Friday, February 24, 2012

Boys update

I feel like I am forgetting things more and more maybe it is my impending 30th birthday. Or that life is a constant state of busy. The boys are growing so fast and it makes me a little sad/ happy. So before I forget about the cute things they do:

Noah: He is loving going to school with his cousins and still thinks it is fun when he runs into them at school. He had his first cousin sleep over last week and loved it! He started baseball a few weeks ago. It is the cutest thing to see him get his baseball bag all organized and ready to go. He is having so much fun. It keeps us super busy with that and all his home work. He is a big helper and still comes an tells me he loves me a few times a day.

He Is a hungry boy and starting requesting a double double at in n out! He is growing so big.

Sawyer: Is loving his new preschool and making friends fast. He is mastering his sight words and having tons of fun. He is a big helper when Noah is at school and often reminds me how SMART he is. He comes up with the funniest things.

Ryder: he is handling the move the hardest. He keeps asking when he gets to go home and see his friends. It is SO sad. He doesn't like when all his brothers are at school but loves his special time with mom and a chance to get out and get a special treat with mom.

Rhys: he is just such a love and makes me so happy. I love his early morning cuddles and when he sucks his thumb and puts his head on my shoulder.
It scares me how fast this year has gone by and that my baby isn't really a baby anymore.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome He Honey!

Bet you thought that this was going to be about Jeff. Nope I have a new Honey in my life!

Thanks to the Wyand family we are now the proud owners of our sweet Honey. He is seriously the most perfect dog she is so sweet she loves to cuddle up and lets the boys drag her around the house. It has been so fun having her! I finally have my little girl :)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Special Visit

Jenn, Cailyn and Logan came to visit us last Friday when we had a day off school. It was wonderful to have visitors!! The kids all got along which made for a nice day! We went to Pat and Oscars on the pond for a yummy lunch and then headed down to the duck pond to feed the ducks! The duck pond was absolutely wonderful the boys had a great time. Much better than our last duck pond experience in Lake Forest really that place shouldn't even be called the duck pond it should be called the geese crap hole! We will definitely be visiting frequently!!

Logan was cracking me up the kids HATES bread therefore he wouldn't touch it to feed it to the ducks! Silly guy!

Jenn and I enjoying some sun!

And all the kids passed out on the way home score for me!!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love day!!

I wasn't fully feeling the Valentine's day spirit this year :( I didn't even decorate! SO SO sad.
With painting and un packing it just didn't happen. But we still enjoyed a great day!

When the boys woke up I made them pink eggs and I attempted a pinterest creation of heart shaped bacon.
The boys got lots of treats and love and had a great day.

We went over to Grammy and Grampy's to celebrate Aaron's Bday. We are loving living so close to them!

Rhys enjoyed lots of sweets himself. A sugar cookie and a sucker!

Anything to get a chance to eat dinner myself and do dishes!!

Last night Jeff and I went on a date!! A real date. My parents came over and watched the boys. We realized it was our first real date since Rhys was born. Usually we would take him with us. So it was a real treat!

Love my favorite valentine!!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Lucky....that is exactly the word I would use to explain how I feel about Jenn! I feel so lucky to have found her and have her as my friend! It has been since college that I had what I would call a BEST friend. I am so glad Jenn fit the bill and is willing to put up with me and all my crazy!!! It is funny because Jenn and I have For the past few years run in the same circle and one day last summer we were like and why aren't we best friends?! Since then we have been attached at the hip.
This has been the hardest thing about moving away. I miss Jenn SO much. I am so lucky to have found her and so lucky that she is still my friend even if it is a texting and visiting friend I will take all that I can get!!

Love ya Jenn!!
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So Long Farewell.......

I knew that leaving Orange County would be very bitter sweet. Orange County has been a great place for us and we really thought we would be there forever. I feel like this is where we became a whole family and I know that this is where I grew up and learned a lot about myself. Mostly I was nervous to leave my friends. I have been so blessed with amazing and wonderful women in my life. Seriously even as I sit here I am crying just thinking about them. I have never been in a place like it and had so many wonderful friends! I was lucky enough to get a girls night out with some of my fabulous friends. I wish I had brought my camera!! They were so sweet I am going to miss those girls nights, book clubs, and dance parties!! Jenn also put together a park day goodbye! I will miss my Thursday park days and I will definitely be going up for some visits very very soon!!
Another thing I was very sad to be leaving was Noah's teacher. Mrs. Moore has been so amazing for Noah. It broke my heart to have to leave her. She is AWESOME!!
Thank you thank you to all our wonderful friends and family who have made our lives so much better and happier. Thank goodness we are only an hour away I will be going to visit OFTEN!!

(so sad I didn't take ANY pictures except on the kids last days)