Monday, January 16, 2012

Instagram week 2

Another week and I took a picture every day. Kind of loving this!!

1. Something I am currently LOVING....shellac cnd nail polish

2. Snuggles in my bed with my favorite snuggle bug!

3. Boo boos and big messy eaters

4. Snuggles in the car. I tell you that red head is spicy. And then adorably sweet the next second.

5. Finally a new washer and dryer that actually fists more than two pairs of pants!!

6. Just finished that book. Amazing. Go get it. Thank me later!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

10 months

January 1 Rhys turned 10 months I can't get over it. He is getting SO big. It just kills me!

So here are 10 things about Rhys this month.
1. Rhys loves to EAT! He prefers foods he can eat himself. Some of his favorites are: waffles, rice, black beans, shredded chicken, bananas, in n out cheeseburgers, fries and gold fish.

2. He has 5 teeth

3. Pretty much only likes to sleep in his crib.

4. Loves to play patty cake and clap.

5. Weighs 17 pounds

6. Got croup after Christmas and had to have his first antibiotics

7. Screams bloody murder every time I leave a room or walk past him. (I'm rather sick of this one. Especially when I am trying to pack!!)

8. Loves to play with any kind of paper. But his favorite is trying to eat diaper wipes.

9. Still sucks his thumb

10. Sleeps from 8-6 and pretty much takes 3 naps a day.

Rhysy is Getting to such a fun age. I can't believe he is almost 1! So crazy.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A year of instagram

I am taking the photo a day challenge through instagram. I will be taking a photo a day. And then posting them here on the blog once a week. It's been fun to see what we do on a daily basis. So here are week one's photos:

1: yummy cinnamon French toast new years morning. 2: three weeks of sickness first strep then a sinus infection then bronchitis. 3 prescriptions 2 breathing treatments and an inhaler. Ugh 3. Cast off!! Still building up strength in his leg. But happy to have that super smelly thing off! 4. In n Out with Daddy for lunch a rare treat!

5: day at the park. So doesn't feel like January 6: obsessed over Sally Hansen peel and stick polish 7: dinner out to celebrate Grandmas birthday - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Christmas

Does any one else absolutely HATE Blogger these days?! It is horrible!!
Finally I pulled the pictures off my big camera. And so for the whole two of you who read this. Here are the rest. And if blogger didn't suck so bad I would go through and journal them. But since it won't let me and it has deleted them 4 times. This is it. So feel free to add in your own Whitty commentary. Because I know you are missing Mine :)

Me and my sweet Santa Baby

Monday, January 2, 2012


A few weeks ago Jeff called me to tell me he had a job interview with an accounting firm in Murrieta. Neither of us thought very much of. For the last 5 years Jeff has applied for a lot of jobs and non of them went anywhere. Well we were shocked when after a second interview Jeff was offered a job.

Back story: we have been trying to buy a house around here for six months. We have put in many offers and nothing has panned out.
Once we decided we were probably going to take the job we went out to Temecula to look at possible houses.

I have had my eyes on these amazing homes in Paseo Del Sol for about a year now. I told Jeff they were my dream homes. So when we walked through the models and the lady told us they had one that just fell out of escrow the day before and would be ready in January we couldnt help but say YES!

So here it is.....

The house is amazing! It is at the end of a culdesac on a HUGE lot!!! The people who were in the process of buying it did a ton of upgrades. I got to go last week and pick out the flooring. It has been such a fun process!! I can't wait to start the whole move!!

It is very bitter sweet to leave Orange County. I have SO many amazing friends whom I am sick about leaving. But with how quickly everything has fallen into place we know that the Lord is steering us in this next chapter in our life.

January is going to be an insane whirlwind. Packing, commuting, and moving. But we are truly blessed to be starting off 2012 with such a bang!!
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A New Year!!

Every New Years we go to my Grand parents and have a BIG bash. This year we opted to stay home. Jeff will be driving back and forth so much we just wanted a mellow night. We were so sick for the last few weeks that we needed to rest up!!

Finally Rhys was smiling.....he has been so sick for DAYS! This was a happy smile!

Breakfast new years eve morning.

We went over to Jeff's Mom's. It was nice to get out. And the boys had so much fun.

We are ready for 2012. We have lots of BIG things coming up!
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It's Christmas Time Again

We had a wonderful stressful Christmas. For the first time since we have been married we went to Temecula for Christmas Eve. We started the day with the Neilsons. Heidi and Dave hosted 70+ at the church. It was a great place to have a party! It was great to see almost all of Jeff's cousins we hardly ever get to see the married ones!!

After that we went to Cari and Sam's to be with my family we got to Skype with my grand parents and the boys got to play with there cousins!!
Here are my instagram pictures. Maybe someday I will get to posting the ones from the real camera!!

New Christmas PJ's Rhys was tired and done with us at this point!

My mom bought Rhys this Santa suit it is very similar to the one Noah had at this age!

We took Jeff's family over to see the new house! Can't wait. We should be moving in very soon!!

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