Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday....part 2......

I almost forgot about this today....really doing this blogging thing once a day is kind of a pain. At first I thought it was great but it is harder than I thought. BUT the month is almost over!! However I am enjoying thankful Thursday's and I may continue this one after November.

1. I am thankful for parents. Jeff and I very blessed with great parents, parents who are wonderful Grandparents, our boys enjoy each of them and get so excited about seeing each of them. They are always helpful and supportive and we are very blessed.
2. I am thankful for hand prints. It seems like every where I turn my boys are making messes upon messes but I grateful for those cute little hand prints and I am sure some day I will miss them.
3. I am thankful for Jeff. It has been a busy week around here and he is so helpful allowing me to get out and knowing how happy it makes me. Just like my cute earrings he let me buy because I was feeling down. LOVE THEM. LOVE HIM.
4. I am thankful that Noah gets to go to preschool. Not only for the obvious reasons of me getting five hours a week with just two kids but he is learning so much. I feel like he is making good friends and loving it all. He loves to sing and do sharing they are his favorite things. Or so he tells me.
5. I am thankful for cookies....It was the ONLY way I was going to get a shopping trip this morning with my firey red Head. (Seriously his hair matches his sassy attitude these days)
6. I am thankful for a clean house....although that is rare and almost impossible, I love when it looks nice!!

7. I am thankful for my brings me great joy and I have so much fun keeping this journal. I love looking back and reading over our journey!!!

Today while I was on the phone with the bank Sawyer TRIED to share his fruit snacks with Ryder he shoved an entire fruit snack in his mouth. I am thankful, that I got it out, turning him upside basically, I am thankful for not panicking and lastly thanks to the personal banker for not calling CPS really I am not a bad mom....things happen right?
This is such a great reminder.......ENJOY and if you feel so inclined try yourself you won't be sorry.


Darci said...

I know it can be a pain, but it is worth it. Look at all the stuff that we wouldn't normally read about or know???

karin said...

I LOVE your Thankful Thursdays. I especially love that the personal banker didn't call CPS on you, the mom is so on top of her kids. I enjoy you blogging every day but I know what you mean.