Monday, June 30, 2008

The Festivities....

eew...I just typed this whole long post and then deleted....dumb blogger.
Even though Jeff was sick we did find a few ways to celebrate yesterday....the boys and I let him sleep until 8....which around here is HUGE....since I am not cooking these days he got breakfast in bed of a blueberry muffin...thanks Costco. We spent the day being lazy on the couch and then decided we needed a change of scenery and went to Jeff's Mom's for dinner. Rich BBQ some yummy hamburgers and we had fun just being spoiled. Jody even made Noah's request of a Mickey Mouse cake....

Jeff was even more excited to come home to find that his Dad had dropped off his present of Aerosmith Guitar Hero....I know he wasn't feeling well as he opted to not play it and went to bed??? What??? So I think I know what he will be doing in the coming weekends and evenings!!

I was telling Jeff how sad I was he was having a lame birthday and he reminded me that last year was worst because he had to move on his birthday...funny the things we remember because I was less than thrilled to move and really don't remember being concerned with him moving on HIS day. Funny what a difference a year makes...I am pretty sure he thought I would only last a few months here.
It was a good celebration and if anyone wants to join us we still have a few more weeks of bedrest/guitar hero....I will even share the couch with you.
Happy 100th post to my blog!!! Can you tell I am an addict?!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday my Love!!!!

Tomorrow is Jeff's 26th Birthday!!! Poor thing he was sick today, and I am on bed rest so really I don't know how great his day will be but....I just wanted to wish him a very happy day and I hope it isn't a total bust. Because I have a lot of time on my hands these days here is twenty six things I love about my Jeffrey.....
(in no particular order:)
1. He is the best Dad and his boys just LOVE him.
2. He is funny...well Chandler funny but I like it.
3. He is such a hard worker.
4. He loves the gospel and always includes it in our family life.
5. He is patient not only with the boys but with me.
6. He tries to get the door for me whenever he can...a little harder with kids but I still appreciate it.
7. When he is home he changes most of the diapers.
8. He treats me like a princess.
9. He lets me rant and rave.
10. He is calm
11. He plays games with me
12. He is a big kid and loves to play with his boys.
13. He always kisses me first before the boys when he gets home.
14. He compliments me everyday
15. Even on a bad day he makes me feel like I am doing a good job.
16. He spoils me, with whatever I want
17. He always writes long notes in cards because he knows I LOVE it.
18. He gets my sense of humor.
19. He brings me water every night.
20. He makes me feel safe.
21. He says he can't sleep without me.
22. He kisses my head before he goes to sleep.
23. He strokes my hair when I start snoring to loud...especially when I am prego.
24. He offers to give me back rubs.
25. He tells me I am cute when I cry.
26. He puts up with me...and still loves me even when I am hormonal/crazy.
Really I could go on and on....but since he is twenty six we will stick with that. Really I am a lucky girl and I am glad that he puts up with me. I hope that you have a great day Jeff and I hope that this year brings you all your birthday wishes. We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Jeff got Rollerblades for Father's Day.....odd request, but he was so excited that it was finally cool enough to go out and use them. The boys had so much fun running around after him. Really we live on the perfect street and we are so lucky to have our own little playground out front. Thanks Karin for showing me how to get a continuous shot on my camera as you can tell I am just slightly bored and had way too much fun taking pictures of them. Leslie and Grammy were here and Leslie had fun practicing her volleyball skills. It was a great break from the couch!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swim Lessons.......

Noah started his swim lessons yesterday! I am hoping that he will go back today?? He is so afraid of the water even when I try to take him in he just screams. I did not get to go yesterday per doctors orders I am TRYING to take it easy. Grandma Jody took him and even managed to remember pictures for me the crazy picture lady at home!! So we will see how it goes today. But here are the pictures of our little fish in training!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

LONG overdue......

