Monday, February 23, 2009

"Grumpiest Place On Earth"

You already know that I love DISNEYLAND....I go there ALL the time and it generally makes me SO happy. Well today was grumpy workers at Disneyland day. Do these people realize where they work that they get paid to be annoyingly giddy. Well they didn't get there Mickey memo this morning! First going to get on the tram Mr. Tram Man decided to yell at my friend Lisa telling her to back up and get away...chill man you work the tram at Disneyland. We do this probably almost as much as you do.

Then we get to the place where they check the if you go to dland the line was all the way to the tram!!! I have NEVER seen it that crowded. FINALLY one lost pacifier later we make it to the front of the line where the people next to us packed the grocery joke the entire store....finally we encounter grumpy MUTE d-land worker.
Here is the conversation that took place....
Me: here is my bag and here is a bag food all that is under the stroller is two blankets and a few sweatshirts NO GLASS.

Mute Lady: you need to empty it ALL out....

ME: Really look at this line you are not serious....REALLY??

Mute Lady: YES pull it all out....

Me: in Rage starts tossing the stuff at the lady....mute lady then doesn't even bother to look and tells me to put it all back. To which I say I am sorry I didn't realize it was mean worker day at disneyland....I then walked away. And I was happy because she was an idiot!

We finally got in had lots of fun.....after Monsters Inc. we talked about heading to Disneyland for a few rides but then I realized that my pass had fallen out of my pocket...where I ALWAYS keep it. I had Noah's my 20 dollar bill and that was it. I re-traced my steps they checked every Monsters inc. cab and still no pass. My nice nice friends said that they would come with me and help me find it. Then as we walked away poor Brinley fell out of the stroller landed on her face with a bloody Lisa and Shaylyn were done. So Darci and I headed back to bugs land where luckily they had found my pass....yipee. After that we went on Woody's round up one more time. Finally we made it back to the car....LOTS of drama but still FUN.

But don't worry someday when I work at Disneyland (after all my kids are gone) I will be nice to all your kids kids....because cmon workers you know that Mickey would not have been happy with all that attitude. Thanks fun friends! We WILL do it again!

And our new floor gets put in....WEDNESDAY....I have so much work to do but I am so if anyone wants to go to the park.....mall or anything I have to be out of my house for two days!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Obviously if you read my blog you already know that I have a crazy love for the heart holiday. Last year I did a party for all of Noah's little friends. This year we have over doubled our numbers so instead of doing at my house I opted for the park.....we had a great turn out I think 22 kids. CRAZY! They had so much fun eating, playing and giving each other valenitnes. Noah still has a few left and tells me every day that his friends like him. TOO
cute. So thanks friends who brought lots of yummy treats and went with me in my crazy obsession.



This other collage is the boys and their thomas lights.....they are obsessed with them! And I am trying to get back on track with my diet....last week I cleared out ALL the candy......yah embarassed that is ALL the candy I threw out. I bought a ton of stuff on clearence after Christmas. Why....who I tossed it. And believe me I have had to dodge the V-day sales so I am not tempted.

I have a serious candy problem....I blame it on my father....except he is lucky that he doesn't have to worry about it like me....if only I had gotten the skinny gene like him and my sister. Then I too could have snickers for breakfast. Not saying that the other people in my family are fat but those two eat HORRIBLY and still are as thin as a rail. So not fair. So heres to getting back on track. I have actually been good this week....Jeff has been REALLY sick with rotavirus....I am paranoid that I am I have been hardly eating because in my crazy mind if I don't eat then I won't throw I said I am totally crazy....but last night I finally got a good night sleep in my BED. Wahoo for sleep...I have been a crazy person!
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Spreading the LOVE......

I just had to throw in this wedding picture....I can't believe that this was six years ago. I am so lucky!

Anyway we had a pretty perfect Valentines day around here. The morning started out with us giving the boys each a little gift. They got some sticker books and a transformer tent. They are in heaven with that silly tent I got on sale for 5 dollars at Target. Jeff and I had agreed that my phone (which I am in LOVE with) was my Valentine/birthday present. So I was really surprised when Jeff gave me an adorable brighton bracelet. I love Brighton jewelry and Jeff totally picked out something perfect. After that we spent some time together we took the boys to Toys R Us they had each gotten some money from Grandparents so we thoughtit would be fun to let them pick out their own toy. Noah chose an Indiana Jones Whip and Sawyer chose a Helicopter from Cars. They are so happy with their new goods.

Jeff and I got to go out for an early afternoon date. We went and saw He's Just not That Into You. I really liked it. I never really make Jeff go and see girly movies because I feel bad the whole time EXCEPT on Valentines Day. There were some things in the movie that bugged me....but like I said I was so excited that I thought it was good and it gave Jeff and I a lot to talk about different scenarios of life and situations.
(this picture is blurry and I look drunk.....but at least we documented it right!)
After the movie we had a reservation at Outback....Well they messed up our reservation, screwed up our Salads three times and ran out of bake potatoes and it was only 7 in the evening. I was SO annoyed...and yes they will be getting a call today about their horrible service. BUT my steak was great (would have been better with a baked potato.) All in all it was fun to spend a few hours with Jeff all alone. Thanks honey for a great LOVE day and thanks Jody and Rich for watching the boys for us!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day O Love.....

