Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day weekend.....

Finally on Saturday I felt better. We were invited to our friends for a BBQ on Saturday night. Bill and Charise had an awesome spread they are some of the funnest people I know. Whenever we hang out with them there is tons of fun and great memories!
The was so yummy! (thanks Lanay for being the photographer and letting me steal your pics.)

ME, Charise, Ryder and Jonas.....

Jeff and Craig....eating YUMMY grilled corn.

The movie... they watched Kung Fu Panda on a big projector on the driveway.

I hope that there are many many summer BBQ's to come!!! Thanks Bill and Charise!!

On Monday we headed to Temecula to break in the new water slide! The boys had so much fun and we hardly saw them at all the whole day.

I don't even have a picture of Noah on the water slide. That is how much fun he had.

Briar wanted to take baby Amelia on the slide..... it took three people to get her in her suit. Next time I think they will wait for Mommy. Maybe I am glad I have all boys that looked complicated!

Trampoline Fort!!! My Grandparents have the BEST back yard!!

Amelia going down the slide with Briar!

Dinner was RIBS....I have never been a big rib lover. But they were so GOOOD. Ryder had a blast with them too!

We had a great weekend!
This is what we have been doing this week...potty training....Sawyer lasted all day yesterday in big boy underwear...and as long as I make him go every half hour or so then he is good. It is definitely a lot of work but I know it will be worth it!


Heather said...

Tell Charise "hi" from me. Maybe she doesn't remember me. You can remind her that Briar & Autumn were in Kids Are Music...I think in 1999-2000. Then we moved to Temecula. I wish it were here, because Chloe would SO love KAM! Is she still doing it?

Charise said...

Abby, You are so so so cute! Thanks for such a sweet post! The BBQ and Movie was fun. We will definitely do it again soon!

And Heather, I totally remember you. Your girls were always my favorite. I couldn't believe it when Abby told me she was your niece. That is so crazy fun.
I miss you!!