Thursday, April 29, 2010

Party number 3

Are you sick of birthday posts yet?? I promise this will be the last for this little one.

Friday night we met up with Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Aunt Patrice, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Rob, Aunt Shannon and baby Kaitlyn at CPK to celebrate Noah's birthday with them. Of course he was totally spoiled! Noah thought he was so big to sit next to Aunt Patrice and mom didn't baby him....(his words) I am not sure if Patrice loved her dinner convo about farting and burping.....oh the joys of a 5 year old!!!

Nana and Papa got Noah his very own skim board. Noah is so excited to get to the beach to use it. Daddy better study up and re-learn so he can teach Noah.

Sawyer was very patient......but was VERY excited when he got a lego Star Wars bathing suit too and skittles.....Aunt Lisa always knows how to spoil and make the boys feel special.

Noah was especially excited about his new big boy scooter! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Ryder as usual was a handful.....I was quickly reminded why we rarely leave the house these days.

Aunt Patrice got Noah star wars coloring stuff and a Star wars puzzle. He asks me almost everyday when his brothers are going to take a nap so we can do his puzzle or get out his special markers!

Noah also got an ATM machine from Uncle Rob and Aunt Shannon. He has been searching everywhere for money to put in his is so cute.

Thanks everyone for all the cards/gifts and phone calls. Noah had a great week. And is so proud that he is now able to say he is 5!!!

Happy happy Birthday our big five year old we love you so much!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebration #2

On Tuesday we went and met my mom for lunch at our favorite place Tom's Farms. Noah chose lunch his favorite corn dogs.

Grammy and Grampy got him a wallet with money inside. He has been loving carrying it around when we go to the store. He used some of his money to buy Space Buddies. They have loved watching!!

It was so fun to spend the afternoon with Grammy especially since they went to Utah the next day for Uncle Aarons graduation from BYU. Aaron is the first of my siblings to graduate with a bachelors! We are so proud of you Aaron. Have fun in China!!!

Thanks Grammy and Grampy!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Turning 5 part 1

We started celebrating Noah's big day the night before, Papa Paul and Uncle Eric stopped over Sunday night to visit and of course bring Noah presents. He was thrilled with a Star Wars ship and lots of new guys.
Monday morning I took Noah to go get doughnuts.....he was so excited to get his special doughnut.
Noah then went to preschool. He was very excited to get a birthday crown, book and book mark.
Instead of doing a big party this year we told Noah he could bring a friend to Disneyland. Noah loved having his friend and even more loved getting to choose everything about his day. He even tried to do it a few days later.
I wasn't very good at taking photos.....Grandma Jody and Papa Rich joined us and it was nice to be able to take all the kids on rides we don't always go on. The boys especially liked Autopia since we NEVER go on that one.
Noah and Jack were so excited to go on Buzz all by themselves! Ryder and Daddy.....

Of course we had to do the Star Wars show........

Smiling with there pirate swords. We rarely let the boys buy stuff so they were so excited to get swords and talking Star Wars buttons.

After a great time at Disneyland Noah woke up enough to open his presents......of course more Star Wars ships and a lego star wars shirt.

More birthday week to come.....Noah was definitely spoiled and had a great day. He is at a really fun age and is so fun to celebrate things with!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miniature Golfing

I have been nervous doing miniature golfing again since all three boys are mobile but I was pleasantly surprised that they all did so well. Ryder was in HEAVEN and was a crack up to watch I think the people behind us had more fun watching him, he was hilarious! Getting ready. We made it about 1/2 way and the boys were about done. It is such an affordable activity 5 and under are free and adults are 8 dollars!

K Mom enough pictures lets get to it!!

More weekend to come and Birthday has been a busy busy week around here!!


Noah started T-Ball this last Saturday. He was very excited for the game and asked about it all week. Finally Saturday afternoon came and Noah couldn't have been more thrilled! He is on a team with some friends from church, which he is really excited about. Hitting off the T the first time he was up to bat he hit the ball towards the second base and then ran right after the ball. Jeff and I were cracking up.
So excited......He liked T-ball much more than soccer he is definitely not a runner.

The kids looked so cute waiting in the dugout. Much to Jeff's dismay Noah is on the GIANTS and he insists on wearing his SF hat everywhere......we have had a few comments with Jeff in his loyal LA blue and then or Giants boy. Noah even wants to watch the Giants on TV.......someday we will get a dodger!
Drew and Noah getting ready for the game to start! Looks like our days at the ball park have begun!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Years!!

Five seems like a huge milestone to me! I just can't believe how FAST the time has flown by! I remember his birth like it was yesterday. I will miss him so much next year when he goes to kindergarten.

About our Noah.......

*He is still so into Star Wars. He lives and breathes ALL things Star Wars.

*He is very imaginative and loves to play and he plays hard!!

*He is a great helper and takes very good care of his little brothers.

*He out eats both Jeff and I. It is crazy how much he can put away.

*He is almost always the first one up and he then proceeds to wake everyone else.

*He is VERY friendly and makes new friends in almost every situation.

*He loves to talk......and talk and talk.

*He loves to be outside....and a full day at home is almost torture for him.

We love you so much Noah and can't wait to celebrate your special day with you!!!``

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We made it!

I was thinking that this Tax season was cake until the last two weeks. It was an exhausting few weeks. But we all survived and are enjoying some family fun this weekend.

Thursday Jeff got off early.......last minute we decided to surprised the boys with a trip to Disneyland. These are in reverse order......Our new favorite thing is to take the train around Disneyland on our way sure beats walking down main street.

They will find any weapon.....while waiting for Churros......I must say I have been disappointed as of late with the churros but we had great ones this worth the extra calories!

