Thursday, November 12, 2009

wants turning into a need.....

I know that this will make me sound crazy....but for the past few months I have been eyeing puppies. This is my current want.......that is actually turning into a need for our family.

Isn't she adorable!!! We have always said we wanted a wiener dog but after reading a lot online they are not kid friendly especially rough boy family. I want a little dog it HAS to be a girl and little I am talking fit into your purse or walk around Fashion Island little.

For those of you who are now laughing thinking she is so not a little cuddly dog person....these little dogs make me want to cuddle share my bed sit on my lap.....yep hold the gasp I may just be a dog person. I can't help it I grew up with dogs.....Aaron I know you are dying reading this because I never gave a minute to any of our dogs....but I am serious here people!!!
The best part about her is her name is Callie....totally meant to be....that has always been our top girl name!!! She has to be mine!!!

I really need this!!!!! Santa???? Please????


Unknown said...

One word: CRAZY
xoxoxox love mom

karin said...

She is cute. I am definitely more a dog person than a cat person but I want one where I wouldn't be worried about my boys killing it. Therefore it would be big and an outside dog but we live somewhere where an outside dog has very space or needs a few walks every day and I just don't have that kind of time right now.

Good luck, I hope Santa brings you what you want.

Larsens said...

I suppose this is one way Jeff can give you a girl!

Aaron Shaw said...

Abby you will love that dog until it takes a crap in your bag!!! And then bye bye puppy! But if you think you want it... and I know you want a girl really bad, then good luck!