Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A New Day.....

Last night Jeff and I had the opportunity to attend a parenting seminar last night. I was a little skeptical, not that I can't use the help but I was just not in the mood to go. But it was actually really great. Her name is Sandy McDaniel, she has four books and some cd's and she also writes a column for the Orange County register every tuesday. Jeff and I got some of her books and I am excited to really get into them. After leaving last night I was actually excited for Noah to get into some trouble so I could try out some of these techniques. So even though I did not want to go it ended up being a really great evening out with my husbnd!! Oh she also has a great website check it out!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some love.....

No worries I have gotten over my slump of a few days ago. I thought I would actually share some good things from this week...and some news things that I found that I love....
First off baby boy still nameless, which is very very unlike us. Don't worry we are negotiating. Besides that this baby is popping out much quicker than the other two. I'm already wearing maternity pants....which brings me to my first new love, I found Capri's at Motherhood. They are fabulous and don't make me itch like other full panel pants I have tried. Another weird third baby friend Karin was asking me if I had a lot of pain when I was pregnant with Sawyer where my c-section scar is....of course I had none...that is until this week....I started having this horrid pain I have been told it is scar tissue and I can't believe how badly it hurts!!! Enough whining this is a happy entry I promise!!

My second new love that I have recently discovered is Bare Minerals make-up. I have been having horrible skin, very oily and very very broken out. I thought a change of makeup would help....I tried this makeup a few years ago but I wasn't a huge fan, but now they sell it at Macy's and I was able to get a consultation and it all makes so much more sense! and after a little over a week no more oily and far less acne!!!

Yesterday the boys and I went and played at the park with Grandma Jody, the boys were so happy to have a sunny day!! After the park we went to lunch with Aunt Patrice...we went to lunch at Corner Bakery...which is another LOVE....It is always good no matter what you get! Then we went to Sprinkles....and I must say I love cupcakes....I know this place has been very hyped up...but I think it is all about the flavor you choose...the first one I tried was good but then I tried the coconut and black and white.....the black and white cupcake was very very yummy. It did not hold a candle to the vanilla chocolate one that I thought was good.
So sorry I have no pictures...I am a lame mom and forgot to bring the camera....Well we are still trying to potty train Noah I think I have discovered so bribes that might work better than candy!!! I will keep you informed whether or not you wanted to know!! Wish me luck!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Being grumpy and potty training don't mix......

So I am pretty sure that I need to go back to bed and start the week ALL over. I know how lucky I am to live in wonderful So-Cal...but really what is with this has been cold and rainy all week. Normally I love rain that was until I had a three year old. I might as well be committed. I can't take it anymore. And because we are not used to this kind of weather here in So-Cal every place that has anything to do inside is so crowded and crazy that I might as well stay home and try so desperately to tune out my children. I know how crazy this sounds to those who live in the snow...but really Noah is going to go crazy. To top it off I figured since we would be stuck in the house I thought it would be the perfect time to potty train Noah...well I think I just might let him wear diapers until he goes to kindergarden. I know what you are all thinking wait until they are ready...well he has been asking me for months to go on the potty....isn't that ready??? I have read all the signs and he does them all....and still I want more than anything to give up..I will even give his pacifier back if it meant it might be quiet for more than five minutes!! Jeff also starts busy season...luckily he hasn't started working late yet like he had thought but he does start working Saturday's, so I don't even have that to look forward to at this point. Well that is enough of my ranting I'm off to the potty....I am hoping by venting my grumpiness I can get it all out and on with life!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Them Wild One's.....

A WILD Saturday!!!

Well seeing as Jeff is about to start busy season we thought it would be fun to take the boys down to the Wild Animal Park. We have not been there since Noah was Sawyer's age. They have made so many changes since we were last there. Noah was very excited to see all the animals. The new way they do the tram is really a lot better, you get to see a lot of animals and much closer than you did before. We also got to see Elephants...we tried to sit through the show but lets face an almost 3 year old really could care less about an elephant picking up a log. So we left about half way through. The major highlight of the trip had to be the soft serve ice was seriously so tasty and I could really go for another!! We finished off the day with going to the Carlsbad Outlets....I love shopping and even more I love shopping at the outlets. Too bad the boys and Jeff were there they totally hold me back from my bargain skills. Maybe that is a good thing!! All in all it was a great day, the weather was gorgeous and we are so glad to spend the day outside!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kids love.....

