Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is summer over yet?

Someone please remind me why I was so anxious for school to get it WAY back in June??

Here I sit at the the end of August cursing the very thought of still having two and a half weeks left!

My children have sucked the fun right out of these last few weeks.

Each day starts out the same I pray and pray that I can find the joy and be happy to have them home. I know someday I will be wishing for it.....somehow I really doubt that but so I have been told.

The whining the talking back the rolling of the eyes....seriously when did three year olds learn to do that? Oh and the fighting I am so DONE!!

Add a baby who really needs some kind of schedule FAST!!

Please someone tell me I am not the only one who feels this way?!!!!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty training stinks.....literally

I really hate the whole potty training process. In fact I loathe it. I have tried various approaches with each child trying my best to cater to there individual personality needs.

Then there is Ryder and this is how he feels about potty training......

And yes I absolutely feel the same way. Today we started the dreaded task and it was bad......REALLY bad. We didn't have any success. Not a one. Instead we went through about 15 pairs of underwear one that ended up in the trash. I don't do poop in underwear. I just don't.
I sat with him for an hour and a half in the bathroom and finally the teeniest tiniest pee happen. I celebrated big candy the works. So I let him leave the bathroom. Then what does the stinker do ....pee's on the floor. Such a little stinker.
At this point I would love to just throw a diaper on him but I am way more stubborn then him. Game on little boy game on.

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