Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beach Day


Aaron camedown this weekend before BYU gets started again and for Ryder's blessing. We met my family in San Clemente to spend an afternoon at the beach. We had a lot of fun. Noah needs to learn a little sand boundaries...sorry Aaron. But really it was great. I think Jeff was very happy because he FINALLY got to go boogie boarding!! Thanks fam..for meeting us it was a great way to spend the last Saturday of summer!!
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Jack's Birthday....

Last Saturday we went down to Nicole and Jason's for Jacks first birthday. The boys had a great time playing with the cousins and eating lots of food! I can't believe Nicole threw a party five days before her c-section.....I wish I could do that.

Jack wasn't so into his cake...luckily Sawyer was there to help him!!

The kids had fun playing in this box. I thought they were missing but they were just hiding.

Sawyer is so cuddly I love it. He wants to be held alot and will still come and sit with me on the couch!

This is the way the boys love to play on there train table....they both have to sit on it.

Noah update....still no naps this week, we have quiet time instead...sometimes he falls asleep. I wish I could say since my last post that the week got better but not so much. In fact on Wednesday Noah decided while I was changing to move Ryder from his swing to the couch...(it is about 6-8 feet away)I really don't know how he did it and didn't drop him....probably with angels all around him. He unbuckled him and everything...I guess Ryder will be accompanying me to the bathroom now too.

Ryder is still fussy but getting better, my friend who had preemies reminded me last night that it would take him longer because he should have still been inside. So I still have hope for it to end....all I know is Jeff gave him formula last night and he was up all night very very luckily it isn't that bad all the time.

These boys are definitly giving me a run for my money...I thought I had a lot of energy...they are great and I do have to remind myself of that when the days/weeks get long...and I am lucky to get to be home with them everyday....they grow up so fast!!! Ryder is already seven weeks crazy...I think having a baby in the summer makes it all go by so fast!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The threes.....

This is a really long story but I have to document these funny things somehow....caution only read on if you won't be bored.....

It is only Tuesday and I am already wondering is it Friday yet? Whoever said terrible twos were awful clearly did NOT have a three year old. I really thought that Noah would be helpful once Ryder was born, I really thought that Sawyer would be the one I would be wanting to pull my hair out over. But wow was I wrong. Really I love Noah's personality...he is totally me all his spunk, sass and energy are totally traits that I have. No wonder we don't get along. We have been struggling with Noah since I came home from the hospital...seriously the first day I got home and I told him it was time to get ready for bed he told me to go back to the hospital...???? And whenever I am taking time away from him with the baby when he needs something he tells me that baby Ryder needs to go back to the hospital. He is actually hilarious half the time I am fighting off laughing at him. I have read a million books and a million things online trying to find the perfect parenting plan...nothing is worth it to him, time out doesn't phase him, he could careless about a threat of a spanking. Yesterday I took him with me to Ryder's dr. appt he was horrible I totally had an out of body experience where I was just like really is this my life....what was I thinking? Because he was out of control I put him in his room with a few books and stuffed animals to sit there until Jeff got home.., the first thing he did was try to escape out the window...yes he managed to take the screen off luckily with no damage I only wish I had grabbed the camera again he is funny..he was in there for about 2 hours....and so far today he is doing much better. He even went poop on the potty this morning all by himself. Maybe the fear of being alone was enough for him....I know I hate to be alone. We will see how the rest of the week goes. I just hope I can survive the wonderful age of three!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Da Pool

Yo yo ma Sawyer in da pool....okay sorry for the lame gansta talk but Sawyer was so cute at the pool. He wouldn't let anyone fix it and walked around like that ALL day. We had another great week filled with many activities that involve our favorite thing...the water!! We went to Darci's pool this week and the kids loved it they had sooo much fun splashing in the water!
Noah and A had so much fun jumping in the water.

We also ventured out to the fountains again....I am so loving the summer and loving having so much fun things to do around here!!

I couldn't resist this one of he fell asleep in his high chair at lunch he woke up when I tried to take away his roll...poor baby.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who cries more? Mom or Ryder.....

HELP!!! Is all I have to say. I always thought people were crazy when they said their baby had colic....(that is probably why I am being punished now!) But really the newborn stage has always been my favorite....but poor Ryder is really having a rough life and it makes me cry because I have NO clue what it is that is making him so upset....No dairy didn't work, I tried to cut back on chocolate and timing his feedings...I have read caffeine isn't good so I guess I need to try that but I REALLY hope it is not that. Any mom's have any advice....I am at my whits end...maybe I am to learn patience....but all I know is walking, swinging, driving, crying myself don't really work! But these things do help ease the pain about 15 minutes at a time:
*swaddle, swaddle, swaddle...the tighter the better oh and arms must be out.
*slings, I have THREE that all hurt my back in different places and he is happy if he is strapped to me.
*swing, he enjoys his swing most of the time and will soon be spending nights there if he doesn't start sleeping better.
*nature's bliss Gripe water is amazing and I may ask Henry's to sell it to me by the gallon!
All I know is everything that I have read says colic peaks at six weeks and stops at three months....I really don't think I will survive if this goes on for another 6 weeks!!


Our Disneyland passes are finally good again!! We decided to go on Monday night for family night! It was extra special because Noah had to get his own pass. I almost cried when I saw his cute little picture on the card and I just can't believehe is getting SO big! Grandma Jody and Grandpa Rich came with us and it ws a very fun night. Noah is finally 40 inches and went on thunder mountain. I thought that it would scare him half to death, but he LOVED it and did not want to go on any of his usual favorites. My baby is so grown up..tear!! Sawyer was staying with Grammy and Grampy for a few nights he had fun and loves to go there and have all of their attention on him. What a lucky boy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008



Jeff has been begging me all summer to venture down to the beach, I have resisted and resisted it just never seemed worth the time and effort with it being so crowded and all. But I finally gave in and went. The boys had a ton of fun. Jeff would have loved to boogie board so maybe we will go again when Aaron comes to visit...hint hint!! But it was perfect weather and the boys had a lot of digging in the sand. I dug them a hole to sit in and it totally entertained them. Lame picture of me and Ryder, but I had to document his first beach day!! We are so lucky to live here and so close to so many fun fun things!!
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Friday, August 15, 2008

More Water Fun!!!

