Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leo 2010

We just got home Monday night from Leo Carrillo. This was one of the best years we have had in a VERY long time the weather was spectacular. It was even warm at night.
Jeff and I on the beach. Jeff only got to stay for a day. I was sad for him to go home but busy season calls...
Crazy that 10 years ago Jeff and I had our very first kiss at Leo Carrillo. It will always hold a very special place in my heart!! I was trying so hard to take a picture of prove he was there....

The boys loved climbing the rocks one time Sawyer gave me a huge scare and I had to haul up the rocks after him. Thank goodness for all those rock climbing trips as a kid.

Ryder and his facial expressions he was cracking everyone up.

It is so crazy 10 years ago we were all teenagers and now we have tons of kids. It is so much fun to see my kids playing with kids I grew up with!!
All the kids hanging out in the hole Morgan dug....probably for Molly but she wanted nothing to do with it.... Noah at the top of the rock.

Ryder and Wes playing in the cracks me up all of us blondes with all these red headed boys.

Trying to drive the motor home......

Tyson took all the 5 year olds on a hike up the creek with his brave helpers Matt, Holli and Tyler. Noah had the best time and loved it. He was very proud to tell all his friends at school.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patty's day....

I have never really done anything for my kids on St. Patricks day but this year I thought it would be fun especially since Noah learned a little about Leperchauns at school. I made a bunch of little feet prints coming from the front door to the kitchen table......this picture is after Ryder did some rearranging. And next time I am going to have to cut out the feet prints individually because Noah just didn't understand why they stepped on paper. Dang it. This was sitting on the table.....of course I got the picture after the boys had destroyed part of it.
Inside the green bucket was some beads, glowsticks, rings basiclly anything I could find at the party store that was green

Those naughty leperchauns also turned the milik green.....Noah hated it....he wouldn't eat his cereal and gagged when he tried. Such DRAMA. The rest of the boys didn't care. Ryder was a little confused by the green milk in his bottle and I was less then thrilled of what followed in his year maybe green pancakes :)

They also dyed the toliet water green....but Noah was very happy when it only took two flushes to get rid of the nasty green water.

All and all some great new traditions I hope to carry on with my boys!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Sawyer's Birthday started out with a trip to the doughnut store! He was so excited to go and pick out doughnuts for everyone. He was especially excited with his big chocolate twisty doughnut. But not so thrilled to take a picture. What else is new.

Time to open presents.......

He was so excited to open presents!

He got some new clothes, buzz lightyear wings and gloves. He LOVES wearing them around the house!!

Check out that wing span!!
On Sunday we headed out to Temecula to celebrate with my family. It was a great day the boys absolutely love playing with all there cousins!!
Sawyer LOVES the trampoline and he also LOVED playing with Amelia, he kept telling me that she was his friend!

Sawyer had fun trying to show Amelia around too bad Amelia knows her way around there better than he does.

Singing Happy was a fun way to end a GREAT weekend!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Three Three

Happy Birthday Sawyer!!!!
Sawyer is such a crack up! I can't believe he is THREE!! He is such a little man and we have so much fun with him!! Sawyer at three.......
*Loves to play outside and asks about every second when he can go outside.
*Loves to EAT
*Has a hard time making up his mind and does not do well with many options
*Loves his brothers he misses Noah so much when he goes to school
*Loves to dress up and play pretend
*He is the best cuddler and gives the BEST hugs!
*Holds a grudge
*Super stubborn
*LOVES his Daddy and asks for him about every hour
*Hates to get his hair cut!
*Gets into EVERYTHING!
We love our little Sawyer and can't believe that another year has gone by Happy Birthday Buddy!!

At 2!!!

First Birthday.......

6 Months.......

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Another year older!! Tuesday I turned the big 28. I am getting far too close to thirty! The actual day was a LONG day with the boys, but I felt so loved! Thanks all for the messages and phone calls!

That night we celebrated Me, Sawyer and Patrice's Burfday's with family.

Grandma Jody got the boys matching shirts that said my Mom rocks. I love having my boys all matchy and it is much harder these days! The two Burfday girls!!

