Friday, September 28, 2012

See ya....

September sucked. That's putting it nicely. It was just a rotten month where not much was accomplished. Lots of stuff and not much to show for it. So bye bye September I am so over you and ready to move on to the fall and the holidays and more fun ahead.

Stress will kill ya! It was a crazy month with ward craft night and the primary program. Seriously I didn't realize how stressed and worried I was until it was all over and I suddenly wasn't passing out or waking up in the middle of the night having a full blown anxiety attack!! Feeling a little more normal well as normal as you can for almost 6 months pregnant.

As I mentioned this baby is ruining my teeth one by one. I have spent more time than I would like at the dentist. Can I say getting a tooth pulled is awful. Especially with out being out completely out. It was cave man barbaric. Brush your teeth kids. And floss. And then pray for good genes which I clearly didn't get. Then try not to kick your husband when he is thirty and still has NEVER had a cavity!!! You can hate him a little.

On the baby front besides the new normal of dizziness and passing out all is well. We finally got in for a for real ultrasound. And sure enough it's a boy. So looks like we will never ever get our girl. I am happy for another boy but sad mourning what I have always dreamed of since I was a little girl. I know that it will eventually be ok. Right now still a little raw. But in the grand scheme getting him here and me healthy is all that really matters. At least that is what I try to tell myself.

Noah started soccer this month. He is loving it. He is getting really into it and I like that we are moving into positions. Makes it more fun to watch.

Our poor little honey girl has been having back issues. It is the saddest thing she looks at me so helplessly and I can't do anything to help her. The dr says rest and keep her eating is really what she needs.

We did manage to get back to Disneyland finally!! Lucky us we just happened to go the day the space shuttle was flying over. And by lucky I mean shoot me. It was crazy crowded with the worst kind of tourists. The ones that just stand there staring at the sky for hours on end. We just happen to catch it as it flew over. So glad I didn't wait hours for that!!

Noah was also the husky hero at school one week he was thrilled! He is working so hard and we are so proud of him!!

So see ya September. You will not be missed bring on pumpkins fun and fall. So excited!!! Phew. Hope you made it through all that!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

18 Months!!

Who stole my baby baby. I can't believe that Rhys is 18 months already. He is a dream baby. Sleeps great, eats like a champ and really is all around mellow. I wish I could guarantee this next one to be just like him.

He is finally walking/running. He thinks he is hot stuff now. He loves to pull everything out of the cupboard an eat all the cereal. We are going to be getting out the baby locks this weekend because he is into everything.

He is now official in nursery. He has been going for the last month with Aunt Heidi since she is the nursery leader. He loves it and has fun playing with the bigger kids. He so badly wants to do all the things his brothers do!!

He is such a cuddle bug and loves his blanket and to suck his thumb!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Are you crazy?!

Can I just say that I get this question at least once a day. The funny thing is often I get it when I don't even have all the kids with me!! But yes I do feel crazy on most days. But don't all mothers?! Whether you have one or ten I think every mom has those moments of complete crazy. Mine probably happen daily.
People ask me ALL the time how I or we do it. I'm starting to think I need to write a book....the what your mom never told you guide to little people and pregnancy. Because every person who writes a book is an expert right?!

I will admit that life before schools and schedules was a dream. I thought those days were rough with three boys under three but wow I miss the days of sitting in my PJ's and cleaning organizing. Now it's an hour here an hour there I feel like I can't get anythng done! I start a project then have to pick up someone drive someone to something and what not. It is crazy.

What gets me through? Diet coke...chocolate and nap time. (not for me....heaven knows I could use one but for the little people)

I keep thinking how fast time goes. As we get invites for weddings graduations of friends and family who were the age Noah is now when Jeff and I got married. It is crazy how fast time is going. It breaks my heart a little. What I wouldn't get for the good old days of sitting at the park all day!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Half way!!

We made it half way through this pregnancy. Yay! I am not a good pregnant person as we all well know. This pregnancy has been no different. I have been super nauseous not barfing a lot but just all around yucky still. The newest and worst symptom has been migraines. I get them about once a week and they knock me on my butt the dr sadly won't give me anything but Tylenol because they are watching my blood pressure very closely.

Last week I had some major dental issues. I broke a filling and have one tooth that needs a root canal. It is crazy bc my teeth were fine before this. Boo. Looks like this week I will be doing what little work they will do on pregnant woman.

Baby is doing great. The little booger will not reveal itself gender wise. We had an early ultrasound at 13 weeks that they said 50 percent boy. Apparently they all look like boys at that stage. Then at my last dr appointment the baby wouldn't open it's legs.
So we hopefully will be having our big ultrasound at the end of the month. It isn't making me as crazy as I thought it would. A part of me is like let's just wait until it gets here. But who knows!! So there is a little update on me mostly so I don't forget.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

August came and went....

August flew by. With the boys going back to school I blinked and the month literally was over. I can't believe it is September!!

Here's some pictures off my phone of course of how we spent August.
With the boys back in school I took to organizing. Still have lots to do and it's so annoying when they destroy it 10 minutes later!
Reunited with our Rhys. We missed him so much while in Hawaii. Although he was very well taken care of!
Riding bikes and eating Popsicles.

Migraines....I have been having the worst migraines this pregnancy. At least one a week that knocks me on my butt!!

Can't wait to see what September brings!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back 2 School

Summer came and went. The boys were total troopers. We really didn't do much except our big trip to Hawaii. I loved the two month summer. While I still think it is way way too hot for them to be at school I do like that I didn't get the end of summer woes like usual.

We made a very last minute decision to put the boys back at our neighborhood school. The Charter school changed a few things and we no longer felt that it was the best decision especially with a new baby coming so soon.

Noah got Mrs. Jones for 2nd grade and Sawyer got Mrs. Ciota. So far we are thrilled with both of there teachers. Noah's class has about 24 kids and Sawyer's poor teacher has 32 Kinders for a full day. I don't know how she does it.
Ryder also started his first year at Ms Michelle's and is getting used to a new routine and it has been a huge adjustment for him to be home all day by himself. He is so bored with out them.
Rhys and I spend our days in the car shuttling back and forth.