Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday after Noah's soccer game Grandpa and Grandma offered to take the boys to ZOOMERS petting zoo down in San Juan. The boys had a great time here are a few pictures of their fun outing. Noah loved the guiena pigs. These boys are dying for a is too.

It was great because Jeff and I got a lot of shopping done. It is amazing how easy it is to do with one kid...ah the good old days! No they are all good just different. Now poor Jeff is sicker than a dog with strep throat. Every two weeks somebody else gets it. I am so over being sick!!!!


Darcy said...

I am getting over strep throat. I thought I was going to die. I even made Zach stay home from work on Friday to take me to the doctors and take care of the kids. It was HORRIBLE!!!! I wished for the barfs instead. Take good care of him it is horrible. Now I have to take meds for 10 days 3x a day! Lissie got it on Monday and I got it on Friday. I hope no one else in your fam or mine gets it :(

karin said...

Having one kid is easier than 3 definitely. I hope Jeff gets better soon, having a sick husband is worse than sick kids definitely.