Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin City

Sawyer's preschool class was scheduled to go to Pumpkin City a week earlier but with all the rain they had to cancel. Lucky for me I was able to go on the makeup day. I told Sawyer that I was going to meet his class at the pumpkin patch while we were eating breakfast. He told me in his wonderful three year old spunk....that he didn't want me to go and that I wasn't allowed. I was tempted to not go at all. But decided I better still go. Luckily I did Mrs. Sims said he was very excited for me to come and was talking about it all morning.....gotta love our Sawyer SO sweet yet SO sour. The kids LOVED looking at the animals, the pigs and ducks were definitely a favorite.

Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Shultz had these great coupons to use that got the kids each a ride and a pumpkin. Unfortunately they had expired by ONE day. The people at Pumpkin City were SO rude it was really a bummer because it totally turned me of to giving them any business. I offered to go pick up pumpkins at Trader Joes so we didn't waste any more money at Pumpkin City.

Mrs. Sims got all the kids tickets for the train....even Ryder they were so cute. A few of the kids were a little hesitant but had a great time!

Sawyer kept telling me he needed his sunglasses......

This age really is so cute......the kids are SO funny.

Sawyer had so much fun and I am so glad that Ryder and I got to go hang out with him!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

FHE Halloween

Every year we have a celebration with some of Jeff's family. This year we had the party here. It was so nice to not worry about the boys destroying everything. Although it did mean not as many absolutely none I will have to steal some from others.
Here are there boys in there costumes.....Uncle Eric gave the boys some old costumes. A few are too big but Noah has had a blast having a different costume for all his adventures.
Sawyer.....the cowboy. I borrowed some boots from a friend and he has been obsessed. It is kind of a hodge podge costume but it was nice to use what we had and he loves it!!
Noah as Superman.....he put the costume on as soon as he got home from school......we will see what he comes up with for tonight.

Ryder's costume lasted five minutes. Long enough to get some candy at least.

Aunt Lisa is always so good to bring the kids stuff to play with......she found these super cute masks. The kids had fun coloring them.

We did our bubble gum blowing contest......Ali was the final winner although I didn't get a picture of it.

The boys favorite game is finding the toostie roll in the whip cream....a little messy but they love it.

We had a great night and the boys are ready for the rest of the weeks Halloween activities!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

On Saturday I was re-arranging all the cupboards in the kitchen. The boys were going nuts so I decided to let them paint there pumpkins. They love to do this. They even painted a baby one for the baby.

Ryder just woke up from his nap. And was a little unsure of painting but go the hang of it.

We love Halloween!! So excited for more festivities this week!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Irvine Pumpkin Patch

Literallly last week was crazy. On Saturday we were kicked out of the house all day so we could get new carpet.....YAY!!!We invited the family to Irvine Regional Park. It was CRAZY crowded. We almost didn't go in but we were glad we did.....the boys had a blast!!!!!
Well except Ryder....he is a little small still so he doesn't get to participate in the jumpy houses and all that stuff for fear that he will get trampled. Trying to get a picture of the cousins.....Kaitlyn is going to be one VERY well protected little girl.

I have to get my baby girl fix somehow.......

I forgot my camera but Rob and Shannon were nice enough to take some for us.

I LOVE this one of Noah I can't believe how big he is getting!!

And then there is Sawyer......who is all about doing whatever I tell him NOT to do!!!!
We had a great family day. Now I need to get the rest of the house put back together.....seriously getting carpet is like worth it. But WOW lots of work!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

14 Weeks

Okay so with all the other pregnancies I never wrote things down I never took pictures. But this time because this is my last pregnancy I am feeling like I need/want to document everything.
So they say that with every pregnancy you pop out faster feel the baby earlier all that stuff.....and that is SO true with this one. I think part of it is I have never been this thin so I think I am noticing things earlier. Even with Noah I was 60 pounds heavier at the start of my pregnancy.....SO glad to not be carrying that around for the first time!!

So here I am at 14 weeks! Mind you this is after a huge salad at Cafe Rio. I don't feel like I look this pregnant every day but some days it is. Must depend on what I am wearing.
(excuse the poor quality photo taken with my phone I promise I will take a better one!)
This baby has already given me a few heart attacks and I am not even half way! We were worried this week......the baby was testing positive for Down Syndrome. But after a second ultrasound with a specialist everything looks good. But we were pretty worried for a few days. Also the good that came of seeing the specialist is that they are going to be keeping me on as a patient!! I have been so worried about finding a new dr. but this group is a specialty group that only handles high risk mothers/babies. So since I am considered high risk because of preeclampsia, it looks like I will be in great hands.
Yesterday afternoon we found out that we are indeed having boy #4. I would be lying if I said I wasn't heart broken. I know that we will love and adore this boy but it was our final chance for a girl of our own. Sawyer and Jeff were the saddest at first Sawyer kept saying why did that lady change our baby I wanted a girl! That's when I lost it I cried, got angry and sad. (which I feel totally entitled too) But now I am excited. I have spent most of the day looking at cute things online to make for the new baby.
I have never decorated a room or gone all out and with this baby we are! I am so excited I want to make bedding and decorate the room. Plus I got rid of ALL our old baby boy clothes.....after three kids the stuff was NASTY. So it will be fun to start shopping again!! Also Jeff said I get to name this ONE!! He does get some veto power. But still we are making lists!!

Go Stingers!!

Today Noah and Sawyer had there first soccer game of the season. They have been so excited all week about it and are so happy to finally be able to play!! Because we have both of them this year playing I begged Jeff to coach them. He agreed and being that he is all about baseball he did a great job. It is going to be a LONG season for me keeping track of all three when they aren't playing is going to be A LOT of work. Especially Ryder he is not fun to deal with at things like this. It is so crazy to see how much more into it Noah and his friends are this year!!!