Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heat Wave in April.....

Okay so these are in reverse order but hey I am too lazy to edit my pictures or figure that out right now. I have yet another headache...I have decided I
A....have a tumor
B....need a new bed
or C.....have severe sinus issues.
While we were in Hawaii I had no runny nose sinus problems, no back neck aches. So most likely I think I need a new bed and a trip to the dr. for some serious sinus issues. I love spring but I am SO sick of having headaches.

Anyway here we go.....before Hawaii we took a family day off to celebrate Noah's birthday one last time. It has become a tradition to go to Disneyland after tax season ends. Our passes were blocked so we went the Monday they worked again. We figured it would be really crowded....but luckily for us it was 100 degrees out side so no one was there. I have never been so hot and we lasted until about 2 in the afternoon and then ended up at the pool.

Noah loves the big kid rides and has been dying to go on this one since September. He was finally tall enough so Jeff took him on...he loved getting wet especially because it was so hot!

This is how Sawyer kept cool. I brought a whole cooler full of frozen and cold water bottles. We drank them all. Sawyer eventually fell asleep like this. Poor thing.

I love what they have done to It's a Small World....eew can you see how hot it was and this was like at ten am. Perfect ride for the heat.

Daddy and his big boys...It was so nice to have him for the whole day we have missed him!

Heat is not going to effect this bottle time.

We had a great day and know one passed out from the heat...very successful I say!!


karin said...

I thought about going that week too but I do not do well with heat. I know what you mean about missing Daddy around. I have decided that is why Mondays are so hard for me, I have to do everything myself.

Unknown said...

I really like the funny face Ryder was making on the Small World ride!

shanda said...

ok I think your kids can't get any cuter then they do. WHat is up with that. I love your new front pic

Darci said...

That looks like a really hot day, but I know it is always fun.

Hancocks said...

This is sad, but I am seriously jealous that you got to spend the day in extreme heat. Could you send some of that up this way? I am really missing Dland too! Glad you guys got to have such a fun day!

Heather said...

100 degrees and Abby still looks picture perfect! You just don't know how to take a bad picture.

Confessions of a Food Obsessed Girl said...

Love it! It was so fun seeing you guys today! Your boys are just too cute!!