Friday, January 22, 2010


I got the tutorial for this adorable and super easy heart garland from Jamie who got it from Madebyrae. Isn't it the cutest?? Thanks Jamie for giving me a super cute idea and something to do today while the rain has kept us inside ALL week! This would be so cute for Christmas, a baby shower....ah the ideas are endless! Happy crafting!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mom's Work

I told Jeff last night that I was giving him my 2 weeks notice, I think he thought I was joking, but at the moment I was totally serious. He didn't take my resignation, maybe I should put it in writing??

If you couldn't tell it has been a LONG week. We have been completely cooped up inside, which is not my favorite. When I started my Mommy journey years ago I thought it would be all fun and play, lots of cute moments. But no one told me that those moments are very few and far between. I was not at all prepared for the real life of a mommy. Those who are mom's know what I am talking about.
I wish I could say I was better at handling the bad days, the life happens moments but sadly I am not. I need constant reminders that this is a journey try and be happy, stop stressing and enjoy it.
Being a mom is hard there is no boss giving a pay check or a bonus, it is work work work. And even the wonderful glorious breaks are filled with worry and sometimes regret at what you might be missing.
I love my cute little faces even at the worst moments they do brighten the days, even I try harder to ignore that and stay grumpy. It is a lot of work and while I need to remember that there may not be a reward today I know there will be one someday. That my children having me here is rewarding. I am so I am trying to remember that, sad that I need to be reminded but hey I am only human. I must give a shout out to the hubs, who listens to me complain who I know would rather be here than anywhere else. Even if I am a huge grump some days.
Today I am thankful for my 3 boys who reminded me of my reward, for the Lord's tender mercies in my life, and for a loving, kind and overly PATIENT husband. I am blessed and this is good work.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lego Saturday


A few Saturday's ago we ventured down to our new family favorite place Lego Land. While were there we checked out the Lego Aquarium. We thought it was a fun exibit, but we were grateful for the free tickets that came with our passes because I would not pay that much to see it. We had a great family day. The boys have such a fun time!! Sorry for the collage I had WAY too many photos to edit and sort through!!
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Monday, January 11, 2010

1 to the 8

Today marks Ryder's eighteen month! I can't believe he is that old. I am so sad that my "baby" is more over a toddler now! This stage is always a hard one for me and it is especially hard this time because I just got one out of this stage like a minute ago!

Things I love about Ryry

*when he dances it is so cute because he hasn't figured out how to move his feet yet.

* He can finally walk and uses it as his primary mode of transportation.

* He LOVES his Daddy and walks around looking for him all day

* He loves to cuddle...please oh please don't let that change!

* He copies EVERYTHING his big brothers do EVERYTHING

*He loves nursery and could really careless about sacrament meeting.

* He doesn't have stranger anxiety yet and will pretty much go to anyone

* He is a great sleeper!

* He loves his bottle and his blankie!

I can't even imagine our life without our sweet baby boy!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bowling Birthday

January and March are big Birthday months for our families. We started the first of our celebrations last Saturday. We headed to CPK for lunch and then we went bowling as a family. The boys did pretty well but poor Ryder is really a home body, he doesn't like to be anywhere that he can't roam free. Thus the reason why he loves to be at home.

A birthday picture with Grandma Jody!


Getting geared up for some bowling fun!

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Group shot! Happy Birthday Grandma Jody, Uncle Rob and Aunt Shannon!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


On New Years Eve day we took the boys to Legoland, they were so excited and looking forward to it. It was a great place for little boys, they were absolutely in heaven! I just love how excited they were, including Jeff.





They have a little mini land where they build replica's of things from all over they had a miniture Las Vegas strip and Times Square. It was so fun to walk around and see everything. We still have so much to see, we look forward to going back all year long!!!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

I can't believe another year has come and gone. I can't believe that ten years ago I met Jeff, it seems like yesterday when we were going to prom. There is no way that it could be ten years ago.
I am not a resolution person but yet I like to reflect on the things I would like for our family in the coming year. 2009 was a very challenging year for me and I am looking forward to a fresh start in this new year.

Some of my goals this year include,

Not being so up tight I have been so on edge lately. I have seen the greatest poster on etsy that says "stay calm and carry on" I am thinking of putting it in a frame next to my bed.

I am hoping to have a love affair with my camera this year. I am so excited to learn more about photo shop and really enjoy photography.

Be the best mom I can be. I like to do it all, all the time and I have just decided that just isn't possible so I am going to say no when u don't think I can do it or when it will take away too much from them

so I can enjoy this precious time with my little guys.

I hope you all have a fabulous new year! I look forward to seeing what this year will bring for us, we are so blessed and happy!!