Thursday, December 27, 2007


A sick Christmas.....

Well we like everyone else had a wonderful holiday weekend. We started our festivities last Sunday with a holiday party at Jeff's Mom and Rich's house. It was a lot of fun we had some great BBQ...that Rob and Shannon brought. It was a lot fun to be together as a group and catch up. Patrice made some amazing cupcakes and Noah and Sawyer enjoyed new toys. Noah loved baby Jesus and keeps wanting to sing him Jingle Bells. On Monday we went to Jeff's Dad and Michelle's house to celebrate Christmas Eve with everyone. We had a great dinner, I am still wanting more mashed potatoes and scalloped potatoes... they were so good. The boys had a lot of fun chasing after their dog Boomer. Poor Boomer could not get away from them!! I was so excited because I got a new camera from Jeff's Dad and Grandma and can finally take pictures again!!! We went out to Temecula after the festivities to spend some time with my family. We finally got to bed and then an hour later Sawyer was up totally throwing up. Jeff ran off to the pharmacy. I stayed up the remainder of the night worried that my poor babies first Christmas was ruined. Thank goodness the Christmas Story was on all night on TBS or I would have been really bored. Despite Sawyer being sick he was still very mellow and good on Christmas day. Noah had so much fun opening and playing with all of his new toys. He got a TON!!! He had a lot of fun playing with his cousins. Sawyer is finally feeling better today and I am just waiting for the rest of us to come down with the dreaded flu!!! So we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Holiday Affair......

SO this is a very OLD photo but I have no pictures do to my broken camera...good thing Christmas is almost here!!

So really I love this time of year, from my poem I do sound a bit dramatic...but duh I am dramatic. So I am sure that it surprises no one when I exaggerate. Well this past weekend Jeff and I got the opportunity to attend his work Christmas party. The last two years his old work was horrible at parties, the first year they went to a pool hall?? And last year the went to a miniature golf course?? Very lame. So this year I was very excited to get a nice dinner at a yacht club and front row seats for the Newport Beach Boat Parade! I loved the boat was so fun to watch the boats totally decked out. The food was good a little too fancy for me but still good. We had a lot of fun and really appreciate my parents for giving us a very much needed night off!!! On Saturday we went down to Temecula to get the boys and our NEW fridge!!! I am so happy it is so great to have a fridge with shelves.....and it was so nice of Jeff's friend Troy and his cousin Ryan to come and help us get it in. I love it and couldn't be happier!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

An attempt at a poem....

Twas a week and two days before Christmas...

My camera is dead and the blogging has stalled
I am so stressed I think I might go bald

The shopping is no where near done
and the malls are oh so fun

I keep dragging my family from one event to another
and then wonder why my two year old wants a new mother

The boys are busy busy
and I am dizzy dizzy

Jeff is very busy at work with the end of the year
I am trying so hard to spread more holiday cheer!!!

okay so I can't even rhyme...but I am a dork with no post in a while...I have to try and get my pictures up. We had a great weekend last week we participated in many activities even despite the rain....Noah loved Follow the Star at our church and wanted to just be with all the animals. We made a gingerbread tree with some of Jeff's cousins and Jody found some really great markers that you can draw on food with and they are edible!! The kids loved playing with them.They made snowmen with vanilla wafers and marshmallows. We are having so much fun with this time of year!! I love that Noah is so into all of the holiday festivities! I hope you are enjoying the season too!!

Friday, December 7, 2007


All I can say is gross!!! This morning I was making Jeff's lunch and Sawyer was right in the kitchen crawling as usual. I looked down and saw something that looked like a black string in his hand....then I realized it was moving and it was a WORM!!! And yes he had already put it in his mouth. Me being the biggest bug wimp started screaming for Jeff and telling Sawyer to let go, like he even knew what I was talking about. I finally grabbed him by the arm and made Jeff grab the worm I am such a wimp. I don't know what I would have done if he had not been here. Luckily Sawyer has no teeth so the worm was still intact.

On a better note, Noah is obsessed with the song Jingle Bells...he started singing it last night at dinner and then again this morning, it is so cute. A boy after my own heart, whenever we are in the car he asks me to turn up the Christmas music!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby Discrimination!!

Dear Retail Stores(who carry baby items),

I am a mom with a chubby baby....this is his first Christmas and yes he wears at least twelve months...why must you discriminate and not make first Christmas outfits for my little butterball. I promise he would look just as cute as the skinny babes out there. I have been so sad and have had to settle with a 2T Santa Hat and a bib. For my next baby will you please make outfits big enough for all the firsts!!
Mom of a baby who never saw food he didn't like!

Noah is constantly cracking me up I wish that I could just video tape him twenty four seven. Yesterday he got himself dressed and told me he was ready to is what he came up with....

He was not happy when I told him I would not take him anywhere looking like that.
We have this great gate for Sawyer, I highly recommend it. Noah hates when I put Sawyer in it because he can't get to him or drive him nuts. Yesterday he asked if he could play in it.

It did not last long but Sawyer enjoyed a bottle and some crawling space free of a tyrant who thinks he is helping. I am so glad that I get to spend every day with these cuties and all the joy and craziness that come from all that they do!!