Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So a few weeks back we gave back Sawyer's paci. We had good reasons. And it was good for the first few days and weeks. But for the last week all of the reasons have back fired and he has gone backwards. So I took it away, there is no point in him having it if he isn't behaving. So today while at Disneyland he wanted a sucker I told him if he threw it in the trash for good he could have a sucker. It took about 20 trash cans finally he threw it in. We will see how it goes tonight! He has asked a few times but nothing major! If we can make it through the first night we will be golden. Or so I hope!!! Wish us luck....I know I know I totally deserve it since I gave it back to him and all!!!


karin said...

Hopefully this works. He is just at that hard age of thinking he is older but really there is no reasoning with a 2yo.

Aaron Shaw said...

Good Luck!!! Tell Sawyer good work kickin' the Paci!!!