Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm cheating I didn't actually take this one today. Noah spent the afternoon at the skate park with our neighbors. Talk about heaven for him!


It's rough being the middle child.......this is proof...... Sawyer has suddenly picked up sucking his thumb. It drives me crazy. I was hoping it was just a one or two day thing but nope. I am still entertaining ideas of what to do. I know he is doing it because of the recent craziness and the baby on the way but still. And for the record I have NO problem with the self soothing I just think it is a little strange for him to pick this up almost 2 years after not having a pacifier.


The weather has been amazing! The boys live in our back yard.....I LOVE it! Even better Sawyer has learned to swing all by himself!!!


Steal of a deal. I have had my eye on this swing since I found out I was pregnant. Our old swing was done. I really didn't think I would buy it but when I was at target today and found it for half off I had to have it. Sadly they were completely sold out so I begged the lady to sell me the floor model. Bonus for me it doesn't have to be put together! Note to self for future purchases......LET PEOPLE HELP YOU! I was a sight pulling my target cart Sawyer helping push, me carrying the swing waddling to the car. (and yes I waddle....but that is for another post)

Other deals.....crib sheets for $2, milk storage containers for $2, a boppy for $10 and a few sleepers! I love a great deal!!!


Monday was a holiday. Sadly Jeff had to work so I took the boys to visit him and go to lunch. It was great to break up the day and the weather was AMAZING!!!
We went to Pei Wei the boys LOVE it. Sawyer even eats with chop sticks. It is a total crack up!!


My saving grace as a mom has always been my kids are AMAZING sleepers. They are in bed by 8......which makes for a nice At home date night for Jeff and I. We got some cupcakes and a movie from red box perfect night at home!


Perfect day at Disneyland with Grammy and Leslie! No lines and a perfect way to spend a Friday night! Noah and Sawyer especially loved Leslie and her friends Chewy and Yoda back packs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I had my Drs. appointment this week.....I needed to see one more time to be sure it was a boy......not denial just needed to be told more that it was a boy than a girl. Well definitely a BOY.
It was exactly what I needed to get me excited for him. That night I made Jeff help me think of a name.........when we came across...... I fell in LOVE. It was like meant to be!! I was so excited to finally have his name I made these letters for his room. I love the way it turned out and am getting so excited for him to join us!!


Cravings.....I don't get them often but when I do I have to have to have it. Yummy Enchiladas and homemade Salsa!! MMMMMM


Playgroup....I started doing a play group with Ryder and a few of his friends. The kids had a great time using the dot markers and coloring. So fun to see Ryder with his little friends.


Perfect Sunday....I am loving 9:00 church. A little tough to get us all out the door but LOVE having the rest of the day to relax!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


January is huge for Birthday's in our family, almost every weekend we get to celebrate!! On Saturday we celebrated Grandma Jody and Aunt Shannon's birthday's. We went to Miguels and they gave us our own room which was great for the three trouble makers who are not restraunt friendly these days.

While waiting for our food we had fun taking pictures the kids were very patient!

Grandma Jody with her 4 Grandchildren. They were actually all hanging on her so we had to snap a picture of them. They love Grandma!!

We pretended we were on a date for about 5 minutes....then we were brought back to reality by the fifty bathroom trips and spills.

Aunt Lisa and Aunt Patrice they were brave enough to sit by us and the boys poor girls....the boys just love them.

Aunt Shannon, Kaitlyn, Grandma Jody, Grandma Connie, Patrice and me.

Me and my littlest cyclone.......he sure loves Mama. He is going to be in for a very rude awakening very soon....

The Heaton/Trapp group. Sadly we don't have very many group shots especially where everyone is looking!!

We had a great night. It was fun to get to celebrate with everyone!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years.....

Like I said earlier we had a great New Years. My favorite this year....the food table surprise surprise. I broke my eating after 7 rule and gobbled up some of the yummy appetizers. Cari's potato skins were by far my favorite. MMMM....making myself hungry just thinking of them.

Here are the Teenagers as the left for the black and white dance.......they had a fun time! We sat around and played games. The BIG hit was bananagrams thanks Sandi!! I had fun chatting with Casey while playing yahtzee!

The reason I got to enjoy myself and play games......

Noah was the only one of our boys who made it to midnight with out falling asleep. He asked about 11:15 if we could go because he was bored. But was happy we waited once the hats and noise makers were brought out.

Grammy and Grampy with Noah........

Ryder woke up from all the noise makers.....he was not happy he wasn't in his bed.

Sawyer passed out on Jeff minutes before the ball dropped.....

We spent the next day hanging out and playing games. Oh and EATING tons more! Oh and lets not forget the visit from the police. Apparently the neighbors called the cops from the night before and the fireworks some of the Dad's were setting off. It was a great weekend and we were happy to spend time with all the family!


HEAVEN! After a very long week. A mani/pedi was much needed!


This boy LOVES his pillow pet. So much that the first one got a hole so I returned it to Target 2nd time around he got a bumble bee. Even if he did want the lady bug or purple unicorn.


Sick. That pretty much sums it up. Finally made it to the Dr. looks like bronchitis, a sinus infection. Oh and a bruised rib from either the baby kicking or all the coughing. Fun times. So glad I have the BEST husband to stay home and take care of me and Ryder.


Someone is joining the Space Program.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Just another trip to the 200 dollar store. The best thing about going on a Tuesday....I only have one child.....it's kind of like heaven. Browsing and checking out all the fun stuff!!


Poor sick boy missed his first day back to school after break. He has been very miserable and not at all like himself. We did make it to Temecula so I could get my hair done. That's why I am all smiles. Nothing like getting your hair done!!


This face perfectly describes how he felt about starting Sunbeams today. He literally screamed and threw a fit. Jeff took video.....I will have to try and upload it. When asked why he wanted to go to Nursery.....he wanted snack. It's cruel that they don't let teachers bring stuff. Just plain cruel. Hopefully next week is a bit better!


Perfect way to start the new year.....snuggled altogether. Its going to be a good one!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Can you even believe that we just rang in 2011. It just seems so crazy to me.
This week I was watching Back to the Future with the boys and they were
in the year 2015 with flying cars......I am glad we aren't there yet!!
Personally I am more than happy to bid farewell to 2010. It was a difficult year to
say the least. I read a lot of blogs and on a few of them they are using one
word to describe there 2010 and a word for a goal in 2011.
The best word to describe 2010 is SURVIVED. I swear at midnight on New Years Eve
I took a big sigh of relief. 2010 we made it. We conquered and I am so glad
it is over! So I am glad to be onto bigger and better things.
2011 is going to be LIVED. That is what I want to do this year. Live it up.
We are embarking on the conclusion of our family and I want to live it up
and enjoy every second. I spent more time than I would like to admit in 2010
wanting and wishing for anything than what I had. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and
sadly worldly. I am working on omitting that from life as much as I can......hey
I am only human! I am in need of a BIG change for this year.
Our family is I have no clue what the change will be...besides the addition of
our 4th. But I am hoping it will be good. So hang on folks I hope I can deliver!!!
In an effort to LIVE I am attempting to a 365 picture a day project. So I have
something to look back on this year. And as always it will be the good bad and the ugly.
I didn't make any other resolutions for this year. I figure if I do better than surviving then
that's probably pretty good!!!