Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day weekend.....

Finally on Saturday I felt better. We were invited to our friends for a BBQ on Saturday night. Bill and Charise had an awesome spread they are some of the funnest people I know. Whenever we hang out with them there is tons of fun and great memories!
The was so yummy! (thanks Lanay for being the photographer and letting me steal your pics.)

ME, Charise, Ryder and Jonas.....

Jeff and Craig....eating YUMMY grilled corn.

The movie... they watched Kung Fu Panda on a big projector on the driveway.

I hope that there are many many summer BBQ's to come!!! Thanks Bill and Charise!!

On Monday we headed to Temecula to break in the new water slide! The boys had so much fun and we hardly saw them at all the whole day.

I don't even have a picture of Noah on the water slide. That is how much fun he had.

Briar wanted to take baby Amelia on the slide..... it took three people to get her in her suit. Next time I think they will wait for Mommy. Maybe I am glad I have all boys that looked complicated!

Trampoline Fort!!! My Grandparents have the BEST back yard!!

Amelia going down the slide with Briar!

Dinner was RIBS....I have never been a big rib lover. But they were so GOOOD. Ryder had a blast with them too!

We had a great weekend!
This is what we have been doing this week...potty training....Sawyer lasted all day yesterday in big boy underwear...and as long as I make him go every half hour or so then he is good. It is definitely a lot of work but I know it will be worth it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joy in the Journey.....

So I decided to start another blog....I know you all think I am nuts. I just love finding ideas, sharing, and having an opinion. It will be random from recipes, to opinions. Just things I don't want to put on my family journal blog. So I hope you come check it out and most of all I want opinions, advice and if you want to share let me know!!! ENJOY!!!
click here or check it out at

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bed, Birds and potty training......

We finally joined the ranks of a bed for a king! Our Cal king bed was delivered on Wednesday! We love it!!! Now I need to find a new comforter that I actually like. It has been so fun to snuggle in the morning and we ALL fit!

On Saturday we were heading out to grab some lunch when we noticed that two little birds had been hatched plus fell out of the nest. The first picture is one of the egg shells in the bush.

There were two sitting on the walkway. I wanted to pick them up and take care of them. But Jeff said that was a no no and so we went to lunch hoping that we wouldn't have to come home to dead baby birds or even worst suffering baby birds.

Thankfully this is what we came home to both birds safely back in their nest with mama. I am not sure if they flew or if the mom picked them up either way it was a great sight. Noah is loving the birds he asks about them and checks on them whenever he can. I think he is almost ready for a pet! This morning while I was cleaning up the dishes our neighbors STUPID cat tried to jump in the tree and attack the birds. I got so ticked pounded on the window. I felt very protective and was very mad that the cat was trying to attack the nest.

Ryder is the happiest thing these days...I am loving this age!

Last night we went to a BBQ and Ryder was so tired when we got home he zonked out on the floor.

I thought it would be a good idea to potty train Sawyer...I know crazy he is only 2 but it didn't last long. He had fun for a moment though. We will see I guess we have all summer.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Since Wednesday.....
The boys have.....
turned fruit snacks into a meal. (and consuming record amounts)
destroyed the perfectly organized toy room
replaced the side walk out front with LOTS of dirt
Eaten almost entire box of graham crackers before 10am
Used yogurt as paint
Learned to open the Kitchen gate. (Sawyer)
watched more disney channel and movies then ever before
used at least 7 cups each a day
eaten more fruit snacks.

At least there has been no casualties. I have been down since Wednesday with strep throat. I think it is the worst pain ever. And I am praying I will be able to swallow again soon. Jeff has been my on call nurse and even stayed home Friday to cater to my every need. I hope this is almost over and mostly I hope that no one else gets it. This is worst then my c-sections. Hands down.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What we do when you are sick????


