deals it was ridiculous I don't think I left that job with ANY money.
4. Manicurist, at a day spa. This was my favorite job only because I got massages and facials weekly.

Four places lived:
1. Temecula, I think that it will always be home!!
2. Rexburg, I am glad I won't be returning, no place should be that cold.
3. Provo, I would never live there again. Not that I don't like Utah just not Provo.
4. Mission Viejo. Finally I think we are staying somewhere for a bit.

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. Sweet Home Alabama...I love this movie, I know it by heart.
2. The Italian Job...I love the mini coopers and Mark Wahlberg
3. The Devil Wears Prada....when we had a free HBO preview I watched it like every weekend...Jeff hated it.
4. Steel makes me cry EVERY TIME!!

Four Shows I watch:
Disclaimer: I am a reality TV junky....I was before the strike
1. American Idol....I am ready for Hollywood.
2. John and Kate plus 8....Noah and I LOVE to watch it
3. 90210...I am an addict and I watch it almost everyday
4. Project makes me want to sew every time I watch it.
I watch way more shows than that...that is so sad

Four Places I have been:
1. Hawaii so great!!!
2. Yosemite...really pretty
3. Disneyland almost every week
4. Target...twice this week in fact

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
1. Karin
2. People from playgroup
3. Jeff
4. ?? I blog better than I email!!

Four Favorite Things To Eat:
1. Mexican....I love love love Super Mex
2. Chocolate...I would die without it.
3. Cheese...I am a sucker for it I always have cheese in the fridge.
4. Bread, especially sourdough.

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
1. Disneyland...of course
2. The is a BEAUTIFUL DAY.
3. My bed sleeping
4. In a nice Bath tub with jets.

Four Things I Look Forward To This Year:
1. Finding out what we are having....I can't wait until Monday.
2. Having our baby....August it too far!
3. Watching my Boys grow up.
4. Decorating my house.

Four People I Tag:
anyone who wants to do it, or who needs to post...hint hint.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

She is keeping it forever!!??

On Friday we met my parents for their Birthdays at our favorite place on earth...yes that is right Disneyland! We had a lot of fun. It was a great day with absolutely NO lines. Noah got to meet a lot of characters because there were no lines to talk to them. For a few weeks we have been telling Noah he could give his pacifier to Mickey.
The Birthday Boy and Girl...and Noah with Mickey!

Mickey was the first character he met and he was not ready to give up his the time he saw Minnie he asked for his pacifier and handed it to her. I did take it back but he doesn't know that. After we walked away he wanted his pacifier but I told him he was a big boy and Minnie would make sure to give to a baby who needed it.
Not sure about what just happened....I get that pacifier back right???

The rest of the day he was fine without it, he would ask but he was fine with the explanation I gave. When Jeff got there he got him a pirate gun that he has been wanting for a while. So that did the trick. Once he got that we just reminded him and he was over it...he has been sleeping and napping with the gun but what can you do. So it has not been as bad as I anticipated I was telling everyone he could have until kindergarten I truly did not want to deal with taking it away. Jeff met us after work along with his cousin Ryan and his wife Missy. Fifteen minutes before he parade started we happened to spot an open bench so we decided to sit and watch it. That never happens I refuse to sit for an hour to watch the parade. But this was perfect Noah and Sawyer LOVED it. Sawyer was clapping and waving....the Little Mermaid blew him a kiss and said he was SOO cute....So we had a a lot of fun.
Waiting for the parade!!!

Ryan in his Pirate costume!

Yesterday we went out to Temecula to celebrate my Mom's birthday....we went to Chuck E Cheese so that is hardly celebrating for her but Noah and Sawyer had a fabulous time. Along with every other child in Murrieta and was more crowded than Disneyland. The boys had fun and loved every second of it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

One Fish...Two fish!!!!

We were very lucky to have Jeff at home on Monday. We took advantage of it by taking a family day to the Aquarium in Long Beach. It was really fun, a little crowded but Noah loved it. He was very sad when we had seen all the exhibits and it was time to leave. We enjoyed lunch down on the water it is really nice down there in Long Beach they have lots of restaurants and places to walk around. After lunch it started to rain and so it was time to head home for naps. I also put Jeff to work this weekend....he put shelves in the playroom closet and put together our new table. He did a great job and didn't even complain. I feel like we are starting to finally live here. Now this week I need to get working on my curtains!!
Noah loved looking at the fish!!

Sawyer is seriously the happiest baby...he just let us push him along....

Noah was very fascinated by the diver in the water!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just have my mail forwarded.......

To Disneyland!!!! We got a chance to go again on Wednesday with our usual Mom's group. Jeff and Rich had a conference close by so they met Jody and I there and we had a great time.

The boys love the car on Mr. Toads Wild Ride!!

Sawyer got to go on Small World with me while Noah went on the Matterhorn!

