Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday.....

I am thankful very thankful here is a few things that I am thankful for. For one I have had no pictures in awhile so I thought I would include I am thankful obviously for my cute adorable boys and my cute adorable husband. They are all wonderful and I love them all sooo much.

Back to the pictures I am thankful for my camera it is just perfect for me and I love having all the cute pictures to look over for the rest of my life!

I am thankful the words my kids Noah and Sawyer were being so precious and giving eachother "wubs" it was the cuteest thing and I was dying....oh and a wub is love in this house.

Lastly I am thankful for wonderful friends....seriously they keep me sane, they are all so different and have such wonderful qualities they inspire me to be a good mom and good member of the church...really I am very lucky and very thankful for them!!

I am thankful for a lot stayed tuned on thursday's this fun hehehe!!


Marc and Shay said...

Back at you!!!! Love you to death!

Darci said...

So cute. Didn't you love Jenny's paper on her wall for her kids to write down what they are thankful for??!?!?! Such a great idea. Loves back at you. That is what we call it in this house too.

karin said...

You do have adorable boys, even if they gave you their sickness. Sawyer in the stroller yesterday was HILARIOUS. I appreciate how photogenic your boys are too, even when they are pouting at the camera it is still adorable.