Happy Valentines Day!! As I have already mentioned I love love this holiday. I love the color red and I love a holiday to celebrate and go crazy. So yesterday I did just that. I decided it would be fun to have Noah and has friends have a little party and pass out valentines. It was really fun...or atleast I thought it was. I think the party was more fun for me than anyone else. The kids (almost all boys) only wanted to play outside and eat cupcakes. It was a great party...I love having an excuse to party and theme out an event!! I can't wait for St. Patricks day or Easter.

This is the best we could get from a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds!

All of the food, I went a little heart crazy. There was heart shaped cheese too.

All of the loot the kids got!!!

Sawyer and the perfect party: Gwen and a bottle!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanks, Cupid.

Jeff and I went on a fabulous date on Saturday night. It was so nice especially since I think the last time we went out was before Christmas. Jeff has been really spoiling me this last week and a half. Everyday since February first he or "cupid" has been leaving me a present a day with a cute poem and valentine. I have gotten lots of cute things to decorate with and candy it has been GREAT. I even asked him this morning if I could have this everyday...since I get to be the princess again for awhile. Sadly he told me no...but I understand.

He planned a great evening for us. We always go out for Valentines the weekend before or after to try and beat the crowds. Jeff made reservations for us at the Melting Pot. I have been telling him for awhile that I really wanted to try it. It was so much fun and really yummy. I never knew I would like fondue so much! We got this spinach artichoke cheese fondue, it was seriously fabulous. I have been dreaming about it ever since.

After dinner we went to see the movie 27 Dresses. It was so cute...I am one lucky girl, I told him we could see whatever he wanted but he said it was LOVE DAY so we had to go to a romantic movie.

We had a great time. We decided that we are sending our boys to the Melting Pot when they get engaged, it is a two to three hour meal...very romantic but great for a couple they would have to do a lot of talking. It was the perfect night!! Thanks Jeff for all your planning and hard work I feel very lucky!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Results Are In....

Well I guess my gut was right and we are having another BOY!!! I figured that is what it was.....I think I am a little in shock because as we were finding out both of my boys were terrozing the room unplugging lamps and acting like little boys. But we are excited to be welcoming a happy healthy baby in August!!!! Thanks to all who wore pink today wishful thinking!!! I guess I will be out numbered four to one!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nothing really new.....

So it has been a boring week at our house...when I mean boring I mean I spent more days at home than I did out and about and I hate weeks like that. But we all have colds and horrible coughs. Luckily we did get out to Target this week and thought I should share these two stories. On Monday we went to Target with friends and I had to laugh because my kids are too funny. Sawyer was sitting in the basket first and totally fell asleep sitting up. I wish I knew how to get the photo off my phone it is funny. I moved Sawyer to the back and put Noah in the top not even kidding less then five minutes later Noah was asleep sitting up too. I think the cart must have been laced with benedryl. Noah has this new thing that he does when he is trying to get my attention, he calls me Abby. It drives me CRAZY he actually knows that it does and now just mostly calls me Abby. So a few days ago while we were at Target he kept saying Abby..and I kept saying no I am mommy and I won't answer you until you call me Mommy....I think like 5 people stopped me laughing at our absurd conversation. Like I actually thought I could reason with him.

I have been busy this weekend, I finally put up my curtains!!!! I can't even believe how different it made the room look. So things are finally coming together I am still searching for the perfect clock and picture frame for two of my walls.Here is the picture frame that I really want....

Both of the things I really want are from Pottery Barn....but that is never going to happen so I am trying to find cute alternatives. I order my bench and coat rack and I am dying for them to get here!!! Well that is all for now...sorry no picutres I really hate when I have no pictures but then again I am too drugged right now to care. When I say drugged I mean Tylenol cold and throat is so numb that stuff is AMAZING!!!! Oh stay tuned we find out tomorrow night whether we only produce boys!!!