Sawyer has the cutest and longest red hair. Wherever I go people always ask where he got it from since Jeff and I are both blonde. His hair has gotten so LONG....I have been wanting to cut it for weeks. Jeff loves it and did not want me to cut it....every morning when Jeff goes in to get Sawyer he calls him big red and I just laugh. I think he is afraid that it won't be red if I cut it.
Well finally we cut it this weekend....poor boy it has been like 100 degrees and he is so sweaty. His hair is so thick in the back. I think that when we cut it off he lost like five pounds. Here are the before and after shots.....
This is Sawyer's pout...he is so sensitive whenever we tell him no or anything he doesn't want to hear he makes this face and won't look at you until his feelings aren't hurt anymore. Really it is hard not to laugh at him....he gets so upset over the littlest things.

and this is just a random Noah picture...he is loving his sunglasses and wants to wear them when we go in the car!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I HATE this Age!!!!

Don't let this cute cute face fool you!!
Sawyer has been very mellow since birth but in the last month we have entered the age that I absolutely is not his fault. I hate that he cannot fully express himself yet so he chooses whatever he deams necessary to let us know of his discomfort. Since he is the second born I think he has picked up on what he has been watching. I hate that they get molars....but I already stated that. He is into everything!!!! I hate that he gets so much enjoyment out of emptying things. He climbs...Noah never did this so it drives me crazy....really he was climbing up a bookshelf, he thinks the train table is a stage. He wants to eat EVERYTHING himself thus making a HUGE mess each time..He is just learning to listen so chasing him around is so hard....the pool, the park etc etc...basicly he LIVES in the stroller. After he is finished eating he either a..screams...b...gags himself...or...c...throws the remaining food on the floor. I wish I could do any of these above behaviors and get what I wanted. Really this is such a hard age for me, I felt the same way when Noah was doing all of these things. I like to think that maybe it has something to do with being pregnant when all these things are going on but who knows. All I know is thank goodness he is cute and so does make it worth it!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Butterfly bust.......

So my friends and I have been trying to get together and do some sort of activity once a week. I read about these butterfly places in the paper and thought it would be the perfect activity. I picked the closeset one in our area and we ventured out....Eight moms 15 kids four and under and that doesn't even count the babies in the bellies!! We get there and the first sign says EXTREME fire danger and beware of mountain lions. I was thinking oh great I am so fired from planning activities. The internet had cute pictures of the "butterfly garden" a cute little store. But when we got there nothing was opened.

We followed the signs around and saw a few butterflies. There were these posts that had pictures of the different kinds of butterflies you may see, so I had Noah stand in front of it so I could atleast get a picture of it as he is leaning on it the whole post falls to the ground...seriously?? Where did I take us?? The little girls were like a monster knocked over that not a monster just Noah!!!

It was so hot we decided to take our lunches back to the park and eat them but even the park was too hot so we all came back to our house and let the kids play/eat. I still had a fun day and I love that I have so many fun friends who were willing to try this out even if it was a bummer. I still had fun!!!


So our disney passes have expired for the summer....we knew that Monday would be the last chance to use them for awhile. So we decided to meet my parents there in the evening after Jeff got off of work. It had been a very long day and I really did not want to go, but once we got there we had a good time. Of course being that our passes were about to expire everyone in So-Cal had the same idea. We went on very few rides but Noah loved it. Sawyer all of a sudden was not happy with rides....he even cried on the tram on the way into the park. But it was a great way to spend family night!!! Oh and on a side mommy note....Noah went to Disneyland the whole night in underwear!!! So we are getting it SLOWLY!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy Day!!!!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OUR DAD'S, GRANDPA'S AND MANY MANY UNCLES!!! I am so lucky to have SO many wonderful men who have always been so good to me and my boys. I hope you all got to celebrate today in a happy way!!!

Our day started out with me and the boys making cinnamon rolls for Jeff, with early church....breakfast had to be fast and it was not served in bed. But maybe next year. We had a great day at church there were some really great talks on fathers...or atleast what I heard of them.