Sawyer was so excited to wear his Birthday hat!

Uncle Rob and Aunt Shannon with Noah and Sawyer and baby Kaitlyn who should be arriving VERY soon!

Me with my boys, they are impossible to get a picture together.

I went and met my mom for lunch at Toms Farms for lunch which was a real treat since she is super busy this time of year. She bought me this cute decorative stand. It was perfect for the mini cupcakes.

Noah played photographer during lunch.

Me and my baby.

thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and love!!

Also here is the blocks after. From my last post. I think they turned out cute. They people got to chooce the holiday they wanted.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Living under a rock.....or should I say wood.

Break down:
200 3"-31/2" pieces of wood
200 vinyl letters
50 bottles of craft paint
50 sponge brushes
LOTS of sand paper
and that was for one craft! I was in charge of three. Thankfully the other two were not as time consuming.
(NOTE TO SELF, WOOD CRAFTS= NEVER EVER AGAIN!!) Unless I could get away with charging enough to get myself a saw of my own.

I have been in hiding for the majority of the week. Working on Super Saturday at Church. I am so happy to have it behind me. Collecting money, buying supplies, having Home Depot quit cutting the wood half way through, (thanks again Lisa I would have had to cut 100 pieces of wood with a hand saw), cutting vinyl letters, assembling kits. And then the actual activity. So so so glad it is over. It will take a week for my house to recover.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's not that I have given up on my taking pictures everyday it's just truly our life is pretty much the same everyday. See even Sawyer is bored with it!
Life pretty much consists driving Noah to preschool, taking the boys to the park and then a lot of boring stuff in between. I know that someday I will wish that I could have a little monotony. One thing that never gets old is the funny things my boys say all day long.
Sawyer is probably the funniest, mostly because he doesn't try he just is a hoot. We have been working on potty training so for the most part he is running around in his underwear. His favorite thing is to put things in his pockets and when he isn't wearing pants he just sticks things in his underoos. It gives a whole new meaning to "junk in the trunk"
The other day I was at our neighbor across the street I told him he couldn't come with me because he had no shoes or clothes on. Next thing I know he is walking up the driveway in his bright green underwear and bright green crocs to match. At least he got the shoe thing.
He still asks to wear the high heels daily, sadly Dad has revoked that one. He loves movies that have songs, and his new favorite is Mary Poppa's as he calls it. He is such a fire cracker.
Ryder is my shadow these days, he as always been super clingy but lately has really become attached and won't even go to Jeff. I will say it is kind of nice. He is my baby and I definitely spoil him. Hence the horrible tantrums we now in counter everywhere we go. Between him and Sawyer they are eating us out of house and home. He LOVES to eat!! He walks around most of the day following the big boys making some very shooting noises as he tries to fit in.
Noah is my sweetie he comes up a few times a day and gives me a hug and tells me he loves me. I love it!! He has become such an awesome helper! Everything is all Star Wars all day. Jeff made the comment that star wars has become the soundtrack to our life. It is so true. Noah's favorite thing is to leave the DVD on the menu screen and listen to the music over and over again. I may have to break down and put some on my ipod. He wants to know the plan every day he needs to be entertained about every second. Which my mom likes to remind me it is how I was.
Today at Target two Mom's came up to me and said that Mom's of boys have a special place in heaven. I thought it was funny, maybe I looked frazzled. But it was nice to hear.
These boys make the monotony worth all the work.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Noah is beyond obsessed with Star Wars. It is always on his mind. He was setting up the aliens to fight Darth Vadar. Too precious. This age is so much fun!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

High Heels.....

Yesterday we went out to Temecula for a family party with Jeff's extended family. Sawyer found these high heels in Taylee's room. And would not take them off. Jeff tried once and he just cried, I have a very laid back approach and truly didn't care I mean he was happily playing and I wasn't having to entertain him. Then he tried to smuggle them out of the house so Aunt Heidi and Cousin Taylee let him take a pair home. He was in heaven. He wore them to bed and even had them on in the morning. I did draw the line at wearing them to Target.
(I'm back to taking pictures this week, I actually took them last week but we really didn't do much so they are rather boring)