Happy LOVE day. I just love Valentines day. I don't care if it is a cheesy Hallmark holiday. I love it. Lets face it I love any day dedicated to showering those I love! Valentines day is also so special to me because Jeff proposed Valentines weekend...SIX years ago. He totally tricked me and it was the best surprise to date. I love him.....and I love the wonderful life he has given me with these little men. Although there are crazy days I wouldn't trade them for anything. XOXOXO!

And if these aren't the cutest Valentines....... (love them and yes there hearts all belong to mom at least for now)

And just because I can't get enough of him....and yep you guessed it his heart is mine too!

Lastly it's this one's birthday.....he may kill me for this picture...but it shows his tremendously FUNNY personality.....Aaron as I type this I just realized that you are that is just crazy. Happy day little brother...we miss you and can't wait for you to come back to the mother land! And ladies he's looking to give up his heart for good.....(now he is really going to kill me really Aaron I love you!)
You are going to be the best husband and Daddy someday my boys adore you and I just think you are GREAT. HAPPy 25TH!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ryder is seven months old. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were holding this tiny little baby in the hospital. Here is a list of the things Ryder is up to these days.

*He is drinking more formula....he will only drink one bottle on his own. And then he likes to remind me that even though I am not nursing as much he still wants to be held.

*He knows how to get our attention: When he wants our attention he does this fake cough. He will not stop until he gets what he wants.

*He loves what his brothers come up with to entertain him.

*He is sleeping much better, but will only sleep in his car seat for long periods of time.

* he will sit and watch cartoons...very handy when he gets up at five am...yah I turn the tv on for him so there!
*He is so happy when we are out and about.

*He loves playing with the diaper wipe package.

* He LOVES the car
* he is still the most needy baby I have ever have. But he is so precious that I enjoy the moments when he forces me to sit down and baby him.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thomas Live

When Grandma Jody saw this event in the paper she knew the boys would LOVE it. After weeks of waiting yesterday was the day. Noah and Sawyer loved it. It was actually a really cute show. I thought it was going to be so boring because the episodes are horrible but this little show was very well done. The boys had a great time laughing and having fun. We finished the afternoon with lunch and then walked around South Coast Plaza for a little while. Noah had too much fun and barfed last night. Atleast he made it through the day. He is fine now with NO other symptoms so who knows if it is the stomach flu yet again. Time will tell if the rest of them get it. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a fun day!

So excited for the show to start!

Afterwards with all their goodies, t-shirts and Thomas flash lights (which they are each obsessed with)

Friday, February 6, 2009

For my RICH friends...

I want to make my own babyfood really bad I think it is so much better for my babies. If I had this gadget I know I would be sure to make lots and lots of baby food. Now I have to convince Jeff to buy it for me, and then I would have to convince him to have another baby, to make up for the 150 dollars it costs.
(not that I want a baby anytime soon...I am talking IF here and WHEN people so don't start freaking just yet)
But this gadget does it all, defrosts, steams, blends, puree's I am in heaven and I want it. Thanks Williams Sonoma!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have spent WAY too much time playing on my phone.

Soy formula smells HORRID.....BUT my baby takes naps during the day.

Meeting my husband for lunch is WONDERFUL even if my kids are embarassing.

The Wii Fit Trainer is BOSSY.

I passed up Sprinkles today and now I regret it.

I love emails they make my day.

I love Caliornia weather.

There are like five girly movies in the theater that I want to see.

I love to blog even if almost everyone I know mocks know who you are.

I love valentines day any holiday that celebrates red and pink means I am a fan.

I need to loose 20 pounds.

When I die I am going to ask why all the foods that are bad for you taste so good and why the good stuff tastes like grass.

I miss Dr. Pepper I crave and dream about it. I better loose weight.

I love Hollywood week.

I love the Bachelor....and I make Jeff watch with me..and yes he reminds me that I am taking away his man hood.

I LOVE headbands....I have a new obsession I have found tons on etsy and would like to recreate them.

Noah has an attitude problem.

Sawyer has a whining problem.

Jeff loves me.

I love them ALL!!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


After my last post I am pretty sure everyone I know thinks I am on the verge of a nervous break down. No worries I am good! I had a wonderful weekend with my boys and am much much better already. Jeff and I got to go on our first REAL date without all three kids. We enjoyed a movie and some dinner .....thanks again Grandpa and Grandma for letting us get a night OFF! I got a fabulous new phone this weekend and spent all day yesterday figuring it out while Jeff watched the super bowl.

Today I am heading out to costco and switching Ryder to formula. I LOVE to nurse my babies....but he is so distracted. and sanity sanity sanity. I hope it makes him happier. Sorry so boring and lame I just wanted people to know I have gone crazy at least not yet!