Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mickelsen Kids Weekend

Way back in April we watched Logan and Cailyn for the weekend. It was a busy weekend. The kids did really well altogether. But come Sunday I was exhausted!! We had lots of fun we did crafts, went to the pool, built Legos and watched movies.

Saturday, May 26, 2012 we live our life

Here's a little isntadump holy cow I use my phone more than my camera!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dodger Game

 We went up to LA for a Dodger game! We always try to go once a year. It is a long ways!!
We went with all The Trapp's to celebrate Grandma Lec's Birthday!!  The boys were lucky enough to get free jerseys.  We had a great time. Thanks Trapp's for a great day!!

Making the hard decisions

I am horrible at making decisions. Awful in fact.  I hate doing it and will pretty much do anything to just take the easy way out.  I am a tad bit LAZY!

A few months ago Jeff and I realized we had some big decisions to make in regard to Noah. He has always struggled in school and especially with the move has really had a hard time.  Every decision seemed to be just a bandaid for the bigger problem.  Plus if we already weren't having a hard enough time making a decision for 1 child we now are talking two of our children  What we do with Sawyer comes into play as well.

Noah was doing so well before we moved. He was FINALLY progressing. He had an amazing teacher whom I LOVE. I had seriously started to question our entire move and job because he was REALLY struggling.  His new school was a complete JOKE! Lazy teachers. Lazy staff. Lazy everything.  I was so disappointed because I felt like we had finally gone over a huge hurdle in his education.

Jeff and I finally decided that this particular school wasn't going to meet his needs.  My original goal was to get him switched to another neighborhood school the best elementary school in the area and all the kids in our ward go there. Unfortunately it was too late for a transfer.  (knowing what I know now I could have gotten him in especially with his needs and his IEP)

After I was shut out from that opportunity I began researching Charter Schools in Temecula.  Luckily we are BLESSED with more options in this arena. The district we came from had NO charter schools and you had to go to the neighboring district to attend one.  After checking out a few schools I wasn't in LOVE.  A friend directed us to another school. Quickly Jeff and I fell in LOVE.  I mean the school has it flaws. Nothing is perfect. But what sealed the deal was they would allow Noah to start immediately.  We were THRILLED.

Noah has been at Keegan Academy for about a month.  He is doing SO much better.  We couldn't be happier. He is in a class with 18 kids half are first and half are second so he gets a ton of one on one time. The curriculum is so much better and we have already seen Noah making great strides.  He isn't crying and sad to go to school and actually is trying to do better.

I miss the neighborhood school feeling and school facility. But I feel like this is the perfect place for Noah for the next few years.  I am so glad that we have found some place that works for us and for Noah. To see him excited about learning has made a WORLD of difference!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

7Th Birthday Adventures!!

I can't believe that my sweet little baby boy is 7!! Seriously 7!! It is going by too fast!!! Noah was spoiled rotten and loved every second of it!! He was lucky to be able to spend the day at Disneyland and pick all the rides he wanted. 
Lego Police Station

 7 Things about Noah......

1. LOVES any sport. Currently he is all about Baseball and likes to drive Jeff crazy by being a fickle dodger and angel fan.

2. Loves to be outside, riding his bike, roller blading or skate boarding.

3. VERY picky eater.....he hates to try new things, hates sauces on things, would eat only in n out double doubles if we let him.

4. Great student....while the school stuff doesn't come easy for him he is very patient and well behaved at school.

5. Great big brother. He tries and helps the littles whenever they need something.

6. Takes great care of his dog Honey. He does whatever she needs and never really complains!!

7. Likes to build Legos and then destroy them  It keeps him somewhat busy!!

Cant wait for the next year he is getting to such a fun age!! Happy Birthday Noah we love you!!!