Let's just say it was kind of a LONG weekend. My Saturday started of great I went with Jeff's Mom and Sister to a make-up class at Nordstroms. It was a lot of fun and I am so excited for all the new tricks I learned. And plus Bobbi Brown has some great make-up with one step eye shadows and things that last ALL day! I am so in love!!!
As we were winding up our afternoon Jeff called to tell me that Ryder was running a temp of 102. Poor baby. We were supposed to go meet some friends at the beach....but sick baby trumps fun. Noah was so sad about missing the beach so Jeff told him we would take him to Grandma's for a swim. While there Noah almost fell asleep in the pool....which turned into a FULL on fever.

It was a LONG night. And a VERY LONG day! Really this was the highlight watching all the boys play guitar hero....thank goodness for Tylenol and Motrin.
They are still feeling yucky....I hope this passes quickly!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh Randomness.....I should be cleaning.....

Yah I am having a random day....I never posted the pictures from our family pics in November...yah you read that right.....but in keeping with the theme this is one of my absolute favs!

On with the randomness....

*I got my hair done yesterday nothing too big just more blonde. I almost forgot how much I LOVE getting me hair done.
*I love being tan....not that I am tan enough...I love it. In college I had a tanning addiction....I lived for the fake sun.
*I am appalled by how much my car registration was really California is in need of some reform. Oh and I need a smog check. Thanks CA and all your spending problems.
*I have an obsession with salsa and perfecting the perfect recipe.
*Tonight is date night.
*All you people with laminate wood floors what is your favorite cleaner for it? I have yet to find one that I am impressed with.
*I need a beauty supply store run something serious.
*I am a Dr. Pepper addict. Not every day I don't like it from the can only fountain. Can I get one installed in my house....too bad I would never loose weight that way.
*Someday I will be skinny. I loathe all of you who eat whatever...I look at bread and gain five pounds. Where is the justice?
*After watching Grey's this season I am convinced I have skin cancer. Really I can't watch TV shows they scare me....ask Jeff once there was a house episode about a baby right after I had Noah I refused to let him watch it.
*I need a new hobby. I know many of you are thinking blogging is my hobby...I want something more fulfilling.
*I want to take a photography class. I think I could be really good at it. And from what I remember in high school photography it can't be that hard.
*I have been getting a lot of headaches...I never knew I had such bad allergies.
*My new bed comes on Wednesday. I can not wait.
*My kids are funny. They make me laugh!

Okay I am done I could go on forever and year. And if you just read all of that I am so sorry. You must be as bored as I am! Thanks for humoring me!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Jeff's firm has season tickets to a few games for the Angels. Last night we took Noah and went with Grandpa Rich. Grandma Jody watched the babies so we could have a good time!
Noah was so excited all day!!

We had awesome seats it makes a big difference it is actually fun to watch!

Jeff loves to watch baseball with his boys.

We will be going to a few games so we had to get hats! I love that Angel stadium sells stuff for families. They had kids hats for 6 dollars. Too bad we may never get Jeff in an Angel hat.

About a month or so ago the Angels lost a very young pitcher. They have this memorial outside the stadium. It is so sad Adenhart was very young and died tragiclly when hit by a drunk driver.

All of us!

It was a fun game....even if the Angels didn't win. I think Jeff is just happy that I might become a fan of baseball. Even if it isn't his favorite team! But really RED is so more my color!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ryder is such a cutie. We just love him to pieces. He is getting SO grown up...I can't even stand it!

Things Ryder is doing....
-patty cake....Grammy taught him he loves to do it but is not liking to do it on cue.
-clap...he claps if you say yay!
-scooting...he is scooting backwards and has gotten up on all fours a few times. (Really I do not know what I am going to do when he is mobile...I can barely survive two mobile)
-He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth....EVERYTHING!
-He loves finger foods and feeding himself. He barely lets me feed him yogurt in the morning.
-He loves his brothers and is so entertained by them.

I love that he is so happy these day...really he is a totally different baby. I don't know how we lived that long with him being so sad. Now when he has a tummy ache and cries a ton I can't even fathom how we did that for so long!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Why I love being a Mom......

I love being a mom....and really I know that most people on this blog won't believe that but I do. I complain....I need to work on that sorry all my friends at the park today. Please still love me. I am working on it. Anyway I had a great fabulous weekend. Full of mom's and FULL of love!