Yesterday we headed up to the water fountain in Santa Margarita....the boys had a great time and played for a few hours! It was a gloomy afternoon but still warm enough that the boys could have cared less. Karin was smart and got some chips and salsa...the boys were devouring them and we had to get more!! Well worth the 2.69 for some entertainment. These boys play so well together which is nice for us moms we get to sit and gab and enjoy being out of the house. Noah is continually testing the waters and spent some of the time in time out for picking the plants. Meanwhile Sawyer started making friends with anyone who he thought may feed him...what else is new! He managed to follow someone into Daphne's and then tried to do the same for some sushi. Thanks girls for a fun afternoon and thanks Karin for getting great shots of the kids!!

Karin got Sawyer at the perfect moment....isn't he so cute!! He loves the water!

Noah loved the chips and salsa....

However he did not enoy time out as much....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


2 Newborns

1 16 Month Old

2 Three Year Olds

1 Four Year Old

2 44oz drinks

1 trip to Mcdonalds

and 2 Very Brave Mom's

Equals a good time??? HMMM .......Karin and I ventured out yesterday to the Beach Club by our house. I think we had fun, I really can't remember I am still exhausted. The kids had fun and that is ALL that really matters. Noah decided to give me a heart attack and almost drown. I was walking out holding Ryder just going to tell him to not go out so far...he saw me and started to panic and started struggling I started running and caused a little chaos as other moms came to try and help. You were right Karin I should have left Ryder with you. I wasn't planning on going in...I even had my clothes on. Life vest all the way next time. Really I wasn't thinking on that one. Sawyer was content to eat snacks and sit in the stroller so I am glad that I wasn't chasing him too. Would I do it again? Yes I think .....I really enjoyed getting out and knowing that I can handle it!!! Excuse the pictures my good camera is in the shop and this is the best I can do......

Monday, August 11, 2008

One Month Today!!1

I can't believe that Ryder is a month old today. He is such a good baby and brings such a great feeling to our home! Poor thing is still having trouble with acid reflux. The dr. told me to try a dairy free diet to see if that helps ease some of his pain.....we will see! At his appointment today he weighed 7lbs 10 oz. he has gained a pound and seven ounces since his appointment 12 days ago. The dr. asked me if I was supplementing him he didn't believe me when I told him no...apparently I serve cream! This month has gone by so fast I am trying so hard to enjoy EVERY second!! Even on the nights where he keeps me up for hours on end.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Crib Knights....

The other day while my friend Karin and I, okay Karin took Ryder's pictures the older boys found some new forms of entertainment. Grandma Jody brought these fun foam swords home from Utah for the boys. They love them Noah can't stop talking about his sword and how he is a knight. Karin captured the cutest pictures of the boys hiding under the crib and playing in the bunk bed. They were having so much fun and it gave us a chance to take tons of pictures Ryder for his birth announcement. I'll post those soon!!
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Thursday, August 7, 2008


This was my first official outing in public just me vs. the boys. It was really fun we met a few friends at the fountain and let the kids run wild. Our group consists mostly of boys so it is very hard to get everyone together and keep them contained in one area. It was a great time and worked perfect for me since I did not have to worry about my fear of being out numbered in the pool. I can't wait to try out other fountains near by!!! And thanks Darci for the pics. since I left my memory card in my laptop at home!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I heart weekends!!

Not that our weekends have been very eventful lately but having an extra pair of hands around makes me LOVE the weekends!! On Friday Jeff coaxed me to go to the spectrum...It was a fun time and I was very glad that we got out of the house. Saturday morning found Noah and I at Walmart very early to purchase Breaking Dawn!! I have been saving it all weekend and am currently loving it today...I don't want it to end then it is OVER!! We spent the rest of the day running many many errands and went to dinner with Jeff's Dad, Michelle and Eric. Sawyer discovered his LOVE for ketchup and Ryder affirmed his dislike of anything with a trace of onion! Sad for me I love onion. Sunday we went out dinner in was fun to see everyone and I miss not seeing everyone every Sunday. Inevitably Monday morning came way to fast and here I am to face another week of long days on my own! At least I have my book to keep me company!
Here are a few pics...from the weekend...there are none of Noah because he really doesn't like to takes pictures for anyone....but here they are!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

This Week.....


Well I am slowly trying to do things, I am just completely un-motivated and the heat doesn't help. This week I was pretty busy with drs. appts for Ryder and I. Ryder went in on wednesday, he is doing really great he now weighs 6lbs 3oz. so he gained 11oz. in a week!! I am glad that I don't have to supplement him and that everything is going well. On Wednesday my Mom, Leslie, Cari and the boys came to visit and help wth the boys when I took Ryder to the Dr. Noah had a lot of fun playing all day with his cousins. Porter loved Ryder and held him so sweetly..seriously I love the picture!! We also got a chance to go play in the sprinklers at our friends house. The boys had so much fun playing together and have really missed being together! They also had fun climing in these toy boxes that they had. They were even requesting that there pictures be taken. Too cute! It was a fun day and the boys played really well together, giving us mom's a chance to sit and relax and catch up too!! Each day I am feeling like there is more and more I can do. I still have not ventured to anywhere public by myself but hopefuly I will soon!!
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