Thursday, November 26, 2009

Never too early!

I have VERY strict rules about decorating for Christmas, always the weekend after Thanksgiving. I have always thought if you didn't wait you weren't THANKFUL.

BUT last week was a rough one, so I needed some cheering up and a little Christmas can go a long way! So Sunday night we popped in a movie and got down to business. It was so fun this year, Noah totally gets it all this year he wants to help and just thinks everything is so fun, this is the years many of our traditions finally come to life!!

Noah has like 15 first Christmas ornaments, no joke call it first Grandchild on all sides. It was funny everytime he picked up an ornament he was like oh it's my first Christmas it was too funny!

Jeff and I take a cheesy picture every year we just happened to be matchy that day....

We got a new shelf this weekend for Jeff's speakers....he has been dying to set up his surrond sound since the new floors back in February. You should have seen his face he was so happy to feel like a man again...his words not mine.
So I was happy to get a new shelf and have some more places to I need more decorations for the mantle!

This will be my biggest challenge this season. With Noah and Sawyer there second Christmas they were older and just left the tree alone....not this guy we currently have no ornaments on the bottom. He has already broken 3 ornaments, luckily none were our good special ones!!

I can't believe that the holidays are already upon us! I love this time of year! Happy Thanksgiving to all out there! We are so blessed around here!!

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Ps- I love your header picture. We did the same picture when we were in the Bahamas this summer. I love pictures of feet in the sand!!!!