Friday, January 30, 2009


Seven is the number of straight hours of sleep I got the past TWO nights. That's right after six and a half months of every three hours I finally said enough is enough. Ryder has taken up bed in his carseat in the other room. It has been a much needed blessing as since he has begun teething he has been screaming all day everyday unless I am standing and holding him. He has been by far my most challenging baby.....first the NICU, then the horrible collic and now the HORRIBLE teething. The poor thing, plus he hates baby food and when he eats it he gets horrible gas....seriously if you are ever with me and get a wiff know now it is not me you won't believe me they are the stinkiest farts ever!!

I know that most of you think I am nuts because he is so happy when we are out and about and happy when he is held but I assure you do not let this face fool you. I try so hard to just breath and remember that he is my little baby and I try to enjoy him. Yesterday I was so frustrated.....I had to put him in his bed and just walk away for fear that I would scream at him or loose my mind. I just wish he could tell me what he needs so that we could enjoy him ALL the time.

Look at those poor eyes this was after three plus hours of non stop poor baby! He is such a dear!

Here are the hams they are loving getting their pictures taken lately...such posers

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Living it up

This past week has been crazy busy I had something everyday and almost every night. Plus Ryder is sick yet again and teething. It has been insane. But we still manage to party like rock stars and have fun together.

Ryder can now hold his own bottle! Too bad he will ONLY take one bottle a day that's it nothing more. (Except for Lisa).

Last week the weater was so great and the boys LOVED playing outside and getting beyond filthy!!

All my boys they love their DADDY!!!

WE had great a time playing at the beach eating yummy shakes from Rubys!!

And finally.....
Yesterday we celebrated my parents Birthday's my Mom turned the BIG 50!!! I can't believe how great she looks I hope I get some of those genes! I just love my parents and I hope they have a fabulous year!!!

Part of my family. Gotta love being together Happy Birthday Grammy and Grampy we love you!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


(Sorry for another post sans pictures but let me explain)

After six years I went back to the dentist. I have a very deep real fear of the Dentist. I would rather have dentures or let my teeth fall out one by one. Oh wait that really is what is happening in my mouth. After MONTHS of horrible tooth pain from a broken filling I finally went in and so far here is the running total of my mouth....

3 root canals (with crowns)
1 Bridge
And this is with NO xrays that is just looking at my mouth with the naked eye.

I am scared. VERY scared. I had me first root canal today....I have HORRIBLE pain. Really I think this hurts more than my c-sections. At least it is helping my diet plan....if my teeth hurt I can't eat.

Jeff had his teeth cleaned...and of course no cavities...he has never had one! Seriously I just wanted him to have one so he gets it...he didn't know they gave you a shot to numb you.....oh wait I got three in 24 hours. At least it is only me I don't think we could afford more.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


That's what I think about boys and potty training. Really I hate potty training more than anything. I think I will just let the other ones wear diapers until five. Yesterday I went to clean the bathroom. Mind you I never enter this bathroom I will tidy it up for visitors and other than the deep clean once a week I DO NOT ENTER. Upon cleaning yesterday I was reminded why. Boys are disgusting. Don't mind me....this may be graphic. My son has lost all toilet paper privileges. (this happened weeks ago) So when I entered the bathroom imagine my surprise when I found the towel and yes the shower curtain were used as toilet paper. LIke I said wretched.

In my defense he is only left alone while I am feeding the baby if I can't get to him he is supposed to wait for me. Yah right. Boys are gross. They should all wear diapers especially if I am cleaning it either way. GROSS GROSS!! Remind me to never buy a shower curtain with the background is white. Maybe I should just send them out like dogs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Disney Date....

Last week Jeff had a conference by Disneyland....lucky for us the conference gets done a little early so it is a perfect time for Disneyland. Grandma Jody watched Ryder for us so we could enjoy some time together and get on as much stuff as possible. The boys had so much fun. I took Sawyer on some rides while Jeff and Noah went on some big kids rides. We parked in down town Disney and road the monorail in the boys LOVED it I would totally recommend it if you are only going for a few hours. Noah was in heaven in the Lego store....he loved the Star Wars Characters made out of Legos!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday....(It's back!)

Thats right I need a dose of some thankfulness. Or maybe I just want to blog.
This week I am thankful for.....

* has been a staple the past few days
*A back yard (with lots of dirt) yes I just said that but my kids have spent two day getting distuigstingly dirty but they have been happy.
*Organizing blogs....I have been lots of great ideas on getting organized. And really maybe I will implement them.
*Facebook Tetris I am addicted (enough said)
*Disneyland! (Enough said)
*11:30 church it is much more managable for my kids as long as we bring a mini snack lunch.
*My new glasses...I am still getting used to them but I like them.
*Funny kids...really one of these days I need to do a post about the funny things they say to us.
*Jeff...he has been REALLY sick and I am not the best nurse. (sorry hun) But I am thankful that he works so hard even when he is really not feeling so well.

I am so lucky and could go on for years here but be thankful all and happy Thursday!! And tomorrow is FINALLY Friday Wahoo!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not such a chub chub.....

So all along I have been thinking that Ryder was this chubby baby. Really he has ton's of rolls. But today he had his six month check up here are the stats:

Weight: 16 even (25%)

Height: 25 3/4 (25%)

Head: 17 (25-30%)

So he is not such chubby baby. The dr. did give me a little grief about not feeding him food yet. I mean no big deal but apparantely between 5 and 7 months you have a short window to teach them to eat properly or something. Really I have never heard this but I also have never not fed my babies food at four months. So we got on track tonight with sweet potatoes and rice cereal he was in love.

