Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silver Linings today......

I feel like the last few days I have been a downer. I need to look for the happy I know I can in every situation. I have NOT been doing that. Today after the park I have decided to find the happy.

The happy today

*Missy surprised us this morning and brought over some YUMMY cinnamon rolls. So good. Thanks again Missy.

*All three of my kids took a nap today!! WAHOOO!

*Jeff is finally feeling better! Thank goodness!

*My awesome curling iron came in the mail today! Thanks again Katie for the great deal!

*We finally fixed our Itunes and now we can both get music on our phones!

*I am almost completely finished with my Christmas shopping. I have NEVER been this prepared!

*This weekend Gap, Old Navy and Banana is having there 30% off sale I love the friends and family weekend! Did you know it works at the outlets....I am seriously considering hitting those up I need new jeans!

*Speaking of new jeans my jeans that I bought in September are already too big even with a belt! (if that's not happy I don't know what is!)

*Last night I tried Yoga. It was really relaxing I needed it after the last few days.

*I love todo lists I have been writing lists like crazy and it is the best feeling at the end of the day to see everything checked off!
I hope you find some silver linings in your day today!!


karin said...

That is great. I need to do that.

I'm Melissa... said...

I'm going to Carlsbad this weekend for the Gap outlet (with my F&F coupon, of course). Desiree might come too, not sure though. We should go together if you're really wanting to go. Let me know.

Aaron Shaw said...

I'm a todo lister too!

PS. the word verification for this comment is "quader"!

Because you look for the silver linings you are definitely not a quader!