Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Birthday

March is a HUGE month for birthdays in our house. sawyer rounds out the march birthdays around here.Sawyer turned 6 on the 20th. We started the day with his breakfast of choice strawberry milk and doughnuts. He opened his presents and was so excited for a new DS.

After school we took him to get air. All the boys enjoyed a fabulous evening. We ended the night with Chinese food (his choice) and a quick trio to target.

Sawyer is such a funny kid.
His favorite things are coloring and drawing. He is still a spitfire and hates being told what to do. He is the best eater and will pretty much try anything.


I turned 31 on the 16th. I am getting to the point where I hate celebrating my birthday. I love celebrating the boys birthdays and worshipping them. Jeff does a great Job of spoiling me on my birthdays. This year the weekend before my birthday Jeff and I spent the whole day together down in San Diego doing whatever I wanted. I sure love him. Him and Nash and I had a great day.

Then on my actual birthday I spent the day with my favorite people. My mom Jenn an I got pedicures went to lunch and then did some shopping that night we went bowlin with Aaron, Michael and my parents and then out to dinner. It was a very unforgettable day. I felt so loved all week!!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Rhys turned 2 on the first! So hard for me to believe he is already 2!! He is such a funny little guy and has quickly grown into the role of no longer being the baby. He is an opinionated little guy and likes things the way he wants when he wants. Rhys is very patient and sits for hours on end in the car happily. He loves his blanket an thumb and as long as he has those things life is pretty much complete. He still is a Mama's boy unless daddy is around and then he likes both of us. He is very sweet with Nash unless he is getting all my attention in that case he usually goes and finds some 2 year old mischief to keep him busy.
He is starting to talk a lot more and we are encouraging him to use his words. He would much rather scream at us all.
He loves breads and sweets. He has become a very very picky eater. Which makes me crazy!! Rhys is the perfect snuggle bug and loves his sleep. He pretty much asks to go to bed every night by putting his blanket in his bed and going down for the night! We love our little rhysy!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

taking photos with a 2 year old is a form of torture....

Jeff's cousin Kari attempted the take our family pictures. I am pretty sure the next time I am crazy enough to attempt this again I am going to rent a family. Because it was a serious disaster trying to get all the kids to smile...look at the camera and not kill each other. Luckily we got a few pictures. I still need to edit them but lets be honest that may never happen.