We found a new place to eat....the riverbelle terrace restaurant opened finally and they have the best fresh sandwiches, carved turkey or prime rib. I loved the Turkey and almost everyday since I have told Jeff that I am going back for another!!! He then reminds me that by the time I got there and got the kids out of the car I would be too sick from not eating. He is right so I will have to wait until Tuesday when we go again!!! Any takers are welcome to come!!!

Waiting to get on Buzz!!!

I also had some great finds this week at Target. My friend Karin and I go to Target at least once a week for at least a few hours. Our favorite thing since Christmas has been the 75% off toy either of our kids need more toys but they are so cheap you can not help but look. Well I am glad that I did! I found the boys a kitchen for 24 dollars it was regularly 98!!! I was so excited and Noah has had so much fun with it the last few days!!!
Today I found Noah some Cars slippers for 1.98 I have been looking for some and was so happy when I found them for so cheap!!!!

Yesterday we went to the park with our friends. The kids just love it!! I think that we were there for over three hours. It was a lot of we just need the rest of the ward to join us for park days!!!

Big A would not look at the camera!!!

Little a loved the slide!!!

I can't believe that Noah was not more afraid!
There is this crazy green slide that literally has a huge bump in the middle and sends the boys flying!!! It made Karin and I nervous every time the boys tried it. Noah fell on one of the slides and has a huge fat lip, I wish I could take a picture on the inside to show you how huge it is and it is making him talk like Bubba from Forrest Gump.

Big A and Sawyer....he loves when the big kids play with him!!!

Sawyer loved being in the sand!!!

Brody and Noah being posed by the Moms!!

I am so glad that it is finally Friday, Jeff has a three day weekend and we have plans to get things done around the house it will be very nice to have this place more live able!!! Sorry for all the pictures I have been having sooo much fun with my camera!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a week......

Well we have been busy this week. We got to go to Disneyland on Wednesday which was nice since we have not been since before Christmas. The boys loved it they are so welll behaved there that it makes me want to go everyday.

This is Noah on Casey Jr. Train he loves trains!!!

Noah's friend Brody liked the train too and had to have his own seat...must be the age!!

The kids loved they are not picking their noses they were laughing....they had not seen eachother in so long I think they were so happy to be out and about again!
We also celebrated Jeff's Mom's Birthday this week. We went to lunch with family, it was nice to see people we don't see everyday. Ever since we saw Nicole's baby Jack Noah has been telling me that we are having a baby Jack. He is too funny. That night we went to Chuck E Cheese, Jody said that is where she wanted to go, Noah loved it and has been asking to go back EVERY day since!!! Maybe that will be the bribe to help get him off the pacifer! We will see if it works! We had a great weekend as part of Jody's Birthday celebration we went to see WICKED!!!! It was so amazing I loved it!!!! We also went to dinner at North was so yummy I wish I wasn't pregnant so I could have eaten more it was seriously so good!!! We spent the rest of the weekend at my parents, they watched the boys for us while we went to wicked. We got to spend time with them and enjoy Stake Conference. There aren't a lot of pictures I forgot my camera this weekend....and we were running late and had NO time to turn around!!! Bummer....!!!! I love when Noah does stuff like this is makes me laugh!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

And then there were FIVE!!!!

Yes you read that right...and no we are not crazy...atleast not yet. I know that most everyone has heard the news we are expecting our third baby due early August. I have a hard time keeping a secret so most of you who see me day to day know already. But today I went to the Dr. and actually saw the little one on the screen so it feels all more official. So if I have not seen you in awhile it is because I have become one with my couch. It actually calls my name when I am not close by. I have not been feeling as sick as I did with Sawyer, but just very exhausted and usually in bed by 8:30. So we are excited for this next year it is going to be crazy but fun!!! So any of you with kids close in age I will need pointers three under three might just take ALL my energy....and we know that is next to impossible.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years!

Welcome 2008!!!!

Well I am grateful to welcome 2008....2007 was a long year filled with many changes and blessings but I am glad to be on to the next thing. We had a great New Years in Temecula. We finally got over the flu so I was very happy to get out after being sick all week long! We celebrated at our annual party at my Grandparents, it is always a lot fun and lots of good food!! We spent New Years day just relaxing and enjoying the company of family.

I am never really good at making resolutions but there are a few things I want to do in 2008. First and foremost get ORGANIZED. When we moved we downsized and I have not even begun to get rid of all of our junk so that is goal number 1. After that it is to decorate. I think I have not wanted to, thinking we just might move if I do like in our last place. But Jeff assures me we will be here for awhile and it is safe to make our house more home like. He even requested curtains! So that is what I will be busy doing hopefully in the coming weeks. And then there is the usual be more patient do more things for the boys. So maybe I can make it all happen this year! We are looking forward to all the many things that will be happening this year and I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year!!!