Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty in PINK....

Last Saturday my friend Katie and I threw a shower for our friend Kelly who is having a baby girl in a few weeks. The moment I found out Kelly was having a girl I told her that I wanted to throw her a shower she is the first (since I moved here) to have a girl a midst all of these boys.
Katie was wonderful to help me and have it at her GORGEOUS house....seriously I can't believe how beautiful her house looks and she only moved in a few months ago.

It was so fun do things all pink and cute, we decided to do a brunch shower, it turned out so great and all the food that everyone brought was SO yummy. Kelly got a ton of fun girly things, really I had to stop watching for fear that a) I may steal Piper once she is born or b)I would have stolen the clothes to put on Ryder...he's bald no one will notice right?

Katie had so many great ideas for decorating and I had so much doing it. Lisa and Katie helped me make some cute bath salts in mason jars with perfect pink bows. It was so cute if only I had gotten pictures.
It was a great morning and THANKS to all who came and helped us!!
and CONGRATS Kelly I can't wait to see Piper in ALL her adorable clothes!!

Don't ask me why I am posing like such a dork!!
Me, Katie, Kelly, Shaylyn and Lisa:

Some of the cute decorations...Katie did so awesome on the name garland I loved it!!

Enjoying the yummy food!!


karin said...

Cute. Why do I miss so many fun things? I am glad you got to throw a "girl" party.

I take it you are feeling better? Are you going to be at church?

Marc and Shay said...

that's a fun picture, we'll need to take another one sometime with everyone. I will regret having one in the future. The shower was AWESOME! I hope you're feeling better too.

The Four on Board said...

dont forget about lucy!she was born after you moved here and you helped with that shower!!!! you help with a lot of showers you nice girl you!

Darci said...

lol. I don't blame you for wanting to steal the clothes, there were some awesome ones in there.

Katie Anderson said...

I had the best time planning the shower! It was so much fun! Someone else has to have a baby so we can get our party planning on!

Katie Anderson said...

P.S. I love your pose in the first picture! You are so dang cute...really you are photogenic!

Unknown said...

Abbie you sure know how to throw a party! Both of you did a great job. I had a great time.

Bethany said...

that WAS a great shower! you guys did a wonderful job! and I have to agree with Katie - you are photogenic. and your hair always looks good, never a bad hair day for you!