Captain EO was a huge hit. The boys loved it. Although Noah was a little confused to why the didn't sing real Michael Jackson songs. I on the other hand didn't get it. It was fun and the dancing of course was amazing.....but really there is no story....and I could have done without the new moving theater. I'm just saying.....I know I know buzz kill.

We first headed over to California Adventure and let Noah ride on the Tower of Terror. I was waiting at the exit and saw so many kids coming out screaming I was worried that Noah was going to freak out. But he loved it. He has absolutely no fear when it comes to roller coasters and such.

Later though I came walking out of the bathroom and Noah was crying and all upset and this lady and Jeff were busting up. He was freaking out and wanted to know what happened to the people who got stuck in the Twilight Zone. He was not happy with any of the answers we gave him. It was really funny/sad.

I threw all caution to the wind this week. The boys had fun getting messy and playing....I was in pure survival mode and let them trash the place just to get to bed time! I am so glad it is over and so glad to have a husband/ and a mom again......seriously one of them is going to have to change professions. I felt abandoned. BUT we survived!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Opening Day

Monday was Jeff's favorite day of the the year.......Dodgers opening day. Last year we started a tradition of doing a big baseball themed dinner. This year I wasn't feeling all that great and it was raining so we didn't go as big as I would have liked.

Noah,Sawyer and Ryder got some new sun glasses and t shirts from Grammy and Grampy here they are modeling them.

The boys getting ready to watch the game. Too bad they lost but we still had fun.

Jeff wanted me to take a picture of his chili dog mustard onion cheese and chili. Yea he is insane!!

Pick it up LA we really want a great season!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Book

My In-laws gave me this book a few weeks ago. I finished it tonight, and I just really felt I had to tell all my "mom friends" about it.

This was such an amazing book. I loved everything about it. It reminded me a lot of the book that Dr. Laura wrote last year. Only this was written by an LDS woman. She quotes prophets and scriptures in such a glorious way. I felt so moved many times in this book. My favorite parts were about how we are all Mothers and all need to help and encourage one another and help one another. I felt especially touched by that part. I feel like in this last year I got VERY caught up in a comparison game I was constantly comparing my looks, my kids, my house, my cars. EVERYTHING. In the last few weeks I have really come to realize and take stock of the REAL relationships in my life. Those friendships that lift me up and edify me and the ones that while they are "fun" don't make me want to be a better person.

I feel like every young mom goes through the seasons of life where you feel lost, under valued, under paid. This book really reminded me of why I am doing all of this why I wanted to be a Mom and why I am grateful for my own Mom and all the "mom" figures in my life.

For the past few months I have struggled so much with anxiety with so much worry about the job I am general about everything. I really feel joy for the first time in a while and really am ENJOYING the season of life I am in. This is huge for me! I am hoping I can make this last. That I can work on new goals and new ideas. I seriously feel like it is a new year or something.

I just loved everything about this book. I would suggest any woman who is questioning there divine role in this world to take the time to read this. I promise you will uplifted and renewed as I was!!!

Mothers Day is coming I tell you put this on your lists!!!


Our Easter started Saturday night with a visit from Papa Paul, Grandma Michelle and Uncle Eric. They came by and brought the boys some Easter baskets. And even more exciting were the dogs Boomer and Kingman. We SO need a dog!!! The boys were in HEAVEN!!

The Easter Bunny came and the boys were loving it!! I love the early morning look on there faces. I mean 6am EARLY!! I love how excited they were!

All of the boys were having a hard time looking at the camera....I guess my flash was too bright.

After Easter baskets we headed out to Temecula to watch conference and spend time with my family. It was especially wonderful to have conference on Easter sunday.
Ryder was loving the swings and Grampy. He was cuddling with Grampy all through conference.

In always rare shot of me and Jeff. How did I not get one of all of us??

Carter and Noah looking for the eggs and the good candy!

We did "chicken feed" in the grass, we poured a BUNCH of candy in the grass and the kids just went crazy for it. My kids were happy to pick up one piece and eat it. I put a bunch on the trampoline....Sawyer thought it was great.

Grammy and Grampy were jumping with Ryder.....this is where they were during the earthquake. My mom thought we were all crazy and she said they were making the ground shake from funny.

Heather and I were coordinating all the kids when the earthquake happened. I felt totally dizzy it was by far the most interesting earthquake I have felt.

Here are all the cousins. I love that my kids have all of my cousins to grow up with. I was never close with my cousins so I love them being able to play together.

Ryder was obsessed with the swings!!
It was wonderful to spend the whole day with our family. I love my family. I am so blessed with such great examples and wonderful people.
I was so touched by conference and the many wonderful talks about parenting and motherhood. Especially the talks about being examples to the youth and truly LIVING the things we are teaching them. It makes me so sad when I see people doing the do as I say not as I do parenting. I am grateful for the reminders. For the love of our wonderful church leaders. It was a perfect Sunday to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and the wonderful Atonement of our Savior!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


On Thursday Grandma Jody invited us over to dye Easter eggs. Sadly right before we arrived Grandma cut her finger and had to go get stiches. She still wanted us to come over and the boys were so concerned for her. It was fun to get together. We hope you feel better Grandma!

Daddy helping Sawyer. Showing off there egg decorating skills. Aunt Patrice got the boys these egg kits a while back and the boys have been so excited to use them.....they have aksed everyday for weeks!

Finally Ryder was happy with a popsicle....and some attention from Aunt Patrice.

Ryder was not so excited he just wanted to eat the eggs. Jeff was like just let him try one. So we did and he just squished it up and threw it everywhere.

The boys were very into the eggs this year.

Before we began.......

Such a wonderful time of year. The boys are getting so big and totally into the holidays! I thought it was fun before!!