Sunday, March 25, 2012

All about Sawyer day

Sawyer's birthday love started the day before when amazon sent our copy of muppets a day early! He was so excited when he found it in the car.

Tuesday morning Sawyer woke up to balloons in his room then off to McDonalds so he could get his favorite breakfast pancakes, sausage and hash browns.

He couldn't take it anymore and opened some of his presents!

Cars legos!

Sawyer saw this hat at the mall and has been asking for it ever since. He is such a hoot. He wore it most of the day!

Sawyer wanted a birthday party but because we just moved I thought we wouldn't get a great turn out instead I told him he could do anything he wanted. He chose build a bear. Luckily they had a great deal. He came home with a smurf and Alvin.

We went to chick fila for lunch where he played and played. Then after Noah's baseball game we went to pizza his choice with Grammy Grampy and uncle Aaron. He got more presents and had a great time. He came home to cupcakes.

And since he clearly had WAY too much attention all day he started getting a little silly and naughty: smearing frosting everywhere and peeing his pants :( good thing the rest of the day was great!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Sawyerbop!

I Remember the day Sawyer was born like it was yesterday!! I remember waking up being so excited for him to arrive one because I was so sick with him I couldn't wait to be able to eat again with out throwing up!! My c-section got moved back until the end of the day I was SO ready when the time came. He was so perfect and from the second I saw him he looked like a Sawyer. I was in the hospital for 5 days. Sawyer's recovery and csection was by far the hardest recovery I was in so so much pain and I honestly don't know how I survived the first few weeks with him and Noah.

Poor Sawyer wasn't a baby for long his little world rocked when he came home from being sick to a brand new baby brother. His personality was never the same after that.

Sawyer has always been my sweet and sour boy he is always all one or all the other.

He is so smart and just loves life and asking a million questions!!

For his special day it was all about him all day long!

Happy Birthday Sawyer bop!

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Birthday Week

Turning 30 is no joke around here! I was seriously so spoiled!!
Sunday we went to Jody and Rich's to celebrate March Birthday's! Sawyer was extremely excited about his new bike and has been riding it every day!!

The boys had fun playing dress up!

Friday rolled around and it was pure spoiling all day!! Jeff got me a fantastic cinnamon roll from Great Harvest. And three pairs of earrings from Brighton! Love him!!

Later in the day I got these flowers! I was so excited to get a night off with out the boys thanks mom and dad for making it happen!!

I went and visited my favorite author friend for a book signing. Then had an awesome lunch with all my Aunts! It was an awesome day and I felt so spoiled!!

Saturday my mom and I went to the day spa for facials!! It was so amazing. My sinuses felt soooo much better!! Then Jeff and I headed down to San Diego. We saw a movie did lots and lots of shopping and slept ate and relaxed! I even found the time for a mani and pedi!! It was heaven!!

We came home to dessert with my family for more March birthday love!!

Here is to being 30!!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

American Girl Tea

With my upcoming 30th Birthday and Cailyn's birthday next month Jenn had a great idea to go to the grove in LA and visit the American Girl store and visit for the Birthday Tea. It was a great day with my two favorite girls. I love that they include me on this fun stuff since I have no girls!!

Everything was so adorable!! If it wouldn't have been completely creepy I might have been tempted to buy my own dolls!!

Thanks girls for a much needed break!!

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Jog it out!

Noah had his Jog A Thon at school last week. He really enjoys running and was very proud of all his laps!!

He was doing push ups it was hilarious....he was only moving his butt up and down!

My favorite thing was seeing all the cousins and my aunts. I live that our kids all go to school together!!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cat in the Hat Party

We had a combined first birthday for Rhys and Brady. Missy and I had a great time pinning on pinterest all the ideas for there first birthday! It was a great party and we were so lucky to have lots of friends and family there.

Luckily Missy took some pictures because I took zero. That is always my party fail not handing off my camera!!

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Monday, March 5, 2012


We now have a one year old! It kills me how fast this year has gone by. Rhys enjoyed his special day he woke up to balloons in his room. Then his favorites for breakfast a frozen waffle and some scrambled eggs.

He opened his present a new activity table to stand and play next to!

We ended the night with chick fila since this boy loves a chicken nugget! Then he ate his first chocolate chocolate cupcake. Talk about heaven!!

Rhys at one:
-he still takes 2-3 naps a day he loves to sleep in his crib.
-he has 8 teeth 4 on top and 4 on bottom
-started army crawling and is getting faster.
-started drinking from a straw finally!
-says mama and dada although not sure he knows what they mean.
-still a mama's boy and I would like to keep it that way!

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