Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bed, Birds and potty training......

We finally joined the ranks of a bed for a king! Our Cal king bed was delivered on Wednesday! We love it!!! Now I need to find a new comforter that I actually like. It has been so fun to snuggle in the morning and we ALL fit!

On Saturday we were heading out to grab some lunch when we noticed that two little birds had been hatched plus fell out of the nest. The first picture is one of the egg shells in the bush.

There were two sitting on the walkway. I wanted to pick them up and take care of them. But Jeff said that was a no no and so we went to lunch hoping that we wouldn't have to come home to dead baby birds or even worst suffering baby birds.

Thankfully this is what we came home to both birds safely back in their nest with mama. I am not sure if they flew or if the mom picked them up either way it was a great sight. Noah is loving the birds he asks about them and checks on them whenever he can. I think he is almost ready for a pet! This morning while I was cleaning up the dishes our neighbors STUPID cat tried to jump in the tree and attack the birds. I got so ticked pounded on the window. I felt very protective and was very mad that the cat was trying to attack the nest.

Ryder is the happiest thing these days...I am loving this age!

Last night we went to a BBQ and Ryder was so tired when we got home he zonked out on the floor.

I thought it would be a good idea to potty train Sawyer...I know crazy he is only 2 but it didn't last long. He had fun for a moment though. We will see I guess we have all summer.


karin said...

My parents have a hummingbird with her nest with an egg in it outside their front door and there is a cat that wants it and both my dad and I were very protective (even though she tries to attack us whenever you walk in or out the front door).

Good luck with the potty training, a few days of accidents will be worth it in the long run (and think of what you could do with all the money you will save in diapers).

Bethany said...

did you get a new camera? those pics are great! the one of the shell in the bush looks prefessional!! glad you are feeling better! and if you're feeling the need to potty train, come work on Jack! :<)

Anonymous said...

Totally don' tgive up on the potty trainging. I am completely convinced that it is 95% parent, when it comes to potty training. Either that, or my kids are great. Kendyl was potty trained throught the night before she was two, and with Ryker I started with him before he was 18 months (I hate changing diapers) and he is now almost totally potty trained. He will only have a accident every once in a while. He will not be 2 until the end of July. So who knows. With Kendyl, I was just told that girls were easier, but then Ryker came along, and is doing just as good. So maybe I just got lucky, but I just think that it is harder for the parent then for the kid. Total consistancy. But I also do not believe in pull-ups. It's a diaper to the kid, and an easy-out for the parent, who doesn't want to deal with wet underware. But I swear that the kids learn faster when they are in underware. Or just let them run around naked for a few days. That works good too. Cute famlily by the way. I love your pics.

shanda said...

fun times. there is nothing like a new bed. Sorry we missed each other but maybe next time. We may be back down in june

Aaron Shaw said...

Your children are cute!!! Keep up your tree hugging activism!!! Just kidding.