Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh Randomness.....I should be cleaning.....

Yah I am having a random day....I never posted the pictures from our family pics in November...yah you read that right.....but in keeping with the theme this is one of my absolute favs!

On with the randomness....

*I got my hair done yesterday nothing too big just more blonde. I almost forgot how much I LOVE getting me hair done.
*I love being tan....not that I am tan enough...I love it. In college I had a tanning addiction....I lived for the fake sun.
*I am appalled by how much my car registration was really California is in need of some reform. Oh and I need a smog check. Thanks CA and all your spending problems.
*I have an obsession with salsa and perfecting the perfect recipe.
*Tonight is date night.
*All you people with laminate wood floors what is your favorite cleaner for it? I have yet to find one that I am impressed with.
*I need a beauty supply store run something serious.
*I am a Dr. Pepper addict. Not every day I don't like it from the can only fountain. Can I get one installed in my house....too bad I would never loose weight that way.
*Someday I will be skinny. I loathe all of you who eat whatever...I look at bread and gain five pounds. Where is the justice?
*After watching Grey's this season I am convinced I have skin cancer. Really I can't watch TV shows they scare me....ask Jeff once there was a house episode about a baby right after I had Noah I refused to let him watch it.
*I need a new hobby. I know many of you are thinking blogging is my hobby...I want something more fulfilling.
*I want to take a photography class. I think I could be really good at it. And from what I remember in high school photography it can't be that hard.
*I have been getting a lot of headaches...I never knew I had such bad allergies.
*My new bed comes on Wednesday. I can not wait.
*My kids are funny. They make me laugh!

Okay I am done I could go on forever and year. And if you just read all of that I am so sorry. You must be as bored as I am! Thanks for humoring me!!


Ryan and Missy- said...

A few comments:

I Love your title picture with the feet!

You should go to the swapmeet. They have all the salon stuff but for 1/2 the price. I usually get my shampoos and hairsprays there.

I need a hobby too. Now that I'm going to be done with school, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I have considered taking a photography class over at saddleback...we should take one together!

karin said...

LOVE your title photo.

Love the randomness. Lately all my posts seem to be random catch-ups but no one really knows (until now) because I title them each separately and post them on different days.

Aaron Shaw said...

Not boring!

Hancocks said...

I love randomness. I think I need to do that. Just lay things out on the table. Fun to hear what's going on in that brain of yours! :)

Bethany said...

1 - I want to try your salsa. I've been doing the same thing but with guacamole. At least salsa is less fattening!

2 - I use the Swiffer wet jet cleaner. I like it.

3 - I want to go to the hair store with you. I need some shampoo and gel and hairspray!!

Heather said...

I use the Swiffer too. Works great on my laminate floors.

I was going to comment on something else, but my m-n-m sized memory already forgot what it was going to say.

Heather said...

Now I remember.....about the bread issue. Good thing you don't live here anymore. That dumb new Great Harvest store opened up and I gain 5 pounds when I drive past it!

Charise said...

I love love love the sand feet picture. Soooo cute!

And I loved the randomness of the post. So great! I know so much more about you now!