Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Long time no post, or should I say REAL post. I have had a few people email me making sure we were alive. And yes yes we are....thanks loyal followers! LAST week was crazy around here, Jeff and I were both hit hard with yet another sinus infection, we have had them once a month for awhile now....We are thinking we are either allergic to trees in our backyard OR we have mold. We will have to check into these because this is just ridiculous. Besides yucky sickness we have been cleaning and organizing. I wanted to get the house organized before busy season starts. We orded a dumpster and got to work. It is so nice to purge a lot of junk. I have some great things I want to do around here and I am so excited to be creative.
Before we got sick we headed out to Temecula to celebrate Grammy and Grampy's Birthdays! We ordered in our favorite Chinese place Peony's and had some cupcakes. It was a great LOW key night. I love my parents and I am so glad we got to celebrate there special day with them!! We love you guys!!


Courtney N said...

I'm glad you are still alive and doing awesome!

karin said...

Glad you blogged again. Being organized is great- I am still jealous of your dumpster. Hopefully you will start blogging
more frequently- not that I am one to talk.

Aaron Shaw said...

Fun. Ryder looks a lot like Noah to me in that picture. Love you guys.

Bethany said...

mold can weaken your immune system!!