Monday, May 4, 2009

Hawaii....the rest....

WARNING.....Here come a boat load of pictures but this is it I promise......

Sawyer was a little timid of the water he enjoyed snacking with mom....surpise surprise.

Isn't this what vaca is all about....reading on the beach.

Grandma playing with Noah in the sand. They loved playing the beach was so perfect for them no waves and just perfect.

Date nigh in WAIKIKI....
Jody and Rich were so nice to watch the boys while we went into the city and enjoyed the night together. We got there right at sunset and watched the surfers.

Jeff really wants to take a surf lesson...maybe someday.

Jeff and the perfect girl all legs...haha he didn't want to take a picture with them I made him I just thought it was SO funny.

Classic shot. I can't believe we came here six years ago on our honeymoon...boy how life has changed.

In front of the surfer statue.

The boys LOVED these inter- tubes.

We walked down to the JW marriot to look at the sharks and sting rays, Noah fell asleep on the was so funny because he wouldn't even stand up.

Why did we wake him up again?

Oh finally a good one!

Hitching a ride back with Dad.

On Friday we headed to the Dole Pineapple Plantation it was a great family outing of course we took a ride on the pineapple express.

What cute pineapples......

Pineapples play the ukuelle?

Feeding the KOI

These fish were crazy diving over one another and slurping up all the pelets.

World famous....Matsumoto shave yummy!

In front of our hotel.....

Enjoying our last sunset.

The view from our villa....... We had a great time and couldn't thank Grandpa and Grandma enough. Also Grammy and Grampy took such great care of Ryder....I missed him so much and was so relieved that he was being so well taken care of!


Lisa said...

How fun! Let's go back!

karin said...

I want to be taken to Hawaii with all my boys (and Jill to help watch all the boys). Thanks for taking so many great photos and sharing them, I can pretend that I was there too.

Mutation's Cantation said...

So fun! I want to take surfing lessons also!

Katie Anderson said...

What a fun trip! The pictures are all so cute:)

Darci said...

I bet it was a great trip.....loved that Sawyer just sat and ate with you, I would have loved that not having to chase the everywhere as I would have to with Gwenie.

Unknown said...

Great pictures, funny faces and pictures!

Hancocks said...

How super fun is that!?! We might be going in October and these pics make me want to go for sure! I bet you had a blast!