After church my parents came over and we went on a little picnic to the park. All my siblings are in Utah, so it was nice to celebrate with just my Dad. Being that I am the favorite child and all it was nice to have him all to myself =). It was a nice lunch and it was fun to watch the boys run around and play...even though it was a little am I going to survive two more months...I was so hot and I was barely chasing kids.

After Lunch we went to Jeff's Dad's house to celebrate with him. The boys loved playing with boomer....I am coming to the realzation that boys do need a dog, maybe someday, for now they will have to settle for another brother.

Jeff as always was a good sport and went along with all the events of the day I think he would have been happy to just relax especially after how much work he did yesterday. He did manage to get in some golf watching and of course the Laker game!! Jeff is such an amazing Dad....I know I don't always give him enough credit but really he works so hard and I appreciate all he does to make it possible for me to stay at home with our babies!! He is such a good teacher to the boys, they learn so much from him. I am so grateful that he is such a GREAT dad!! I love you Jeff and I hope you had a great day!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Five Years Down!!!

Jeff and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Our celebration started Friday night when Jeff brought home Sprinkles cupcakes!!! MMMMM....they were even better than I remember, I think it has been too long since I had one. Last week when Jeff asked me what I wanted for our anniversary I thold him that I wanted a dumpster so we could go through stuff and make room for the baby! Really he thought I was kidding but he did it anyway. So we spent the whole day going through stuff and getting rid of alot of JUNK!!! Come look in any of my cupboards they are so organized I LOVE it!!!!!

After all our cleaning Jeff and I went out to dinner to was so fun, we were reminiscing about when we had our first official date there eight years ago. After dinner we ran errands....sad I know a whole night to ourselves and we went to Target and the Grocery store wahoo!!! But it was nice to be together.
Jeff also surprised me and got me the necklace that I blogged about, about a month ago with all three of the boys names on it. I was so excited and could not believe that he remembered! He is so sweet...really I was jazzed about my dumpster!

I am SO LUCKY to be married to Jeff....he treats me so wonderful and I can't even believe that he puts up with me! It has been such a wonderful five years and I can't wait to spend many many more years with him!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FYI.....Molars stink!!!!

Sawyer is my happy happy baby, and really even him unhappy is still not bad at all. But lately he has not been wanting to go to bed at night and is just unusually vocal. So this morning after an hour of him crying just because I stuck my finger in his mouth and all four molars are plowing through. Noah did the same thing he would get like 5 teeth at once. I am glad they are ALL coming in at once but really why can't babies be born with teeth. It is so not fair to have them be in so much pain. He has started throwing fits....actually it makes me laugh. He totally throws himself on the floor in protest. I am trying to get him off of the bottle....he screamed at me this morning for a good five minutes as he watched me pour his morning delight into a cup. I know mean mom. I still give him a bottle at night...I know weak mom but he IS still my baby for two more months. I found these great things at Target called little dippers, they are for kids learning to eat with a spoon. I let Sawyer use one this morning and it was hilarious how he looked when he was done. But he loved every minute of it.

Noah is making little progress in the potty department...but then again I am not very motivated. Also he still has his pacifier.....any advice?? I really think at this point I just need to go cold turkey and torture myself and others for a weekend. I just worry about him taking Sawyer's too and then there is the thought that I should just take both away....but I like that Sawyer will take one....remind me of that in a year when I am mad that Sawyer still has one too. I am such a pushover....I like to think it is pregnancy related.

Ryder is doing good, I had an ultrasound on Thursday and the tech asked me if we had tall people in our family because he had really long femur bones?? Really I have never heard that one before. So we will see if he is tall you would think with the Neilson blood we would get a tall one but who knows. Ryder is also breach....all I know is thank goodness that I am already having a c-section because the process of having them turn him just sounded very painful. So they have scheduled him to come for August 5th. So far I am not having any blood pressure issues.....but with the other two that only happened in the last three weeks. So we will see...the Dr. keeps reassuring me that there is nothing that I can do and that they don't know what causes it. So we will see!!
So this blog is really more for me to remember. Especially being pregnant I forget everything so sorry if I bore you all.

