Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

We had a great Thanksgiving Day in Temecula. We were many in numbers and I could not believe how great everyone was. The kids played SO well together and we really had a very pleasant day!


Aaron was teaching us some fun games during dinner. Can you tell who loves to pose. Noah was no where to be found and Sawyer loved smiling for the camera. LuLu and Owen brought some scarves so we had to get a giant group photo. But we had to take some funny shots with our scarves.

Oh and our crazy faces. Apparently this is a fun game Aaron and his friends play I was dying laughing so hard that I cried. You make a bunch of faces all fast and crazy and then you snap a picture seriously hilarious.
Sawyer loved waffles at Grammy's this morning especially the whipped cream.


My mom and I spent the morning making Christmas stockings I loved how they turned out and I feel so accomplished knowing I made something! My mom was so patient and helpful thanks again mom!!!

We had a great day and I am so glad that the weekend is not even over yet!! Jeff is at the Laker game tonight. I am only a little jealous I love watching basketball I think it is one of the most entertaining sports to watch!
Next time I hope!! And if I wasn't so beyond exhausted I would be putting up my decorations. But I will get to that tomorrow! YIPEE!!!
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Katie Anderson said...

Cute stockings!!! You are awesome:) I will call you soon...I called you the other night for a double-boiler (for banana cream pie, of course) but I ended up buying one. I'll talk to you soon!!!!

karin said...

Looks like a great time. Love all the photos. Your stockings look fabulous, I am not surprised you made them, you are more talented than you think.

Wells Family said...

Love all the pictures, some of them gave me a good laugh. The sockings look beautiful, great job!!!

Unknown said...

Love the stockings... if you still want to show me how to do them, I would love to learn!!Way cute. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

shanda said...

ok you have to stop having so much fun. You are making me jealios that I was not in the Shaw Family. Tell every one I say Happy Turkey day. YOu have good hair to what is up with that. Stop looking to freaking cute. Love ya

cari said...

Nice stockings. You did a great job! I am so sad that we weren't there for the picture. We are the only ones who weren't there...oh I guess the Morgans weren't there either. Thanks for sharing the pics so I could get a full grasp on all the fun we missed out on.

Darci said...

That game sounds like something right up my alley. Love the stockings, so cute.

Bethany said...

cute stockings! you are so crafty!! i like watching b ball too.