Monday, November 24, 2008


After dropping the boys off with my parents we headed off to San Diego. Our fist stop had to over course be our FAVORITE Mexican food restraunt. It was to DIE for.

Saturday we headed to Balboa Park and hit up the San Diego Natural History Museum. We had fun, for a little while we got a little bored....hence all the random pictures we were trying to make fun of ourselves and take weird pictures. They did have this interesting water exhibit. One of the things was all about bottled water and it talked about how here in California water companies use TAP water....I thought that was crazy. They use tap water and then use additives to make it taste different. So I thought that was pretty hilarious.

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We spent the rest of the day walking around Fashion Valley Mall. We attempted to see a movie but he wouldn't have it so Jeff enjoyed James Bond while Ryder and I walked around the mall. We had a yummy dinner and then headed to Target to get some treats for the boys. Jeff even bought some Christmas stuff. Including a horrible 80's Christmas CD. If you LOVE the 80's like Jeff you would LOVE it too.
Saturday night was a long night Ryder refused to sleep so I spent a few hours walking the hotel. We checked out and then headed to cornado and walked around the beautiful hotel Del. I had the best truffle....mmm I want what??

We then headed to seaport village to walk around and then back to El Indio on our way out of town. We had such a GREAT time and it was so nice to be together. I miss you Jeff already! Luckily it is a short week. Thanks babe for a great time!!


Darci said...

So fun, I hope you feel nice and refreshed. Sorry that Ryder would cooperate for the movie and sleeping at night. I am so happy that it is a short week for Brett to, they are so great!!!

karin said...

I am totally jealous- well, except for Ryder being fussy, he just likes his own house better than some random hotel (I can't blame him). And I am half excited about the short week, Bryan is going to be working later so December doesn't kill me (or him).

Charise said...

Where is this restaurant? We are down in San Diego a ton, and would love to go. Give me details!
Darling holiday blog. You are so cute!