Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To my peeps......

I've said it before and I will say it again.....I have the very best friends! I am in awe of these great women. My friend/neighbor adopted a baby last week! What better way to celebrate than an impromptu girly girly shower. This is where the friends come in, from bringing chairs, desserts, bow stuff, buying the group gifts, making gorgeous blankets. I mean come on how did I get so lucky!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!

Here a few pictures before the party got started. How did I not get any of the actual shower.....not my finest paparazzi moment!

My mantel, I was so happy with the fall look, really has nothing to do with the shower, so onto to the good stuff.

I never knew I could find someone who appreciates a bow more than me until I met Charise, so when I found out it was a girl it was all about making "Savvy" some bows to take home......and it's true the BIGGER the better!

This was only my second name banner....I LOVE my cricut! And even better Charise took it home for the babies room!

The food, seriously THANKS! Bethany I want that pumpkin recipe! SOOO yummy! (and I don't LOVE pumpkin pie type stuff)

Thanks ladies for helping, offering to help and most of all letting me get SOME of my girl ideas on your new babies!!!


karin said...

I am so sad that Bryan got home so late. But glad that I got to see a sneak peek before the shower. I really do love your parties. So after the party next week, are we having a Girls' Night Thanksgiving Party?

Larsens said...

It was fun! Thanks for another great party! Drink that green juice and get that girl so we can throw you the most fabulous girl bash!!

Bethany said...

You did a great job Abby! You are such an awesome friend to throw such a nice shower!!