Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Angels......

Last night Jeff, Noah, Grandma Jody and Grandpa Rich went to an Angel game. Noah has been excited about it for days!! It was his first REAL game, the last time he went he was five months old.

Jeff said they had a lot of fun. I told him he had to take lots of pictures so that I could put them on the blog. Noah had a lot of fun eating yummy snacks, and smashing peanut shells. Jeff said that when they got there Noah wanted to go down on the field. He thought that he was going to get to play baseball.
He wanted to sleep with his bat and ball last night, so I promised him he could have it in the morning. I thought he would sleep in a little being up until eleven, but he was up at five to six, looking for his ball and bat. Crazy kid really I need to steal some of his ENDLESS energy!!
Jeff told me I had to post the pictures of the players to show how close they were!

This is for Sarah...Jeff knows how much you like Vladi...even though you got to see him last in person..in case you get bored today....

Sawyer and I had fun hanging out together...I think he may have been a little bored. It was so nice to run around town getting some last minute errands done with only one kid. I also got to enjoy a night of scrapbooking!!! I promise I will post pictures of that soon....seriously I am so addicted right now. It is all I want to do!!

Last but not least I am finally down to less than 100 days of being prego!! It is actually going by really fast and I am just starting to get into the uncomfortable state of HUGE!! and yes the waddling has begun...especially after a long day or when I am tired.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My favs......

So last time I did a post like this, I loved reading everyones comments and hearing about your favorite things!! So here it goes a list of a few favorite things as of lately! Feel free to share your favortie things on your blogs as well....ENJOY!!

First thing is this AWESOME website www.readthescriptures.com
This website has all the standard works, ensign articles and Relief Society mauals. You can set up your own customized reading schedule and then they email it to you daily. Plus you can journal and highlight. It is very cool and it makes me feel a little less guilty about being online soooo much!

Bags, Bags and more Bags....
I love purses/bags I always have and probably always will. I found this cool diaper bag at a boutique myellacollection...I love it because I can change the flaps so that I do not get completely sick of the bag. LOVE it!!

Then I bought this bag:

For my carry-on when we go to Hawaii....what am I going to do without a dipaer bag all week...problem solved I love this bag and I can not wait for it to get here!!!

Jewelry...I found ths website www.photographybyzoe.com via a blog!! Seriously I have been looking for this exact necklace and I want it SOOOOO bad!!! I told Jeff mother's day is coming but then he reminded me that my above bag was what I told him I wanted....well maybe Christmas??? I better start saving my pennies.

Target maternity clothes!!! With my last two pregnancies I HATED Target's maternity, they were made for people who don't get HUGE like me...but they finally made there sizes true, a Large is actually large and not a small. Love it...and it is so much cheaper than motherhood!!!

Scrapbooking...I have been a machine this week cranking out so many layouts. I have had so much fun and can not believe that I have not scrapbooked in SO long. I am totally addicted again. Closetomyheart.com has so many paper packets I want...but I know I have to use all my paper I already have!!!

And last but certainly not least these cute boys.....I have been spending so much time with them lately just the three of us these last few months, while Jeff has been busy. I just love that I get to spend each day being entertained by these CRAZY little ones!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We like to Party Party.........

Yes I know like we have not celebrated this kids Birthday enough. But here are pictures from all of our festivities! My mom helped me plan a great party on Saturday while we were staying down there for the weekend. We then partied again last night with Jeff's family. Noah is one spoiled kid, he got three cakes, I guess for his three years. We love any chance to get together and have fun. It was a great weekend! Thanks to everyone for helping make Noah's birthday so much fun!
(click on the pictures to make them bigger and for a description)

My friend Wendy made Noah the cutest cake for his Birthday...my friend Darci noticed it wasn't in the slide show....well it was when I made it I am so sick of photo bucket slide shows I need to find a new way to do slide shows..anyway here are some photos of the cake...and it tasted very yummy too!! check out her cake blog...sugarmommasonline.blogspot.com. Thanks again Wendy!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Wow...I just can not even believe that my "baby" is three! I just love Noah's fiesty little personality. He always comes up with the funniest things! I am just so entertained by him every day. I wish I could tape record him and repeat it...maybe then I would understand his language better. He gives me a run for my money each and everyday, but I am so glad that I get to spend these first years with him. Noah and I have VERY similar personalities, and I am learning so much about myself because of him. The talk that Elder Ballard gave in conference really made me think of how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom, even though there are days when I could tear my hair out. Noah is such a little ball of energy...I wish I could steal some just to keep up with him! Noah loves to play with his brother and is getting more patient and understanding everyday. He is really into Dinosaurs right now, he watched Jurrasic Park with my Dad and loved it....totally not scared? He loves Legos and as we all know ART. He is such a fun boy!
Happy Birthday Little Man....We love you!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noah's Day at Disneyland!

Keeping with a tradition Jeff had as a kid, he took the day after tax day off and we went to Disneyland. We took it as a perfect day to celebrate with Noah for his Birthday, since Jeff will be out of town on the actual day. Noah seriously is going to think that his birthday lasts for a week!!

We had a great day there where a lot of people, but not too long of lines. They have some great new stuff at California Adventure, that we got to enjoy. They finally updated the playhouse disney show and it was so fun for Noah since he LOVES all of the shows they have in it. There is also a new parade with all the pixar movies. It was very cute, they squirt water and blow bubbles. Noah really enjoyed. We had a great day!! It was nice to have Grandpa Rich, Grandma Jody and Patrice with us. Noah loved telling us what we where going to do next. He would not wear his Birthday button, every time I tried to put it on he refused to walk with us. Talk about stubborn. I think Karin is right three might be harder than two, now they know what they are doing.

Sorry for all the Birthday posts that will be coming, we have a lot of celebrations planned!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My little old man and hip hip hooray it's tax day!!!

So I took this picture of Sawyer yesterday at the park, it totally made me laugh. Won't he make the cutest old man one day. I love the uni-brow and mustache! I think we may have to start callng him Rico Sauve that is what I always think of when I see a mustache!! Wait does that guy even have a mustache, is that even a real person?? Who knows but it is what I think of!

We survived our first Tax season. I am so glad that today is the end!!! Although I have been told that it could have been a lot worse I am still glad to have Jeff home on weekends and home before the boys get off to bed. He spoils me so much and is such a great helper that when he is gone it really hits hard. Especially with being pregnant I am dragging myself around by the time he gets home. So congrats honey I am glad you made it!! WE MISSED YOU!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Leo Carrillo............

Last week the boys and I went on a little camping trip with my parents and a bunch of people from my parents ward. We have been going as a family for like twelve years, it was funny because my mom reminded me that my sister now 14, had her third birthday there, it was funny to realize how time flies and how big my own babies are getting.

The boys had so much fun going down to the beach everyday. Noah had so much fun playing with his friend Hunter or Hunker as he kept calling him. It was a great week, we missed Jeff terribly who was busy working..busy season may just kill us all, he will need a much needed vacation after it is over. We were spoiled with yummy food and literally ate all day everyday. I am scared to go to my next dr. appointment.

I was so mad I left our memory card in the laptop at home. So I only got like twelve pictures!!

Sawyer enjoying a powder sugar doughnut!!

Noah and Hunter with real pirates!!! These pirates were doing a party on the beach, the boys thought it was the coolest thing!

Noah had so much fun going to the blow hole with the big kids and collecting crabs and star fish!

This is how Sawyer and Noah took a bath all week, they loved it. Thanks to Autumn for bringing the bath bin!

Noah loved playing in the tunnel and digging with the big kids!