Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughts This Thursday....

(This pic has nothing to do with my post but hey it's cute!)
*My cold was nice enough to subside while I prepped for the party, but this morning oh boy was I feeling it!! (maybe that accounts for my overly sensitive mood?)

*I LOVED the weather today, too bad it never lasts but I am totally enjoying my sweater I got in SB a few weeks ago, seriously I may wear it EVERYDAY!!!

*I have been stalking my mailbox for the November Ensign. Does that make me a nerd? I am starting to wonder if I didn't realize that our subscriptions were up. Did you get yours? I can't help it I LOVE to read the conference talks, I need to see them visually. On a side note my most favorite conference experience was when I was a sophomore in college and on the Yearbook staff, I got to attend conference and sit in the press box....did you know they had one....oh yes they do but it is great they give you copies of the talks, the especially neat part was when they went off their written scripts and were lead by the spirit, such a powerful experience....anyway WAY off topic!!

*A pedicure cures all! Really it does! I love love love a pedicure!

*I am obsessed with headbands. I just learned online how to make the cutest fabric yo=yos and I can't wait to slap them on a headband.

*I am a little sad that all the Christmas stuff is up I feel like the retail industry has completely forgotten about the Thanksgiving holiday.....not that I don't love Christmas.

* I am loving our train table back in the toy room, fabulous the room is a mess but at least the front room is clean!

Okay that is enough of my random post. Happy Thursday everyone!


Katie Anderson said...

I went to Michael's about a week before Halloween so my kids could see the Halloween stuff and they had already taken down the haunted house and put up Christmas decorations! I too LOVE Christmas but it's a little crazy this year...let's take it one holiday at a time people:)

And YEAH for Ryder walking...I can't wait to see it!

Now that you mention it, I haven't received our Ensign either...I need to read those talks!

karin said...

I have been wondering about the Ensign but ours usually comes a little late but this is ridiculous. I did not know about the press box, what a great experience.

I was surprised that they had Christmas up well before Halloween even happened. I prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas, it is a little less stressful for me right now. And we used to go to the beach for Thanksgiving.

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