Friday, November 30, 2007

Bring on Christmas.......

I am so excited for Christmas this year...lets be honest I am every year but the last few years it has always been a let down at the end. But this year Noah is finally old enough to understand. He loves playing with my baby Jesus from my Creche (I should have bought the little people one in October...dang maybe next year), he is really into Santa and just everything is more exciting when you are doing it with your kids. I had the house completely decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. I just can't believe it is not December 1st yet! I can't wait for all the holiday parties and stuff that makes December fly by! This is the first year that Jeff and I are using a big tree. I had so much fun decorating and I am very proud that it is my first real tree. And I got all the decorating stuff for so cheap! I must say that it was hard for me to do a fake tree and not a real one, but I will say I love having it up for so much longer and being able to leave the lights on more. (sorry mom and dad) I think I can get use to a fake one! I finally got some Christmas Wreath candles so it alteast smells like a real tree. Still not the same but with two little ones who wants to deal with needles!! So the Trapp's are ready for Christmas...BRING IT ON!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Love!!!!

Well as many of you we had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! We went to my parents house, we were smaller in numbers, but my mom brought out the china and goblets!! It was so fun! Noah loved being with his cousins Porter and Carter they even had there own table for the three of them! Sawyer enjoyed every bit of the meal he ate turkey and potatoes and lots of jello. I think he might be allergic to pineapple both times when he ate the jello with pineapple in it he got really red cheeks?? Maybe it is just his teeth! We had a great time with my family yesterday...we went to the park and watched movies!! My parents completed there new kitchen appliances and bought a we get there old one...and for any of you who have seen my fridge you know how excited I am to finally have a fridge with shelves!! It was a really great time and we are so thankful that we got to spend time with one another!!! We are now onto the decorating for Christmas my how time flies!!!! I had hoped to post pictures but my camera is totally broken so we will see!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tagged...Again...6 Random things about me!!!

Well I am pretty much an open book as many of you know but I will try and be original and think of a few things that you don't know about me....

1. I am a beauty school drop out. Just like in the movie Grease...When I got pregnant with Noah we decided I needed to work to get Jeff done with school quicker, I tried to go back but it all just happened to close to the baby. In my defense I do have a current Nail license in California and Utah...maybe that makes me sound like less of a loser.

2. I am totally afraid of the dark! I hate walking around the house when it is dark and when Jeff is not home I turn on every light in the house....I won't even walk out to the garage without lights, I am a whimp.

3.I played three musical instruments in high school, the flute, the oboe and the saxophone. I even had to do marching band...which I hated...I was so embarassed about it I would try and shove my case into my back pack so no one would know I was a band geek.

4. I am not a good student...when I was in college I majored in EVERYTHING, only to end up with an associates in general studies! I wish I had focused more on something that I really enjoyed.

5. I hate hate hate to do was the running joke in high school that I never wore the same outfit because I spent all my money from working on buying new clothes so I would not have to wash the ones sitting in a heap on my floor. As a mom it is still my biggest downfall...lucky for me I have a husband who helps me get caught up on the weekends!

6. I love to practice my handwriting...I love to write things over and over again. When I was in school I used to rewrite my notes to make them look what I thought was perfect...I guess that is why I love getting new pens and paper!!!

Well I hope that those were some fun facts about was fun I hope you guys participate...I am tagging Karin...I know she will respond...Shaylyn maybe that will force her to update her blog and my Brother Aaron..HAVE FUN I can't wait to here your answers!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My life is over......

Well after many many weeks of scooting and rocking Sawyer is crawling. I still am a little suprised it took him this long but I think he finally figured out the best way to save himself from his brother is to get away. I just can't believe it, Noah was eleven months before he figured out how to crawl. So this is just all new to me and I feel a little like my life is over now that I have two mobile boys!!! Also a Birthday shout to my cousin PORTER...well I think of him more like a nephew but he turned Four yesterday!!1 I can't even believe it! When Jeff and I first moved back to California we lived with Cari and Sam for a few months...Porter was just barely one and I was preggers with Noah, he used to come and cuddle up to my belly and fall asleep with me on the he could careless about cuddling with me, but I will always remember those sweet memories when he was little. We love you Porter and we are so happy that you got disney passes for your special day!! Now you can go with us!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Star Sighting......