On Thursday I had my first Mothers luncheon with Noah. It was so cute. They sang some little songs. It was a very fun afternoon.

Then on Saturday we went out to celebrate with Jeff's mom. We went to a yummy breakfast, had some sprinkles cupcakes and lots of fun!
I had the boys make Jody this turned out very precious.

Jeff, Patrice, Grandma Jody and the boys.

The group for breakfast!

Mothers day morning all ready for church.

On Sunday I was spoiled rotten I got a pretty necklace and a sweet card. We then headed out to Temecula my Mom gave a great talk. Thanks again mom for all the sweet things you said. Really how did we not get ANY pictures?? We went to my Grandparents for a fabulous dinner. Cari's husband Sam made the most amazing meal. I still want more!! I had a great day!!!

I am so lucky to have such great women in my life. Great examples. I am so blessed. I hope that all of you mama's had a wonderful day!!

Today is Ryder's ten month birthday.....crazy I really need to post about that soon!
Noah said the cutest thing the other day. I was sitting on the couch and Noah came up and was like mom daddy loves you he picked you out from heavenly father. It was seriously so cute!!! I just had to remember that!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heat Wave in April.....

Okay so these are in reverse order but hey I am too lazy to edit my pictures or figure that out right now. I have yet another headache...I have decided I
A....have a tumor
B....need a new bed
or C.....have severe sinus issues.
While we were in Hawaii I had no runny nose sinus problems, no back neck aches. So most likely I think I need a new bed and a trip to the dr. for some serious sinus issues. I love spring but I am SO sick of having headaches.

Anyway here we go.....before Hawaii we took a family day off to celebrate Noah's birthday one last time. It has become a tradition to go to Disneyland after tax season ends. Our passes were blocked so we went the Monday they worked again. We figured it would be really crowded....but luckily for us it was 100 degrees out side so no one was there. I have never been so hot and we lasted until about 2 in the afternoon and then ended up at the pool.

Noah loves the big kid rides and has been dying to go on this one since September. He was finally tall enough so Jeff took him on...he loved getting wet especially because it was so hot!

This is how Sawyer kept cool. I brought a whole cooler full of frozen and cold water bottles. We drank them all. Sawyer eventually fell asleep like this. Poor thing.

I love what they have done to It's a Small World....eew can you see how hot it was and this was like at ten am. Perfect ride for the heat.

Daddy and his big boys...It was so nice to have him for the whole day we have missed him!

Heat is not going to effect this bottle time.

We had a great day and know one passed out from the heat...very successful I say!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hawaii....the rest....

WARNING.....Here come a boat load of pictures but this is it I promise......

Sawyer was a little timid of the water he enjoyed snacking with mom....surpise surprise.

Isn't this what vaca is all about....reading on the beach.

Grandma playing with Noah in the sand. They loved playing the beach was so perfect for them no waves and just perfect.

Date nigh in WAIKIKI....
Jody and Rich were so nice to watch the boys while we went into the city and enjoyed the night together. We got there right at sunset and watched the surfers.

Jeff really wants to take a surf lesson...maybe someday.

Jeff and the perfect girl all legs...haha he didn't want to take a picture with them I made him I just thought it was SO funny.

Classic shot. I can't believe we came here six years ago on our honeymoon...boy how life has changed.

In front of the surfer statue.

The boys LOVED these inter- tubes.

We walked down to the JW marriot to look at the sharks and sting rays, Noah fell asleep on the was so funny because he wouldn't even stand up.

Why did we wake him up again?

Oh finally a good one!

Hitching a ride back with Dad.

On Friday we headed to the Dole Pineapple Plantation it was a great family outing of course we took a ride on the pineapple express.

What cute pineapples......

Pineapples play the ukuelle?

Feeding the KOI

These fish were crazy diving over one another and slurping up all the pelets.

World famous....Matsumoto shave yummy!

In front of our hotel.....

Enjoying our last sunset.

The view from our villa....... We had a great time and couldn't thank Grandpa and Grandma enough. Also Grammy and Grampy took such great care of Ryder....I missed him so much and was so relieved that he was being so well taken care of!