Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ryder is such a cutie. We just love him to pieces. He is getting SO grown up...I can't even stand it!

Things Ryder is doing....
-patty cake....Grammy taught him he loves to do it but is not liking to do it on cue.
-clap...he claps if you say yay!
-scooting...he is scooting backwards and has gotten up on all fours a few times. (Really I do not know what I am going to do when he is mobile...I can barely survive two mobile)
-He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth....EVERYTHING!
-He loves finger foods and feeding himself. He barely lets me feed him yogurt in the morning.
-He loves his brothers and is so entertained by them.

I love that he is so happy these day...really he is a totally different baby. I don't know how we lived that long with him being so sad. Now when he has a tummy ache and cries a ton I can't even fathom how we did that for so long!!!


karin said...

Yeah for a happy baby! When he is mobile you will remember (fondly) that he was immobile for over 10 months!

Courtney N said...

10 months?! I know you will do something huge for his 1st b-day! Can I come?! : )

Aaron Shaw said...

Yay Ryder! I love you buddy.

Hancocks said...

He really is ADORABLE! And I can't believe he's ten months already. Wow!