So yesterday I was at Disneyland with my Mom and Sister. We had a great day the lines were very short and it is decorated for Christmas. It was a great day. We were walking past the castle at main street when we noticed tons of people flocking around a stage with a disco ball. I said it is probably someone from Dancing With the Stars. We asked the popcorn lady who it was and she said it was Jennie Garth!!!! I took off running towards the stage...with my double wide stroller. I am crazy but most of you know that I am obsessed with 90210...I still watch episodes every day. I have been using all of our phones every Monday night to vote for Jennie....We had to wait a while for her to come. My sister took some great pictures, even though my flash broke!! My mom and my kids were very patient!!! When Jennie finally came out she came out with Mickey Mouse, so there I am screaming for Jennie and Noah was right along side me screaming for Mickey. It was so great!!! So everyone had better vote for Jennie on Monday so she can make it to the finals!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did someone say FREE lunch???? And other Trapp Happenings

I realized I am a little behind on posting pictures since I have a ton on my camera! Today I got to go to lunch at a REAL restaurant and it was FREE....they just opened a new Red Robin by us and they are in the process of training so they are giving away free food!!! It was really fun, I was a bit worried about a restaurant with my kids but my friend Karin convinced me that it would be worth it and it was they were so good and I love Red Robin!!! It ends Saturday so let me know if you want the info and are in the area!!! We are going again on Saturday! Can you tell how cheap I am on a budget stinks!!! Last Friday I got to go to breakfast for Cari's birthday....It was really good, Sawyer was going crazy, this kid is so over baby food, he loved toast, potatoes, and egg whites! Noah loves to get to spend time with his cousins! Friday night Jeff and I took Noah to Disneyland for a Mommy and Daddy date he loved being with us, I think he was so happy to have all the attention on him! This weekend I also got to attend my good friends Sarah's baby shower, she is having a girl in December or January....she got sooo much cute stuff it made me want a girl even more!!! It was a great weekend I love getting to spend time with my family. Oh another deal for the week....(thanks Karin) a vacuum...Big Lots had a great forty dollar deal I love it and the best part is I don't have to get a vacuum for Christmas!!!! I think I am rambling sorry for the crazy post!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birtday Orter and Arter's Mommy!!!

I love Cari she is has always been more like a sister to me than aunt and the last few years have been especially fun since we have kids the same age. I have always followed her around like a bratty little sister. She is a great mom, wife and friend, I have always looked up to her and I hope she has a fabulous day and year! I miss her now that I don't live as close, good thing we have blogs!!! I love you Cari and my boys love you too!!! Thanks for being my pretend older sister!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry this is late! Please please don't disown me for this picture....It is the only one I have of you...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Boys....

On Monday we had playgroup at my house. The kids were having so much fun playing outside, Noah just inherited a house, slide and car...(Thanks Uncle Eric!!) So I was very excited for my little Noah to burn off all of his energy. All of us moms are lucky to get and sit and talk. One of the girls in our group just found out she is having a girl, so we got to talking about boys and girls and I was going on and on about how I will just die if I do not get a girl someday, I need a girl!!! Whenever any of my friends find out they are having one I get really jealous...I love my boys but I want a girly girl too! Is that too much to ask?? I hope not. But as I am sitting there saying how much I have to have a girl SOMEDAY, in walks Noah face covered in dirt and in his mouth full of dirt that he was choking on. They made dirt cakes and of course Noah being my child dove right in thinking it was cake!! All I could think is this is why I need a girl I am still not sure what to do with boys and dirt??!!! I am learning though I am getting a little better each time Noah brings me a bug...I am hoping if I can get this down to a science I will be up for the challenge of a girl!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I heart Halloween

Halloween Trapp Style......

I love love love Halloween!!!! We had such a great day!!! Well it started Tuesday night with our ward activity...Noah loved seeing all the big kids in masks and totally had NO fear. He finally got the hang of trunk or treat by the end. On Wednesday we went and had lunch at Jeff's office the kids dressed up and it was a great lunch!! And that night I got to host a Halloween party...I told Jeff months ago...and I had SO much fun doing it...I had the house looking like a pumpkin patch!! It was a great time and I am already in the works for next year!! Sawyer could have cared less about his turtle costume and was happier just being free. Noah loved his costume and loved all the candy....his favorite are SUCKERS!!! Thanks to all that came I hope you had as much fun as I did!! I can't wait to host another party....and don't worry I LOVE Christmas more than Halloween!!!