Friday, November 7, 2008


This was suppose to be my post for yesterday, but as you have already read drama trumped that one.

On Wednesday night we had the opportunity to go here with my family,

We did sealings and it was so nice to be there, we were even in the same room that Jeff and I got married in and it was so precious to be there together!! The sealer talked briefly about how fitting it was to be in the temple the day after such a huge win for the family. To think we could have lost some of those rights...It was so nice to put things in perspective and enjoy the true meaning of family. When we got home and were carrying the boys to the car it made me totally feel renewed and I knew I could conquer whatever the rest of the week brought. And then with what happened yesterday I am so glad I had gotten the opportunity to be at the Temple otherwise I would have had a nervous breakdown yesterday.

I love these people and it was so nice to be surronded by their love!!!

I am so grateful for Jody and Rich who watched the boys last minute (since I forgot) and took good care of them! Leslie also met us at the temple to watch Ryder....thanks Les....and I hope you are enjoying breaking dawn!!

Oh and Sawyer is great...really you never would know that he fell 6 feet...thank goodness kids are so resiliant!!


Lisa said...

i love that you guys went to chipotle!! it's one of our favorites.

Darci said...

Brett & I need to go to the temple, it is so great to go. We had Chipotle for dinner tonight, yummy stuff.

Katie Anderson said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go to the temple. You needed it this week!

cari said...

It was really a great experience being there with the family! We really do have a wonderful family don't we?!

Leslie Marie said...

ANYTIME! it was nice and I'm loving the book!
miss ya
<3, Leslie Shaw!

karin said...

I want to go to the temple. I am glad you got to go, jealous in fact.