Monday, June 9, 2008


This weekend we went down to Temecula for one of Jeff's cousins weddings. It was a fun weekend and it was so nice to spend time with family. Karilyn and Jon's wedding was so beautiful....not only was it in the perfect backyard but the colors she chose were just gorgeous. Orange and yellow, everything was so bright and sunny it totally reminds me of Kari's personality. I stole these pictures off of Jamie's blog because I was too busy chasing the boys to get any good pics.....

I really wish I had a pic. of the bride and groom but I will have to get one and then add to the post. But it was such a beautiful wedding and they looked so happy together! Congrats Jon and Kari!!!

We stayed in Temecula with my family for the rest of the weekend....again no pics. because I am so lame. But we also picked up my brothers bunk beds for the boys room. So this weekend we will be busy getting everything organized and looking good. I can't wait to pull out all the bedding I bought in Hawaii. And I just redid the boys bathroom in fishy's. It turned out so cute and Noah's reaction was priceless, he was so excited. I will post pictures as soon as it is all done.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just one of the reasons I do not cook......

So anyone who knows me well knows that I don't like to cook. I am not sure of all the reasons but this is definitly one of them.....

Sawyer got into the trash while I was "trying" to bake. What is sad is Noah wasn't even home so he still made a huge mess and I wasn't even that distracted.
Before we had the boys I was much better about cooking. I enjoyed trying new things and had fun....but now it is just such a pain. Well last night I made some chocolate chip banana bread. I know for all you domestic divas that is no big deal but I was very proud of myself. The boys have loved eating it which makes me feel good as a mom. Jeff could care less....that is another reason I don't cook. But we won't go there.
I love to get online a copy down recipes thinking that maybe someday I will actually try them....and hey maybe someday I will. I keep telling Jeff that as soon as he can get me the perfect kitchen then I will cook we will see. But you have to start somewhere.

Beach Days!!!

The boys and I had a great time the last two days spending time at our friends beach house!! It was such a fun treat!! We loved it....not only was the beach perfect, but it was so nice to have a house to take a break in and just let the kids play. All of us moms were even surprised how well ALL the kids played together. We had such a fun time and I am so glad that we got to go especially because our beach days are very numbered with the baby coming SO soon. I am also glad that we have such good friends who helped chase my kids when I could not get there fast enough....oh and Karin took way more pictures than me which I am sure she will post soon.
We had so much fun on Tuesday night some of the dads came down and we went to dinner on the pier at Rubys. Noah loved looking at all the people fishing. We saw someone catch a sting ray it was HUGE!! Noah and Jeff also saw dolphins. It was really a wonderful few days!! Really I don't think I can go to the beach with two little ones any other way!! Thanks Charise for inviting and entertaining us!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Our new favorite thing around here especially for Sawyer are sugar free popsicles! Grandma Jody is so smart and started giving them to the boys, the best thing about them is that they are not even sticky!!!! And they taste good. The boys LOVE them and ask for them atleast once a day. It is great for Sawyer because it keeps him entertained for atleast 30 minutes which is a very great thing for me!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Put me in coach.....(Grampy)....

Noah has been cracking me up this week. Every morning when he wakes up he wants to change his clothes and put on his "soccer shorts" and socks. He then kicks a ball around the living room. I know that my dad would be so proud!!! When I went to Temecula on Friday he made me bring his shorts and a pair of socks. Oh and he gets very upset if his socks are not long enough. He played soccer with Grammy while I was at my hair appt. He cracks me up my mom and I could not stop laughing when he suited up to play. I can't wait for him to be old enough to play Rec. soccer I think it will be a wonderful outlet for all of his energy!!!