So three shots later and the rotovirus vaccine. Plus cutting two teeth at the moment. Gotta love being a parent.
The dr. also thinks he has really bad allergies because he has been so stuffed up for two months and nothing has developed (luckily)

I just love him it was absolutely precious he was giving the cutest little faces to the nurse right up until she stuck him and then he gave her the saddest look, she was like that was one of the worst faces I have ever seen. But he is happily resting now so hopefuly we aren't in for too long of a night!

Noah started speech today. It was a VERY interesting experience. Not bad just slightly frustrating. I have a really lame schedule and maybe I am selfish but it just seems like way too much work for 2 half hour sessions a week. Jeff says he needs it. Really I already think that him being in preschool has helped him soo much so I say bag it. We will see how this battle goes. But I must say going to this elementary school and dealing with all this drama has kind of made me question the school system....I think I get why people home school. Not that I am getting ANY ideas but I am just not ready for all of this.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Total Denial here. Ryder is six months old. Well not to me in my mind he is still about four months. I refuse to believe that my BABY has been on this Earth for half a year. Realy folks it is not pretty. I don't feed him baby food yet, he doesn't play much alone thus meaning we are NO where near crawling. (he barely rolls). REally I refuse to let him get any older. Anyone have a time capsule. With the other boys I was so anxious and excited for them to enter into each new stage. But not with Ryder. I guess I just want to enjoy it. He most likely is my last baby so I want him to be a baby FOREVER. Remind me of this in a few years when I am complaining because I babied him too much. He is such a cute little guy. He has rolls for days and no hair what so ever. He got his first tooth this week, he is such a smiley happy baby (as long as he has our FULL attention). I know I am biased but he is the MOST beautiful baby. Happy half birthday Ryder I can't even get over it and these next six months better SLOW down this is by far my most favorite baby time. Besides newborns!

Friday, January 9, 2009


January is a HUGE month for Birthday's in our families. Yesterday we spent the day/evening celebrating Grandma Jody's and Aunt Shannon's. We went to CPK last night with the family. It was fun to celebrate and enjoy the night together. I didn't get any pictures of Shannon, (she was at the other end of the table). But it was so fun to get together and have a fun night!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Vicious Circle......

I like to be organized really I do. I tell myself that we just have too much stuff, but we can't get rid of the stuff because we may need that same stuff later, like the sporting equipment toys, scrapbooking junk. (keep in my this is post garage sale less than a month ago). I am convinced that if I spent a million dollars and the container store and pottery barn on all the amazing organizing stuff...that my house would be perfect. And then I remember that my three year old would still NOT know how to clean up after himself, that my 18 month old LOVES to pull every book, DVD, and basically anything that has a place on to the floor. I wish I did have that million know what I would do throw EVERYTHING away and start over. Maybe in 2009 I will get it together maybe my house will stay cleaner longer, maybe I will have more motivation.....just maybe. And then someone spills their drink and the other crumbles graham crackers on my freshly vacuumed floor. Maybe by 2010. It is just vicious!

Saturday, January 3, 2009









We said goodbye to 08 with my family in T-town. The boys had a fabulous time running around like crazy people and the parents enjoyed games! Jeff participated in the longest game of monopoly and I enjoyed a little chicken foot with the Aunts. I have decided that I am not such a huge fan of New Years....not that we didn't have fun but all of us staying up so late only makes for major grumpiness the next day. So next year I think we may stay home and celebrate NY new year at nine. years day was filled with football, hanging, eating, a trip to the mall. It was great having Aaron in town for a few weeks. The boys just love their Uncles!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year....

I can't believe that it is 2009 I swear the time is flying by. I can't believe we have another year together and we are so blessed! Here is our top things from the Trapp's this year.

1. Jeff and I celebrated our FIVE year anniversary. I can't believe how fast the years are flying by!

2. Ryder joined our family in July it was a long few months from there but we are well aware of what a little miracle he really is.

3. Sawyer went from our easy going mellow boy to our TWO year old fire cracker!

4. Noah started school this year and has become so big and is a great helper. Now if we could only get rid of the attitude problem.

5. We were fortunate enough to take some great trips this year, San Diego, Disneyland and Hawaii to name a few.

6. We survived our first year with Jeff busy doing taxes. Jeff passed ALL of his tests and is now an Enrolled Agent. We are so proud of you!!

7. Ryder played baby Jesus in Follow the Star. Definitly a highlight for me.

8. WE have had fun spending our first full year in Orange County taking in all the fun stuff around us!

9. Blessing Ryder and having all our wonderful family with us. We are so blessed with wonderful priesthood holders all around us.

10. No major health problems we have all been well and we only had one trip to the ER with all these banshee's it is amazing it was only once and luckily we survived with no major issues!!

I am not one for Resolutions or things but I still try and work on things. So there are a few goals I have in mind for 2009.....

Get better at sewing I love my machine and I am so excited for some of the projects I have planned.

Get caught up on my scrapbooks....luckily Jeff has busy season coming up.

Lastly get back on track with weight watchers, and learn to eat healthier for our family making them do so also. I am also going to try and go walking/running every morning at 6am....Really I would like to try and walk a half marathon this year. WE will see if that happens but I am hoping that having sometime every morning will do me some good not just physically but mentaly as well!

I hope you all have a very happy, healthy 2009!